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[[Category:Community Energy Tools]]
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Logo: TransAtlas
TransAtlas is an interactive map with data sets related to transportation and alternative fuels in the United States


TransAtlas is in interactive web-based geographic information system that allows users to explore a map containing alternative fueling stations, concentrations of alternative fueled vehicles, and other related data. It includes standard web mapping features including ata query.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs include: The map uses NREL's Alternative Fuels Database.[1]

Outputs include: Maps with the following information:

  • Alternative Fueling Stations (E85, CNG, Biodiesel and more)
  • Hybrid, Diesel, and Flex-Fuel vehicle densities
  • Biodiesel and Ethanol Production Facilities
  • Congressional Districts
  • Clean Cities Coalitions


Data on concentrations of alternative fueled vehicles is helpful in plannning alternative fueling infrastructure; locations of alternative fueling stations is helpful in planning acquisitions of and incentives for alternative fueled vehicles.



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