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Solar+Storage System Sizes

Key Questions

  • What is a typical solar+storage system size for my building type?

Average System Sizes for Commercial Buildings where Solar+Storage is Economical
as determined through cost-optimization modeling
(average of all cost points)

Building TypePV Size (kW)Battery Capacity (kWh)Battery Power (kW)Avg. Capital Cost ($)Avg. Net Present Value ($)
Large Office1,4097281751,152,522376,730
Secondary School72037676574,531288,866
Large Hotel33123758291,276121,944
Medium Office21914036174,03887,022
Primary School33712928254,582143,390
Strip Mall16910622128,14982,422
Small Hotel13710123115,69152,078
Retail Store1689920124,90679,456
Midrise Apartment58711351,74426,247
Full Service Restaurant86481063,10044,762
Small Office3937629,50521,323
Fast Food Restaurant4834634,82924,640

As a rule of thumb, a 10kW solar PV system would require about 1000 square feet of roof space. A 1MW ground mounted system would require approximately 6 acres of land.