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ATP3 provides access to a geographically diverse network of algal biomass production facilities. Our infrastructure enables the acceleration of applied algal research, development, investment, and commercial applications for biofuel feedstock.


ATP3 will integrate results from practical, objective experimental design and execute long term cultivation trials utilizing TEA, LCA and computational models.


ATP3 serves as a learning environment for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and business leaders to help accelerate the research and development of algae-based technologies. Our open test bed and evaluation facilities are a hub for research and commercialization of algae-based biofuels and other biomass co-products. ATP3 aims to facilitate innovation, empower knowledge creation and accelerate growth of the emergent algal energy industry.

ATP3 Unified Field Study Data

One of the most important activities of the ATP3 Consortium is to execute Unified Field Studies at all member sites. These studies are producing robust and reproducible data on the effect of environmental and process conditions on algal growth rates and algal composition. The ATP3 consortium will provide the results of these Studies to the community in a timely fashion.

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ATP3 Partners

This map shows the Location of the working partners of the ATP3 program. Click on the location of the partner of interest to visit the partner's website.

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