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Welcome to the Wind for Schools Portal!

This site provides access to operational data from small wind turbines installed at K-12 schools in 12 states. For information about the Wind for Schools Project, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy's WINDExchange website.

Interested in implementing or supporting wind projects for your local school district?

National Wind for Schools Turbine Map

  • Zoom in to see schools in a desired area.
  • To view live data and compare turbine performance with other nearby turbines, select a school from the map and click "compare".
  • To see data from any/all projects, scroll down to the "School Turbine Overview" table.
  • To download historical data, scroll down to the "Download Historical Data" table at the bottom of this page.
  • Any column can sort the table by clicking the column header.
  • Click the header again to sort in the opposite direction.
  • Select a school from the left column to download historical operational data.
  • Available data in the right column are automatically updated based on the school(s) selected.
  • Existing data are indicated in bold black, missing data are greyed out.
  • To select multiple schools or multiple dates, shift-click to select a range, or control-click individual items in either list.

Available data in the file include:

  • Turbine ID: The turbine’s unique ID
  • Date and Time: This is the time at the beginning of the 10-minute period, UTC
  • Power: Instantaneous power in Watts (Average over 10 minutes)
  • Voltage: Instantaneous voltage in Volts (Average over 10 minutes)
  • Rotor Speed: The turbine rotor’s average revolutions per minute (Average over 10 minutes)
  • Wind Speed: This is back-calculated to m/s from the turbine’s average RPM (Average over 10 minutes)
  • Daily Energy: Energy produced over the course of the day (Latest value within any 10-minute period), in kWh
  • Total Energy: Energy produced by the turbine since reset, in kWh
  • Turbine Status: Pipe-delimited list of turbine status flags
  • System Status: Pipe-delimited list of system status flags
  • Grid Status: Pipe-delimited list of grid status flags
  • Quality Factor: Percentage of data points reported out of 20 possible over 10 minutes.

National Energy Output