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Wind for Schools Middle School 7 - 8 Curricula: Expand Your Understanding

You can explore these resources to help you better understand wind energy before you start working with your students. Some of these resources may be appropriate to share with middle school students.

Exploring Climate Change & Introductory Student Readings

Clean Net
NEED Intermediate Wind Guide


PBS Video, Wind Power
Department of Energy, Wind 101
Student Energy Wind
Switch Energy Project
History Channel, Modern Marvels-Renewable Energy
BrainPOP, Wind Episode


American Wind Energy Association
Department of Energy, Wind
NREL, Learning About Wind
National Geographic, Wind Power
Union of Concerned Scientists, Wind Power

Books/Articles on Wind Energy Concepts

Wind Power for Dummies by Ian Woofenden
Wind Energy Basics
Home Power Magazine

Introductory Lessons on Power & Energy

WindWise Lesson #2
NEED Intermediate Wind Guide