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State Oil and Gas Board and Commission sites are related to oil and gas production, well sites, and any other relevant data and information. The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is a multi-state government agency that promotes the quality of life for all Americans. This list is where information for OpenEI pages is held, and also, in most cases, where oil and gas data can be derived, open to the public. In many cases, EIA may hold the data related to Oil and Gas. Also, some datasets may only contain a state report pdf, in which case the data would need to be pulled out of the pdf and put into an excel or xml. Here are the states:

State link Information Contact info
Alabama Alabama Oil and Gas Board The State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama is a regulatory agency of the State of Alabama with the statutory charge of preventing waste and promoting the conservation of oil and gas while ensuring the protection of both the environment and the correlative rights of owners. The Board is granted broad authority in Alabama oil and gas conservation statutes to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations to ensure the conservation and proper development of Alabama's petroleum resources. 420 Hackberry Lane Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 205.349.2852
Alaska Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission To protect the public interest in exploration and development of Alaska’s valuable oil and gas resources through the application of conservation practices designed to ensure greater ultimate recovery and the protection of health, safety, fresh ground waters and the rights of all owners to recover their share of the resource. E-mail: Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 333 W. 7th Ave., Ste. 100 Anchorage, Alaska 9950(907) 279-1433
Arizona Arizona Oil and Gas Commission The AZOGCC consists of five members appointed by the Governor and one ex-officio member, the State Land Commissioner. The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) provides administrative and staff support. Current Commission members include J. Dale Nations, Tucson, Chairman; Stephen R. Cooper, Casa Grande; Frank Thorwald, Show Low; Robert L. Wagner, Mesa; and Maria Baier, ex-officio member and State Land Commissioner Steven L. Rauzi 520-770-3500
Arkansas Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission The purpose of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission is to serve the public regarding oil and gas matters, prevent waste, encourage conservation, and protect the correlative rights of ownership associated with the production of oil, natural gas and brine, while protecting the environment during the production process, through the regulation and enforcement of the laws of the State of Arkansas. 301 Natural Resources Dr. Ste 102 Little Rock, AR 72205 501 683-5814
California State of California DOGGR The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) was formed in 1915 to address the needs of the state, local governments, and industry by regulating statewide oil and gas activities with uniform laws and regulations. The Division supervises the drilling, operation, maintenance, and plugging and abandonment of onshore and offshore oil, gas, and geothermal wells, preventing damage to: (1) life, health, property, and natural resources; (2) underground and surface waters suitable for irrigation or domestic use; and (3) oil, gas, and geothermal reservoirs. Division requirements encourage wise development of California’s oil, gas, and geothermal resources while protecting the environment. 801 K Street, MS 20-20 Sacramento, CA 95814-3530 Phone: (916) 445-9686, Fax:(916) 323-0424
Colorado COGCC The mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is to promote the responsible development of Colorado's oil and gas natural resources. Responsible development results in:
  • The efficient exploration and production of oil and gas resources in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety and welfare
  • The prevention of waste
  • The protection of mineral owners' correlative rights
  • The prevention and mitigation of adverse environmental impacts
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801, Denver, Colorado 80203 Statewide COGCC Complaint Line: 888-235-1101 Phone: 303-894-2100
Florida Florida Geological Survey The Florida Geological Survey is the premier state government institution specializing in geoscience research and assessments to provide objective quality data and interpretations. 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard M.S. 49 Tallahassee, Florida 32399 850-245-2118 (phone)
Georgia Georgia DNR The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is charged with conserving and managing the state’s natural resources, including air and water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife, land conservation and other areas Georgia Department of Natural Resources Commissioner's Office 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S. E., Suite 1252 East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334 404-656-3500
Idaho Idaho Geological Survey Information on past oil and gas exploration wells in Idaho was transferred to the Idaho Geological Survey in 2009. Idaho Geological Survey is in the process of preserving the data with goals to make all files available to the public in a digital format. *Idaho Department of Lands *Secretary to the State Board of Land Commissioners *300 North 6th Street* Suite 103 *Post Office Box 83720 *Boise, Idaho 83720-0050.
Illinois Illinois DNR oil and gas division The Oil and Gas Division is one of four divisions within the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mines and Minerals. Created in 1941, the Division of Oil & Gas is the regulatory authority in Illinois for permitting, drilling, operating, and plugging oil and gas production wells. The Division implements the Illinois Oil and Gas Act and enforces standards for the construction and operation of related production equipment and facilities.
Indiana Indiana DNR division of oil and gas We, the employees of the Division of Oil and Gas, are dedicated to professional public service through the effective administration of Indiana’s oil and gas exploration and production laws. Division of Oil and Gas 402 W. Washington St., Rm. 293 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone (317) 232-4055
Kansas Kansas Oil and Gas Conservation commission The mission of the state corporation commission is to protect the public interest through impartial, and efficient resolution of all jurisdictional issues. The agency shall regulate rates, service and safety of public utilities, common carriers, motor carriers, and regulate oil and gas production by protecting correlative rights and environmental resources. 1500 SW Arrowhead Road Topeka, KS 66604-4027email:
Kentucky Kentucky DNR oil and gas division The mission of the Division of Oil and Gas is to regulate the crude oil and natural gas industry in the Commonwealth; protect the correlative rights of mineral owners, fresh water zones and minable coal seams; and conserve and protect oil and gas reserves in Kentucky. 1025 Capital Center Drive Frankfort, KY 40601 Phone: 502-573-0147
Louisiana Louisiana DNR oil and gas division The Geological Oil and Gas Division administers a regulatory program to prevent waste of oil and gas and the drilling of unnecessary wells; protects individual property rights' and conserves the state's natural resources in a geologically-approved manner. Scott A. Angelle, Secretary PH: 225.342.2710 MAILING:P.O. Box 94396

