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Texas Extra-Legal Vehicle Permitting Process (6-TX-a)

Extra-Legal Vehicle Permitting Process

Texas vehicle size and weight limits and oversize/overweight permits are defined by Tex. Transportation Code § 621, Tex. Transportation Code § 622, Tex. Transportation Code § 623, and 43 TAC 219. Texas roadways and bridges are engineered and constructed to withstand usage within certain size and weight limitations. When these limitations are exceeded, structural damage, excessive road-wear, and road hazards can result. When loads exceeding legal size and weight restrictions cannot be reasonably dismantled for shipment, developers must obtain the proper oversize/overweight permit from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV).

6-TX-a.1 to 6-TX-a.2 – Determine Type of Permit(s) Needed and Apply Online

The TxDMV provides a variety of oversize/overweight permits, each with different requirements, restrictions, and time frames. Depending on the type of permit needed, permits may be issued for single trips, a temporary timeframe, or annually. Texas size & weight limits can be found on the TxDMV website.

In Texas, developers can apply for and obtain permits online. The TxDMV operates an online permitting system and trip routing wizard call the Texas Permitting & Routing Optimization System (TxPROS). If the developer is unsure what type of permit(s) is needed the permitting wizard can assist with the choice.

TxPROS requires that the developer have a Company Account with a username and password. A quick guide to TxPROS is available.

6-TX-a.3 to 6-TX-a.5 – Appeals and Revocation Process

Under 43 TAC 218.73, if a permit is denied of revoked by the TxDMV, then the developer can request a hearing with the TxDMV.

6-TX-a.6 to 6-TX-a.7 – Oversize/Overweight Permit and Restrictions

The TxDMV issues oversize/overweight permits. Many permits can be printed from the TxDMV’s TxPROS system.

Developers are required to follow all restrictions, carrying, and notice requirements as defined on their permit(s).

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