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APT with experience of more than three generations in the field of technological equipment The grounds on which the APT, spol. s r. o. company is based, where established in year 1949, when the TESLA Elstroj was created. It was a workplace specializing in the research and development of technological equipment, especially for the electronics industry. In consequence of social changes in 1990, the professional component of at that time state organization TESLA Elstroj, was transferred to the newly created structure APT, spol. s.r.o. where continued the development and construction of technological equipment. Interest to work of the newly created structure was, among other things, given by application of many years of knowledge and experience of our developers in a field of electronic industry, particularly in construction of equipment aimed primarily, but not only, at the field of technical gases. We are talking about application of quality materials with precision processing, about progressive methods in measuring and regulation systems, control systems, and above all about application of flexible approach to individual contracts.

Thus, with justified pride, we present successes of the past 67 years of work in the demanding field of dedicated technological equipment, applied not only across Europe for 26 years of existence of modern APT, spol. s r.o. company, based in Prague.

Complex project solutions of complete process technologies offered by APT company firmly docked the company on the market. However, the company does not intend to stagnate in professional development and therefore continuously seeking for new opportunities to apply high professionalism of our working team. Works on automation and robotization of processes in engineering production belong to the most interesting and desirable directions of our activity. Naturally, the automotive industry and its suppliers are the most significant in this area. Higher efficiency of production and meeting the highest quality standards is achieved by application of our technologies.

Being at the peak of advanced and reliable solutions means for APT company necessity to devote its own resources to extensive researches, development and innovations, and to develop co-operation with universities. We have been implementing certified comprehensive systems of quality management, safety management and EMS according to international standards EN ISO 9001, 3834-2, 14001 and 18001.

The same principles of performing and securing the work as in the parent company APT, spol. s r. o. are applied in subsidiary company NOVOKOV, s r.o. based in Nová Ves u Litomyšle.

This way created business system employs a total of 120 skilled workers. The annual turnover of the system is around 6.000.000,-€, and due to the chosen business field it has a long-term stability.

Marketing supervisor

Ing. Jakub Křemen