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Agricultural Biomass to Energy Program (California), Agricultural Pumping Efficiency Program (California), Agriculture and Food Processing Energy Loans (California), Alameda Municipal Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program (California), Alameda Municipal Power - Residential Refrigerator Efficiency Program (California), Alameda Municipal Power - Solar Photovoltaics Rebate Program (California), Anaheim Public Utilities - Greener Cleaners Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (California), Anaheim Public Utilities - New Construction Energy Efficiency Incentives Program (California), Anaheim Public Utilities - Residential Rehabilitation Loan and Grant Program (California), Banning Electric Department - Solar Support Program (California), California - Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (California), California Solar Initiative - Low-Income PV Incentive Program (California), California Solar Initiative - Pilot Solar Water Heating Program (California), City of Anaheim - Green Building Program (California), City of Berkeley - Financing Initiative for Renewable and Solar Technology (FIRST) (California), City of Corona - Plan Review Fast-tracking (California), City of Lompoc Utilities - Residential Refrigerator Energy Efficiency Programs (California), City of Long Beach - Residential Energy Efficiency and Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (California), City of Palo Alto Utilities - Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program (California), City of Santa Monica - Green Building Grant Program (California), City of Santa Monica - Solar Santa Monica (California), Colton Public Utilities - Commercial Lighting Rebate Program (California), Colton Public Utilities - PV Rebate Program (California), Costa Mesa - Fee Waiver for Green Building (California), County of San Bernardino - Green Building Incentive (California), Efficient Vehicle Incentive Program (California), Emerging Renewables Program (California), Energy Efficiency Financing Program (California), Energy Financing Industrial Development Bond Program (California), Energy Innovations Small Grant (EISG) Program (California), Geothermal Grant & Loan Program (California), Glendale Water and Power - AC Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (California), IID Energy - Agricultural Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (California), IID Energy - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program (California), LADWP - Expedited Utility Connections for Green Buildings (California), LADWP - Non-Residential EfficiencyWise Loan Program (California), LADWP - Priority Service for Green Buildings (California), LADWP - Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program (California), LADWP - Solar Feed-in Tariff Demonstation Program (California), Lassen Municipal Utility District - Public Benefit Energy Efficiency Program (California), Lodi Electric Utility - Residential PV Rebate (California), Marin Clean Energy - Solar Rebate Program (California), Marin County - Green Building Incentive Program (California), Marin County - Solar Rebate Program (California), Modesto Irrigation District - Residential High Efficiency Air Conditioning Loan Program (California), PG&E - Data Center Cooling Control Program (California), PG&E - Residential New Construction Savings by Design Program (California), Pacific Power - FinAnswer Express Rebate Program (California), Pacific Power - Irrigation Initiative (California), Plumas-Sierra REC - Geothermal Rebate Program (California)