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Details on instrumentation should include a list of instruments available by each participating organization and a brief description of their operation, what they measure, etc. Entries should contain links to manufacturer's specifications, user's manuals, or brochures where applicable.

A detailed and complete inventory of available instrumentation will be important in designing a test plan that best supports reaching the science goals. NREL has some instrumentation, including remote sensing technology and in-situ measurement devices, that will be available for use in the AWAKEN project. A short description of the instrumentation is provided below, along with links to product information from the manufacturers. A detailed reference of instrumentation is found in the Instrumentation Atlas

NREL Instrumentation

NREL has some

Galion G4000 Lidar

Product page

Galion brochure

Vaisala C51 Ceilometer (probably)

Product page

Data sheet

Operation info

Vaisala RS41-SG Radiosonde (probably)

Product page

Data sheet