Water Resources (Montana)

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Place Montana

Name Water Resources (Montana)
Policy Category Other Policy
Policy Type Environmental Regulations
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Coal with CCS, Hydroelectric, Hydroelectric (Small), Natural Gas, Nuclear
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector State/Province

Primary Website http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/mca_toc/85_1.htm


The state policy of Montana requires that water resources of the state be put to optimum beneficial use and not wasted. The state must promote the conservation, development, and beneficial use of the state's water resources to secure maximum economic and social prosperity for its citizens, and this chapter authorizes the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to coordinate the development and use of the water resources of the state so as to effect full utilization, conservation, and protection of its water resources. This chapter addresses regulations pertaining to public ways, navigable waters, project financing, water storage, and land leasing, as well as Department duties and property acquisition. Part 5 of this chapter contains rules specific to power generation at water projects.

Policy Contact

Department Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Division Water Resources Division
Address 1424 Ninth Avenue
Address 2 PO Box 201601
Place Helena, Montana
Zip/Postal Code 59620-1601
Phone (406) 444-6601
Fax (406) 444-5918
Website http://dnrc.mt.gov/wrd/default.asp

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: 85-1 MCA