2-M Probe At Rhodes Marsh Area (Kratt, Et Al., 2008)

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Exploration Activity: 2-M Probe At Rhodes Marsh Area (Kratt, Et Al., 2008)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Rhodes Marsh Area
Exploration Technique 2-M Probe
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Two-meter survey work at Rhodes Marsh began in December of 2007 followed by more recent activity in May of 2008. More than 65 2-meter-deep temperatures have been measured over a distance of 7 km (Figure 4). At the foot of the Pilot Mountains these data roughly parallel the southern end of Benton Springs fault. Anomalous temperatures up to 26.7°C occur adjacent to opalized sands and reveal a significant NW elongate temperature anomaly more than 5 km long. Cold shallow groundwater at the playa's eastern margin abruptly conceals the central and westward part of the anomaly.


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