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Ad-Venta is a company based in France: Energy Resources, Bourg de Péage, France.

Ad-Venta designs, develops and manufactures components and systems for onboard hydrogen storage, either in a pocket or a bag or in a vehicle. Recently a product has been highlighted by the BREF Rhône-Alpes Innovation contest; it is “SolHyd”. SolHyd is a small modular hydride based hydrogen storage system that can be tuned to the mission and their environment to provide a personal autonomous energy source. It can be applied to mobile terminals or smartphones even to short distance electric power assisted bi or tri-cycle. It can provide a few days of phone activity or a few kilometers of sweat free bike ride, when connected to a proper small fuel cell. Ad-Venta is developing a full-fledged family of fluidic devices to be used with composite tanks to provide turnkey high pressure gaseous storage for mobility application.


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