Algeria Ministry of Energy and Mining

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The Algeria Ministry of Energy and Mining is located in Algers, Algeria. The Algeria Ministry of Energy and Mining is a government program that leads the development of:

  • Hydrocarbons and Mines: The Government will complete the legislative, regulatory and institutional mechanisms intended to attract national private investment and further develop foreign investments, both direct and through partnerships, in the hydrocarbon, energy and mining sectors, including activities such as those downstream of hydrocarbons and the production of renewable energies.
  • Seawater Desalinization: A large-scale program to build large desalination plants is under way, based on a licensing system and aimed at semi-public companies and in association with the energy sector committing capital to projects. The energy sector will continue to work in close collaboration with water utilities. The Government will study the possibility of the Treasury acquiring a share in the capital of semi-public companies involved in building and managing these stations in order to reduce the final cost of the desalinated water. Furthermore, the ongoing program for small desalination plants will be completed as planned.


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