2-M Probe At The Needles Area (Kratt, Et Al., 2010)

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Exploration Activity: 2-M Probe At The Needles Area (Kratt, Et Al., 2010)

Exploration Activity Details
Location The Needles Area
Exploration Technique 2-M Probe
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

"A new geothermal system was identified from 2m measurements at Emerson Pass on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation in Washoe County, Nevada. This narrow NNW-trending valley contains several faults that appear to transfer dextral strain from NW-striking faults in the northern Walker Lane to N-NNW striking normal faults in the Smoke Creek Desert. The thermal anomaly extends for at least 3 km parallel to the range-front fault that defines the east side of the Emerson Pass valley. A maximum temperature of 35°C was recorded near several large tufa mounds on the valley floor down-gradient from a NNW-striking, west dipping normal fault.

Also indicated on GTP ARRA spreadsheet, 3/24/2011"

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