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Saskatchewan Crown Land Right-of-Way (3-SK-b)

Information current as of 2019
In Saskatchewan, a developer may need a Crown Resource Land Disposition (Land Disposition) from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (Ministry) to build across, over, under, on or through any Crown resource lands. Provincial Lands Act s. 2-6. “Crown resource land” means all lands administered by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. OC 97/2017 s. 1-2. “Disposition” means an instrument that disposes provincial land such as a transfer, sale, lease, permit, easement, or license. R.S.S. 2016, c. P-31.1 s. 1-2. The Ministry regulates a Land Disposition pursuant to Saskatchewan – Provincial Lands Act, R.S.S. 2016, c. P-31.1 and Saskatchewan – Crown Resource Land Regulations, OC 97/2017.

Crown Land Right-of-Way Process

3-SK-b.1 – Contact Land Manager to Discuss Proposal

A developer should contact a Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment land manager to discuss the proposed development. Saskatchewan – Crown Resource Land Leases Webpage. To find the proper land manager, see: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment – Environment Office Locations Webpage.

3-SK-b.2 – Application for Crown Resource Land Disposition

A developer must submit an Application for Crown Land Disposition (Application) to apply for a Land Disposition. The developer should submit the Application to the Field Office located closest to the proposed developments location. Saskatchewan – Crown Resource Land Leases Webpage. The Application should include:

  • Applicant’s name and contact information;
  • Site location;
  • A description of the land;
  • A site development plan;
  • A description of the proposed use for the land; and
  • A description of any neighboring activities that may be impacted.

Application for Crown Land Disposition.

3-SK-b.3 to 3-SK-b.4 – Review Application for Completeness

The Ministry reviews the Application for administrative and technical completeness. The Ministry will return an incomplete Application. Application for Crown Land Disposition.

3-SK-b.5 to 3-SK-b.7 – Review Application for Approval

The Ministry must review the Application materials for approval. The Ministry may issue a Land Disposition subject to any terms and conditions that it considers appropriate. Provincial Lands Act s. 2-6.

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