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Valuing Resiliency

When installed with the proper islanding and control systems, behind-the-meter solar+storage systems can provide backup power to critical electrical loads and extend the capacity of existing backup generators during extended outages. However, the value of this resilient power benefit is difficult to quantify.  Despite being valued highly by stakeholders, resiliency is not easily monetizable by developers.

NREL has developed a methodology to consider the value of resiliency in our optimization model.  This methodology is employed as part of this cost-modeling project, and is used in NREL technical assistance efforts as part of the NREL Resilience Roadmap for Federal, State, Local disaster planning.

Solar+Storage: Reducing Barriers through Cost-Optimization and Market Characterization is a joint endeavor of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Clean Energy Group. The research seeks to elucidate the emerging market for distributed solar paired with battery energy storage (solar+storage). The two-year research initiative, ending in 2017, is funded under the Department of Energy’s  Sunshot Initiative.


Joyce Mclaren (bio)
Senior Energy Analyst
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Todd Olinsky-Paul
Project Director
Clean Energy Group