Alaska Statewide Aquatic Resources Coordination Unit

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The Statewide Aquatic Resources Coordination Unit (SARCU) was established by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) as one of its tools for meeting water demands of the department for sustaining healthy fish and wildlife production.

The SARCU provides departmental coordination, scientific expertise, core personnel, data collection and analyses, and other relevant scientific information and actions needed by the ADF&G to comply with state, federal, and local laws. Fish, wildlife, and aquatic data are obtained, analyzed, and effectively used to make recommendations for sustaining fish and wildlife production, including waterway access. Examples of these actions are to quantify instream flow requirements for fish and wildlife, quantify diversionary and water withdrawal requirements for hatcheries and other departmental facilities, file for water rights for instream flow and out of stream uses, and provide scientific based recommendations to state federal and local permitting authorities for avoiding and mitigating impacts of water related developments to fish and wildlife production. The multi-divisional unit is headquartered in Anchorage with staff based in Anchorage and Juneau (Douglas Island).