Resource Recovery and Management Act (Florida)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Place Florida

Applies to States or Provinces Florida
Name Resource Recovery and Management Act (Florida)
Policy Category Other Policy
Policy Type Environmental Regulations
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Nuclear
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector State/Province

Program Administrator Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Primary Website

Last Review 2014-09-15

Information Source


The Department of Environmental Protection administers the state solid and hazardous waste management programs. The programs aim to: (a) Plan for and regulate in the most economically feasible, cost-effective, and environmentally safe manner the storage, collection, transport, separation, processing, recycling, and disposal of solid waste in order to protect the public safety, health, and welfare; enhance the environment for the people of this state; and recover resources which have the potential for further usefulness. (b) Offer planning and technical and financial assistance for solid waste management. (c) Provide the authority and require counties and municipalities to adequately plan and provide efficient, environmentally acceptable solid waste management and require counties to plan for proper hazardous waste management. (d) Require review of the design, and issue permits for the construction, operation, and closure of solid waste management facilities. (e) Promote the application of resource recovery systems which preserve and enhance the quality of air, water, and land resources. (f) Ensure that hazardous waste is transported, disposed of, stored, and treated in a manner adequate to protect human health, safety, and welfare and the environment. (g) Promote the reduction, recycling, reuse, or treatment of solid waste, specifically including hazardous waste, in lieu of disposal of such wastes. (h) Promote the application of methods and technology for the treatment, disposal, and transportation of hazardous wastes which are practical, cost-effective, and economically feasible. (i) Encourage counties and municipalities to promote efficient and proper methods of managing solid waste and to promote the economical recovery of material and energy resources from solid waste. (j) Promote the education of the general public and the training of solid waste professionals to reduce the production of solid waste, to ensure proper disposal of solid waste, and to encourage recycling. (k) Encourage the development of waste reduction and recycling as a means of managing solid waste, conserving resources, and supplying energy through planning, grants, technical assistance, and other incentives. (l) Encourage the development of the state’s recycling industry by promoting the successful development of markets for recycled items and by promoting the acceleration and advancement of the technology used in manufacturing processes that use recycled items. (m) Require all state agencies to aid and promote the development of recycling through their procurement policies for the general welfare and economy of the state. (n) Require counties to develop and implement recycling programs within their jurisdictions. (o) Ensure that biomedical waste is treated and disposed of in a manner adequate to protect human health, safety, and welfare and the environment. (p) Require counties, municipalities, and state agencies to determine the full cost for providing, in an environmentally safe manner, storage, collection, transport, separation, processing, recycling, and disposal of solid waste material, and encourage counties, municipalities, and state agencies affected to contract with private persons for any or all such services in order to assure that such services are provided on the most cost-effective basis.

Policy Contact

Department Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division Division of Waste Management, Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste
Address 2600 Blair Stone Road
Place Tallahassee, Florida
Zip/Postal Code 32399-2400
Phone 850-245-8707

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: Fla. Stat. 403.702 through 403.7721

Authority 2: Fla. Admin. Code 62-700 through 62-709 and 62-730 through 62-736