Seismological And Sar Signature Of Unrest At Nisyros Caldera, Greece

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Journal Article: Seismological And Sar Signature Of Unrest At Nisyros Caldera, Greece

Nisyros island, a Quaternary volcanic center located at the SE of the Aegean Volcanic Arc, has been in the past characterized by periods of intense seismic activity accompanied sometimes by hydrothermal explosions, the last one being in 1887. The recent long lasting episode of unrest (1995-1998) in the area is the first instrumentally documented providing information on the behavior of the volcano. Evidence from seismicity and SAR interferometry suggests that the presently active part of the Kos-Nisyros volcano-tectonic complex is located at the NW coast of Nisyros island defining an area much smaller than the whole volcano-tectonic area. Seismicity patterns vary both temporally and spatially consistently with different rates of vertical ground deformation inferred from SAR interferometry. These observations help us to discuss the different elements controlling the behavior of the volcanic system such as: the existence, location and timing of magma chamber inflation, the occurrence of tensile failure at the boundaries of the chamber and the possibility of magmatic fluids being expelled to form a shallow magmatic intrusion, the seismic failure and migration of hypocenters indicating shallow magma transport.

M. Sachpazi, Ch Kontoes, N. Voulgaris, M. Laigle, G. Vougioukalakis, Olga Sikioti, G. Stavrakakis, J. Baskoutas, J. Kalogeras and J. Cl Lepine

Published Journal 
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2002

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M. Sachpazi,Ch Kontoes,N. Voulgaris,M. Laigle,G. Vougioukalakis,Olga Sikioti,G. Stavrakakis,J. Baskoutas,J. Kalogeras,J. Cl Lepine. 2002. Seismological And Sar Signature Of Unrest At Nisyros Caldera, Greece. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. (!) .