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RAPIDRegulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit
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The flowcharts available in this tool cover the major requirements for developing energy projects, including, land access, siting, exploration and drilling, plant construction and operation, grid interconnection, water resource acquisition, and relevant environmental considerations. To use the flowcharts, start with the Overview Flowchart for Section 1, or jump to the Overview Flowchart for a section you are interested in. These Overview Flowcharts will lead you to the federal and state flowcharts you will need.

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Regulatory Roadmap Sections

Geothermal Roadmap Content Overview

1: Land Use Overview

1-FD-a: Land Use Planning Process
1-FD-b: Land Use Plan Amendment Process
1-AK-a: State Land Use Planning
1-CA-a: State Land Use Planning
1-HI-a: Land Use Considerations
1-ID-a: Land Use Considerations
1-MT-a: Land Use Considerations
1-NV-a: State Land Use Planning

2: Preliminary Site Considerations

3: Land Access Process Overview

3-FD-a: Federal Land Leasing
3-FD-b: Tribal Land Leasing
3-FD-c: Right-of-Way Access
3-FD-d: Forest Service Special Use Authorization
3-AK-a: State Competitive Mineral Leasing Process
3-AK-b: Right of Ways (ROWs)
3-AK-c: Encroachment Permit
3-AK-d: State Noncompetitive Mineral Leasing Process
3-AK-e: Land Use Permit
3-AK-g: Utility Permit to Construct on ADOT&PF ROW
3-AK-h: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Lands Leasing
3-CA-a: State Geothermal Resource Leasing
3-CA-b: State Land Access
3-CA-c: Encroachment Permit
3-CO-a: Geothermal Lease
3-CO-c: Encroachment Overview
3-CO-d: Access Permit
3-CO-e: Utility or Special Use Permit
3-HI-a: Reserved Land Leasing Process
3-HI-b: State Mineral Leasing Process
3-HI-c: Encroachment Permit
3-HI-d: Use and Occupancy Permit
3-HI-e: Permit to Construct Upon a State Highway ROW
3-HI-f: Permit to Cross or Enter the State Energy Corridor
3-ID-a: State Lands Commercial Geothermal Lease
3-ID-b: State Land Access
3-ID-c: Encroachment Permit
3-ID-e: Term Easement
3-MT-a: State Geothermal Resource Lease
3-MT-b: State Land Access
3-MT-c: Encroachment Overview
3-MT-d: Land Use License Process
3-MT-e: Encroachment Permit
3-MT-f: Right-of-Way Easement for Utilities
3-NM-a: State Geothermal Lease
3-NM-b: State Right of Way Easement
3-NM-c: Encroachment Overview
3-NM-d: State Business Lease
3-NM-e: Right of Entry / Temporary Access Permit
3-NM-f: Public Highway Utility Accommodation Permit
3-NM-g: Permit to Construct Access Opening on Public ROW
3-NV-a: State Land Leasing Process and Land Access
3-NV-b: State Land Access
3-NV-c: Encroachment Permit for NDOT ROW
3-OR-a: Geothermal Resource Lease
3-OR-b: Easements on Trust and Non-Trust Land
3-OR-c: Encroachment Permit
3-OR-d: Competitive Geothermal Lease
3-OR-e: Noncompetitive Geothermal Lease
3-TX-a: State Geothermal Lease
3-TX-b: Land Access
3-TX-c: Highway Right of Way Lease
3-TX-d: Lease of Permanent School Fund Land
3-TX-e: Lease of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Land
3-TX-f: Lease of Land Trade Lands
3-TX-g: Lease of Relinquishment Act Lands
3-UT-a: State Geothermal Resource Leasing
3-UT-b: State Easement Process
3-UT-c: State Encroachment Overview
3-UT-d: Geothermal Steam Lease (Utah Non-Trust Lands)
3-UT-e: Geothermal Steam Lease (Utah Trust Lands)
3-UT-f: Encroachment Permit
3-UT-g: Grant of Access Permit
3-WA-a: State Geothermal Lease
3-WA-b: Land Access Overview
3-WA-c: Utility Franchise or Permit Process
3-WA-d: State Land Lease
3-WA-e: State Right of Way Process

4: Exploration Overview 4-FD-d: BLM Exploration Operations 4-FD-a: Exploration Application Process BLM 4-FD-c: Exploration Application Process USFS 4-FD-b: Exploration Pre-Application Process (NV only)