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|ExplorationSubGroup=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|ExplorationSubGroup=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|ParentExplorationTechnique=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|ParentExplorationTechnique=Borehole Seismic Techniques
|Category=Downhole Techniques
|Category=Downhole Techniques, Borehole Seismic Techniques

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Exploration Technique: Single-Well And Cross-Well Seismic Imaging

Exploration Technique Information
Exploration Group: Downhole Techniques
Exploration Sub Group: Borehole Seismic Techniques
Parent Exploration Technique: Borehole Seismic Techniques
Information Provided by Technique
Cost Information
Low-End Estimate (USD): 30.49
3,049 centUSD
0.0305 kUSD
3.049e-5 MUSD
3.049e-8 TUSD
/ foot
Median Estimate (USD): 54.88
5,488 centUSD
0.0549 kUSD
5.488e-5 MUSD
5.488e-8 TUSD
/ foot
High-End Estimate (USD): 106.71
10,671 centUSD
0.107 kUSD
1.0671e-4 MUSD
1.0671e-7 TUSD
/ foot
Time Required
Low-End Estimate: 1 days
0.00274 years
24 hours
0.143 weeks
0.0329 months
/ job
Median Estimate: 2 days
0.00548 years
48 hours
0.286 weeks
0.0657 months
/ job
High-End Estimate: 3 days
0.00821 years
72 hours
0.429 weeks
0.0986 months
/ job
Additional Info
Cost/Time Dependency: Depth, Resolution
Single-Well And Cross-Well Seismic Imaging:
Single well seismic imaging (SWSI) is the application of borehole seismic sources and receivers on the same string within a single borehole in order to acquire CMP type shot gathers. Cross well seismic places sources and receivers in adjacent wells in order to image the interwell volume.
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