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Idaho Land Use Planning (1-ID-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Idaho, land use planning is delegated to city and county governments. Idaho Code § 67-6503.

Land Use Planning Process

1-ID-a.1 – Land Use Planning Delegated to Cities and Counties

Land use planning in Idaho is delegated to cities and counties. Idaho Code § 67-6503. The Local Land Use Planning Act requires local planning and zoning commissions to conduct a comprehensive planning process. Idaho Code § 67-6508. The section further requires local comprehensive planning in the areas of:

  • Property rights;
  • Population;
  • School facilities and transportation;
  • Economic development;
  • Land use;
  • Natural resources;
  • Hazardous areas;
  • Public services, facilities and utilities;
  • Transportation;
  • Recreation;
  • Special areas;
  • Housing;
  • Community design;
  • Agriculture;
  • Implementation; and
  • National interest electric transmission corridors.

Idaho Code § 67-6508.

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