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Two engineers working in the nacelle of a Siemens offshore wind turbine. Photo from Siemens AG, NREL 19687

Careers in the Wind Industry

American Wind Energy Association. Careers in Wind
This page connects wind energy companies to people seeking jobs in the wind energy industry.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Careers in Wind Energy
This resource defines the various jobs created by wind energy development in the United States and includes information on the manufacturing phase of wind energy development.

WINDExchange. Wind Energy Education and Training Programs
This interactive map shows the locations of wind energy educational programs and training at community colleges, universities, and other institutions. This site tracks job announcements and news related to wind industry jobs.

U.S. Department of Energy. (2011). Wind Power Career Chat
This document describes careers in the wind energy industry, including interviews with professionals. The interviews demonstrate the diversity of jobs and the paths that led the professionals to their current work.

U.S. Department of Energy. Clean Energy Jobs and Career Planning
This page provides links to information about clean energy-related jobs, internships, and training.

U.S. Department of Energy. Wind Career Map
This wind career map explores an expanding universe of wind energy occupations, describing diverse jobs across the industry, charting possible progression between them, and identifying the high-quality training necessary to do them well.