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This template includes a "hidden" div containing a map displaying the set coordinates along with a Hide Map button. This is used to replace Template:DisplayMapDialog when the link is broke or the map tiles do not load correctly.

This page or template calling this template should include a Show Map button, and the call for this template should be contained in a div with an id="mapbox".

Note- "Hidden" refers to an absolute div with a page load position set to top:-1000px. This method is used due to a glitch where adding the CSS class "hidden" or style of "display:none;" interrupts the loading and display of the map tiles.

Parameters include:

  • Coordinates or coordinates - The coordinates to plot in the map displayed in dialog


Usage in a sidebar, such as : Using template parameter Coordinates:

<span id="show-map" class="btn btn-sm btn-primary">Show Map</span>
<div id="mapbox">{{MapOverlay|Coordinates={{{Coordinates|}}} }}</div>

Or, using defined coordinates:

<span id="show-map" class="btn btn-sm btn-openei-primary">Show Map</span>
<div id="mapbox">{{MapOverlay|Coordinates=39.744369, -105.152078}}</div>

Show Map

Loading map...
Hide Map

See Template:Organization to view this template in use.