Stepout-Deepening Wells At Medicine Lake Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2002)

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Exploration Activity: Stepout-Deepening Wells At Medicine Lake Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2002)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Medicine Lake Area
Exploration Technique Well Deepening
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

The Glass Mountain region of northern California, which is considered to be one of the sites of the greatest untapped geothermal potential in the lower 48 states, is the focus of an exploration project to identify the characteristics of the resource at the Fourmile Hill location (northwest of Medicine Lake in T44N R3E). The objective of Phase I work was to deepen a temperature gradient well to finalize the assessment of the site. The temperature gradient well - TGH88-28 - was completed in October 2001 and reached a total depth of 1346 m. Temperature logs indicated temperatures exceeding 23O degrees C, with a slight reversal below about 975 m. Work is continuing at the site to identify optimum targets for test wells.


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