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9396

Michigan Michigan public service commission The mission of the Michigan Public Service Commission is to grow Michigan's economy and enhance the quality of life of its communities by assuring safe and reliable energy, telecommunications, and transportation services at reasonable prices. Michigan Public Service Commission 6545 Mercantile Way, Suite 7 Lansing, MI 48911
Mississippi State oil and gas board The Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board provides the information contained in this website as a service to the Internet community. The Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board tries to provide quality information, but makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this website. 500 Greymont Ave., Suite E Ph: (601) 576-4900 Jackson, MS 39202-3446
Missouri Missouri DNR The State Oil and Gas Council publishes rules and regulations that apply to oil and gas drilling and producing operations to foster and promote orderly and economic development, production and use of natural resources of oil and gas. Geological Survey Program 111 Fairgrounds Road PO Box 250 Rolla, MO 65402-0250 800-361-4827 573-368-2100 E-mail:
Montana Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation The MBOGC is a quasi-judicial body that is attached to the DNRC for administrative purposes only. It maintains its principle office at 2535 St. Johns Avenue in Billings and has an administrative office in Helena and a field ofice in Shelby. Board Field inpectors work from their homes at several locations throughout the oil producing areas of Eastern Montana. 2535 St. Johns Avenue Billings, MT 59102 Phone: (406) 656-0040
Nebraska Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission The Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission was founded in 1959. Its mission is to foster, encourage and promote the development, production and utilization of natural resources of oil and gas in the state. The mission will be accomplished in such a manner as will prevent waste, protect correlative rights of all owners, and encourage and authorize secondary recovery, pressure maintenance, cycling, or recycling, in order that the greatest ultimate recovery of oil and gas may be obtained within the state while protecting the environment. To this end the landowners, producers, and the general public will realize and enjoy the greatest possible good from these vital, irreplaceable natural resources. 922 Illinois P.O. Box 399 Sidney, NE 69162 308.254.6919
Nevada Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) is a research and public service unit of the University of Nevada and is the state geological survey. NBMG scientists conduct research and publish reports on mineral resources, engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, and geologic mapping. University of Nevada/178 Reno, NV 89557 Phone: (775) 784-6691 E-mail:
New Mexico New Mexico Oil Conservation Division The Oil Conservation Division regulates oil, gas and geothermal activity in New Mexico. We gather well production data, permit new wells, enforce the division's rules and the state's oil and gas statutes and ensure that abandoned wells are properly plugged and that the land is responsibly restored. 1220 South St. Francis Drive Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 (505) 476-3493
New York New York Oil and Gas DOEC DEC's Division of Mineral Resources administers regulations and a permitting program to mitigate to the greatest extent possible any potential environmental impact of drilling and well operation. See "regulated well types" on the right to get more details on which wells require permits, "well permitting process" for instructions on how to apply for a permit, and "forms" for all the required paperwork. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 625 Broadway Albany, New York 12233-0001
North Carolina NC Geological survey The North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS) examines, describes and maps the geology and mineral resources of North Carolina and publishes these findings in NCGS reports and maps. The NCGS administers cooperative geologic mapping agreements with the US Geological Survey, other federal agencies such as the National Park Service, and other state and local government agencies. North Carolina Geological Survey Division of Land Resources

1612 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1612 Phone: 919.733.2423 Fax: 919.733.0900

