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Idaho State Land Access Permits (3-ID-b)

Information current as of 2020
In Idaho, a developer may need one or more of several approvals from the Idaho Department of Lands for energy projects across state land, depending on the project.

The Idaho Department of Lands regulates state land access for energy projects pursuant to Idaho Code §§ 47-1601–47-1611 and Idaho – Idaho Code §§ 58-601–58-604, Rights of Way Over State Lands.

State Land Access Permits Process

3-ID-b.1 to 3-ID-b.2 - Does the Activity Involve Construction, Drilling, or Invasive Exploration Related to Geothermal Rights Under State Land?

All land access issues (except non-invasive exploration) related to geothermal rights under state land will be covered by a Geothermal Lease issued by the Idaho Department of Lands. This includes drilling, invasive exploration, construction of facilities, construction of roads, pipelines, and utilities; in addition to access and right of way issues.

The Idaho Department of Lands uses a phased lease process that covers all the stages of a project.

State Lands Commercial Geothermal Lease:

3-ID-b.3 to 3-ID-b.4 - Does the Activity Involve Exploration with No or Low Surface Disturbance?

Non-invasive geophysical exploration requires a Land Use Permit for activities on state lands.

Land Use Permit:

3-ID-b.5 to 3-ID-b.7 - Is the Activity for Access or a Right of Way Across State Lands?

The developer may need a Term Easement for electric lines over or upon any land owned or controlled by the state of Idaho. Idaho Code § 58-603.

Term Easement:

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