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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
{{#if:{{{Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost|}}} | <!--then:-->
{{ #if: {{{Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost|}}} |
{{!}} '''Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost'''
{{!}} '''[[Symbol::{{{Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost}}}]]'''| <!--else-->
}} <!-- Symbols have no authority; they are all in the public domain -->
! Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost
! Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost

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This is the 'Wind Incentive' template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Wind Incentive
|Wind Res. Tax Credit % Cost=
|Wind Res. Max. Tax Credit ($)=
|Wind Com. Tax Credit % Cost=
|Wind Com. Max. Tax Credit ($)=
|Wind Res. PTC $/kWh=
|Wind Com. PTC $/kWh=
|Wind PTC Duration (Years)=
|Wind PTC End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)=
|Wind Tax Credit Min. Size (kW)=
|Wind Res. Tax Deduction % Cost=
|Wind Res. Max. Tax Deduction ($)=
|Wind Com. Tax Deduction % Cost=
|Wind Com. Max. Tax Deduction ($)=
|Wind Res. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Com. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Non-P/Govt Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Rating Basis (AC/DC/PTC)=
|Wind % Cost Res. Max.=
|Wind % Cost Com. Max.=
|Wind % Cost Non-P/Govt Max.=
|Wind Res. Rebate Min. Size (kW)=
|Wind Com. Rebate Min. Size (kW)=
|Wind Res. Rebate Max. Size (kW)=
|Wind Com. Rebate Max. Size (kW)=
|Wind Res. Max. Rebate $=
|Wind Com. Max. Rebate $=
|Wind Non-P/Govt Max.Rebate $=
|Wind Res. PBI $/kWh=
|Wind Com. PBI $/kWh=
|Wind Non-P/Govt PBI $/kWh=
|Wind Res. FIT $/kWh=
|Wind Com. FIT $/kWh=
|Wind FIT Non-P/Govt $/kWh=
|Wind PBI/FIT Min. Size (kW)=
|Wind PBI/FIT Max. Size (kW)=
|Wind PBI/FIT Duration (Years)=
|Wind PBI/FIT End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)=
|Wind PBI/FIT Max. % Cost ($)=
|Wind Res. Max. Amt./Yr. ($/yr.)=
|Wind Com. Max. Amt./Yr. ($/yr.)=
|Wind Non-P/Govt Max. Amt./Yr. ($/yr.)=
|Wind Increment 1 Capacity (kW)=
|Wind Increment 1 Res. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 1 Com. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 1 Non-P/Govt. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 2 Capacity (kW)=
|Wind Increment 2 Res. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 2 Com. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 2 Non-P/Govt Rebate ($/kW)=
|Wind Increment 3 Capacity (kW)=
|Wind Increment 3 Com. Rebate $/kW=
|Wind Increment 3 Non-P/Govt Rebate ($/kW)=

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