North Dakota North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and gas division The Oil and Gas Division regulates the drilling and production of oil and gas in North Dakota. Our mission is to encourage and promote the development, production, and utilization of oil and gas in the state in such a manner as will prevent waste, maximize economic recovery, and fully protect the correlative rights of all owners to the end that the landowners, the royalty owners, the producers, and the general public realize the greatest possible good from these vital natural resources. NDIC Oil and Gas Division 600 East Boulevard Ave Dept 405 Bismarck, ND 58505-0840 Phone: (701) 328-8020
Ohio Ohio DNR The division’s responsibilities include regulation of Ohio’s
  • oil and gas drilling operations
  • oil and gas production operations
  • brine disposal operations
  • solution mining operations
  • underground injection operations.
Mineral Resources Management 2045 Morse Rd. Building H-3 Columbus, OH 43229-6693 (614) 265-6633
Oklahoma Oklahoma Corporate Commission Oil and Gas Our mission is to provide information, permitting, investigation, and compliance services to the oil and gas industry, mineral interests, landowners, and the general public so together we can develop the oil and gas resources of the state in a fair and orderly manner while protecting the environment and ensuring public safety. OCC Mailing Address P.O. Box 52000 Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2000 (405) 521-2211
Oregon Oil, gas, and geothermal Mineral Land Regulation & Reclamation Bob Houston Petroleum-Geothermal Geologist Natural Resource Specialist (541) 967-2080 robert.a.houston "at"
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Bureau of Oil and Gas management The Bureau of Oil and Gas Management is responsible for the statewide oil and gas conservation and environmental programs to facilitate the safe exploration, development, recovery of Pennsylvania's oil and gas reservoirs in a manner that will protect the Commonwealth's natural resources and the environment. The bureau develops policy and programs for the regulation of oil and gas development and production pursuant to the Oil and Gas Act, the Coal and Gas Resource Coordination Act, and the Oil and Gas Conservation Law; oversees the oil and gas permitting and inspection programs; develops statewide regulation and standards; conducts training programs for industry; and works with the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission and the Technical Advisory Board. Rachel Carson State Office Building P.O. Box 8765 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8765 Telephone 717-772-2199
South Dakota South Dakota DNR Work is in progress to create, compile, and disseminate information having the potential to aid economic development in South Dakota related to the exploration and development of oil and gas resources. Akeley-Lawrence Science Center, USD 414 E Clark Street Vermillion, SD 57069 (605) 677-5227 (Telephone)
Texas Railroad Commission of Texas, oil and gas division The Oil and Gas Directory is a listing of entities registered with the Commission's Oil and Gas Division by name, including address and telephone number. The listing includes all operators with Active status on Commission organization records, as well as those with "Delinquent" status (indicating that they still have activity, but have not updated their organizational registration). The listing does not include those with "Inactive" status (indicating no activity and no current registration). The directory is updated on a monthly basis, and is sorted alphabetically according to entity name as it appears on Commission records. Ramona Nye - (512) 463-4817
Utah Utah oil and gas The Oil and Gas Program of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (part of the Department of Natural Resources) was established in 1955 to prevent the waste of oil and natural gas, encourage conservation and protect correlative rights of oil and natural gas owners. Division of Oil, Gas and Mining 1594 West North Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84116 Phone: (801) 538-5340
Virginia Virginia division of gas and oil The Division of Gas and Oil's responsibilities include regulating the effects of gas and oil operations both on and below the surface, issuing permits, client assistance programs, inspection of well sites and gathering pipelines, reclamation of abandoned well sites, protection of correlative rights, and promotion of resource conservation practices. (276) 415-9700
Washington Washington DNR About 600 gas and oil wells have been drilled in Washington, but large-scale commercial production has never occurred (McFarland, 1983). Small amounts of gas were produced from the Bellingham Gas Field east of Ferndale and the Rattlesnake Hills Gas Field north of Richland (McFarland, 1983). The most recent production, which was from the Ocean City Gas and Oil Field west of Hoquiam, ceased in 1962, and no oil or gas have been produced since that time. Dave Norman State Geologist and Oil & Gas Supervisor 360-902-1439
West Virginia WV office of Oil and Gas The Office of Oil and Gas is responsible for monitoring and regulating all actions related to the exploration, drilling, storage and production of oil and natural gas.
  • Office of Oil and Gas
  • 601 57th Street, SE
  • Charleston, WV 25304-2345
  • Phone: 304-926-0499
Wyoming Wyoming Oil and Gas conservation commission A page with links to data regarding Wyoming oil and gas activities Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 2211 King Blvd Mailing: P.O. Box 2640 Casper, Wy 82602 Phone No. 1-307-234-7147