Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies Grants Program (Florida)

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Financial Incentive Program

Place Florida

Name Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies Grants Program
Incentive Type State Grant Program
Applicable Sector Commercial, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, Utility
Active Incentive No

Amount Varies

Funding Source General Revenue Fund

Program Budget 15M for FY 2006-07; 12.5M for FY 2007-08; 15M for FY 2008-09


References DSIRE[1]

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: Fla. Stat. § 377.804
Date Enacted 6/19/2006

Incentive Contact

Contact Name General Florida Energy Office
Department Governor's Office of Energy & Climate Change
Division Florida Energy Office
Address 600 S. Calhoun Street
Address 2 Suite 251
Place Tallahassee, Florida
Zip/Postal Code 32399
Phone (850) 487-3800


Note: The 2008 Florida Legislature appropriated $15,000,000 for this program. A request for grant proposals was issued on October 13, 2008, and the grant application deadline was November 20, 2008. No funding was appropriated for fiscal year 2009-2010.

 The Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies Grants Program was established in June 2006 (SB 888) to provide renewable energy matching grants for demonstration, commercialization, research, and development projects relating to renewable energy technologies.  In 2008, this program was expanded to include energy efficiency technologies, as well.  Eligible recipients (must be in-state) include municipalities and county governments; businesses; universities and colleges; utilities; not-for-profit organizations; and other qualified entities as determined by the Florida Energy & Climate Commission (the program administrator). 

For the purposes of this program, renewable energy is defined as “electrical, mechanical, or thermal energy produced from a method that uses one or more of the following fuels or energy sources: hydrogen, biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, waste heat, or hydroelectric power.”

Some of the ranking criteria for grant awards include availability of matching funds, economic development potential, technical feasibility, innovation, long-term production potential, and public visibility, among others.

Previous years' grant applications are available on the program website above. Information about the 2006 and 2007 Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Award Winners are available on the program website above.


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