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|Incentive/Auth2Code=4 Va. Admin. Code 50 (Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board)
|Incentive/Auth2Code=4 Va. Admin. Code 50 (Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board)

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Place Virginia

Applies to States or Provinces Virginia
Name Soil and Water Conservation (Virginia)
Policy Category Other Policy
Policy Type Environmental Regulations
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Coal with CCS, Concentrating Solar Power, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Geothermal Electric, Hydroelectric, Hydroelectric (Small), Natural Gas, Nuclear, Solar Photovoltaics, Tidal Energy, Wave Energy, Wind energy
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector State/Province

Program Administrator Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
Primary Website http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/stormwater_management/vs_and_wcb.shtml
Applicable Jurisdiction http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/stormwater_management/swcdlist.shtml

Last Review 9/15/14


Soil and water conservation districts (SWCDs) were established in the 1930s to develop comprehensive programs and plans to conserve soil resources, control and prevent soil erosion, prevent floods and conserve, develop, utilize and dispose water. Today, forty-seven districts encompass nearly all Virginia localities. The Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board may choose to set planning, zoning, and regulatory guidelines for local Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The Erosion Control Program in the Department of Conservation and Recreation will adopt regulations for the effective control of soil erosion, sediment deposition, and nonagricultural runoff that must be met in any control program to prevent the unreasonable degradation of properties, stream channels, waters, and other natural resources.

Policy Contact

Department Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
Address 203 Governor Street
Place Richmond, Virginia
Zip/Postal Code 23219-2094
Phone (804) 786-1712

Email pco@dcr.virginia.gov
Department Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Address 7308 Hanover Green Drive, Suite 100
Place Mechanicsville, Virginia
Zip/Postal Code 23111
Phone (804) 559-0324
Fax (804) 559-0325

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: Va. Code 10.1-500 et seq.

Authority 2: 4 Va. Admin. Code 50 (Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board)