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|}}{{#ifeq: {{{subnav}}}|AnnualEvent2015|
<div class="nav-list-container">
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015|LEDS Global Partnership Annual Event 2015]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015Overview|Overview]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015Agenda|Agenda]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015Logistics|Logistics]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015InteractiveSessions|Interactive Sessions]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015Participants|Participants]]
* [[LEDSGP/events/AnnualEvent2015Presentations|Presentations]]
|}}{{#ifeq: {{{subnav}}}| AnnualEvent2014 |  
|}}{{#ifeq: {{{subnav}}}| AnnualEvent2014 |  
<div class="nav-list-container">
<div class="nav-list-container">

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This is the 'LEDSGPNavs' template. It is designed for use by LEDSGP pages.

  • nav - indicates top nav should be included when "nav=top"
  • subnav - optional parameter to show secondary navigation level, such as "subnav=about"; "subnav=none" will produce a full-page
  • subnavabove - optional parameter, set to true if you want to show the nav above, and have the content portion take up 100% of the page width

It should be called in the following format:


Edit the page to see the template text.