A New Geothermal Anomaly In Nicaragua

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Journal Article: A New Geothermal Anomaly In Nicaragua

The information acquired during reconnaissance surface exploration in Nicaragua suggests a large geothermal reservoir in the region of Masaya-Nandaime. The exploration programme included geological, geophysical, geochemical, as well as hydrogeological investigations. Integration of the results from various disciplines permitted postulation of a conceptual model of the reservoir and of the thermal regime within the zone immediately above and around the reservoir. The reservoir with a temperature in excess of 200°C is emplaced at a depth between 2 and 4 km in a predominantly graywacke formation. It is sealed off by a silica cap and camouflaged by the flow of groundwater in a thick phreatic aquifer, that intercepts and redistributes anomalous heat flow from above the reservoir.

Yoram Eckstein

Published Journal 
Journal of Hydrology, 1982



Yoram Eckstein. 1982. A New Geothermal Anomaly In Nicaragua. Journal of Hydrology. (!) .