Sunlamp/NREL Solar+Storage Modeling Input Assumptions

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NREL Solar+Storage Modeling Input Assumptions

NREL Solar+Storage Modeling Input Assumptions

These slides present the research methodology developed by NREL for modeling solar+storage economics, as part of the Solar+Storage: Reducing Barriers through Cost-optimization and Market Characterization project. This method and assumptions will be used to gain a better understanding of the economics of solar+storage projects in commercial sector buildings under a variety of market conditions. The assumptions will also be used in forthcoming customer adoption modeling efforts, which will provide insight into potential market growth across the U.S.

Modeling efforts using the methodology described in these slides are underway, and will continue for the remainder of 2016. Preliminary results are expected in late 2016 and early 2017. Changes to the assumptions and method are still feasible, and this slide deck should be viewed as a draft and a living document. It will be replaced to reflect any methodology adjustments that may be made during the research process.

If you have questions or comments on the method or the project, please contact