Results Of A 3D Seismic Survey At The Travale (Italy) Test Site

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Journal Article: Results Of A 3D Seismic Survey At The Travale (Italy) Test Site

In the last 15 years geothermal exploration in Tuscany, Italy, has addressed deep reservoirs (depth >= 3000 m), hosted within complex geological systems, such as metamorphic formations and/or intrusive bodies. Reservoir productivity is linked to fractured and permeable zones that are rather confined and not uniformly distributed. In this context, the seismic methods represent one of the most reliable geophysical techniques for locating potential drilling targets. A 3D seismic survey has been acquired at the Travale test site, and its results have been used to develop a geological and structural model of the site, and to identify and characterize fractured zones inside the deep geothermal reservoir. A correlation between a high-amplitude reflector (H marker) and fractured contact-metamorphic rocks has been highlighted. More than 70% of the total geothermal fluid production at the Travale area comes from this seismic marker.

Michele Casini, Simonetta Ciuffi, Adolfo Fiordelisi, Alfredo Mazzotti and Eusebio Stucchi

Published Journal 
Geothermics, Date Not Provided



Michele Casini,Simonetta Ciuffi,Adolfo Fiordelisi,Alfredo Mazzotti,Eusebio Stucchi. . Results Of A 3D Seismic Survey At The Travale (Italy) Test Site. Geothermics. (!) .