Able Energy Co.

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Able Energy Co. is a company based in River Falls, Wisconsin: Energy Resources. Able Energy Co. provides residential, commercial, and utility solar electric and solar hot water systems. Our specialty is turnkey solar installations from design to construction, with trained solar installers trained to provide top of the line solar installations for all of our customers. As a full service solar contractor we don’t just claim to be a leader we are the definition of it with our years of experience as an EPC contractor.

Service Area- Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, North Carolina, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York

Founding History- Able Energy Company was originally founded by Michael Harvey and Kevin Nyenhuis in 2009 and not officially organized until 2010. The business is an unofficial extension of a previous company of Michael Harvey's called "M8 Electric Solutions, LLC" which pioneered solar in MN from a Electrical Contractor, the first of its kind in 2005. The company is now held 100% by Michael Harvey to help steer the company into an expanded market.


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