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Colorado Bulk Transmission Biological Resource Assessment(12-CO)

According to Colorado Statute C.R.S. 33-15-114, it is unlawful to operate a business or solicit business on lands owned or managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) without written permission. In anticipation of transmission line work being conducted on such lands, informal consultation with CPW area and/or district wildlife managers is recommended in order to evaluate current wildlife resources for the property(s) in question. These wildlife resources would potentially include state-listed species and state species of concern, big game, game birds, fish, and other general wildlife species. This consultation would help initiate more in-depth analysis leading to avoidance of impacts to wildlife resources where practicable, and would ensure minimization of potential impacts to these resources when avoidance is not practicable.

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Determine Which State and Federal Permits Apply

Use this overview flowchart and following steps to learn which federal and state permits apply to your projects.