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Idaho State Biological Resource Considerations (12-ID-a)

The Idaho Department of Fish & Game preserves wildlife against any direct take, including wild animals, birds, and fish under Idaho Code 36-103. However, Idaho law does not require consultation with Idaho Department of Fish & Game before siting a geothermal project. For state lands, the Idaho Department of Lands consults with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game on wildlife issues. Additionally. local ordinances, such as county comprehensive plans, may require consultation in order to determine the potential impacts of the project on flora and fauna. Idaho has categorized certain species as "species of special concern." Species of special concern will require additional caution in mitigating impacts, similar to federal "endangered species." The following consultation process is a generalization of the procedure that would occur when local authorities require a consultation as a condition to construct or operate within their jurisdiction.

State Biological Resource Considerations Process

12-ID-a.1 - Consult regarding potential impacts on fish and wildlife

Developers may meet informally with IDFG to discuss the project, it's location and activities. IDFG will provide insight into whether there are species in the area as well as reasonably predict potential impacts. IDFG may be able to provide siting recommendations that would avoid wildlife impacts.

12-ID-a.2 - Conduct study to determine impacts on fish and wildlife

Typically an independent contractor is retained to complete the impact study. The study is often paid for by the developer, but completed for IDFG review.

12-ID-a.3 - Determine whether there will be impacts to local fish or wildlife populations to include species of special concern

IDFG reviews the report to determine any risks the project may pose to wildlife. IDFG will be particularly concerned with impacts to species of special concern.

12-ID-a.4 - Memorandum of Understanding (mitigation measures and handling of mortalities)

IDFG regional offices will be responsible for negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with the developer in order to document the mutual mitigation plan as well as the procedures for reporting wildlife mortalities. The wildlife is often returned to IDFG for scientific study.

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