African Biofuel & Renewable Energy Fund (ABREF)

From Open Energy Information

"The African continent has rich supplies of natural resources and high potential for biofuels in renewable energy. Despite this fact, less than 2% of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects currently originate from the African continent due to higher perceived risks by investors. The ABREF is being set up to help overcome barriers and facilitate greater flows of investment into African biofuel and renewable energy projects in such a manner which promotes sustainable development while at the same time contributing towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Objectives of the Fund The fund will contribute to the development of the biofuel and renewable energy industry in the African region, with a particular focus on West African countries. In doing so, the fund will aim to provide investors with superior returns through investments in biofuels and renewable energy projects which will generate Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). Investors in the fund will receive CERs as part of their investment in the fund."


  1.  "African Biofuel & Renewable Energy Fund (ABREF)"