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Property Name UNRegion
Property Type String
Description UN Region for a country.

Source: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/methods/m49/m49regin.htm

Allows Values Eastern Africa;Middle Africa;Northern Africa;Southern Africa;Western Africa;Caribbean;Central America;South America;Northern America;Central Asia;Eastern Asia;Southern Asia;South-Eastern Asia;Western Asia;Eastern Europe;Northern Europe;Southern Europe;Western Europe;Australia and New Zealand;Melanesia;Micronesia;Polynesia;Latin America and the Caribbean

This is a property of type String.

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Low-Carbon Growth Country Studies: Getting Started Experience from Six Countries +Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +, Eastern Europe  +,
Low-Carbon Society Development: Towards 2025 in Bangladesh +Southern Asia  +
Low-Emission Development Strategies and National Appropriate Mitigation Actions: Europe and CIS +Central Asia  +
Luxembourg: Energy Resources +Western Europe  +
MAP +Northern America  +
MENA-GTZ EERE Regional Center +Northern Africa  +, Western Asia  +, Eastern Africa  +,
Macedonia-GEF Climate Projects +Southern Europe  +
Madagascar-USAID Climate Activities +Eastern Africa  +
Madagascar: Energy Resources +Eastern Africa  +
Making Africa’s Power Sector Sustainable: An Analysis of Power Sector Reforms in Africa +Eastern Africa  +
Malawi-Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) +Eastern Africa  +
Malawi-IAEA Cooperation +Eastern Africa  +
Malawi-National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) +Eastern Africa  +
Malawi-USAID Climate Activities +Eastern Africa  +
Malawi: Energy Resources +Eastern Africa  +
Malaysia-ClimateWorks Low Carbon Growth Planning Support +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-EU-UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme (LECBP) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-Low Carbon Asia Research Network (LoCARNet) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-Low Emissions Asian Development (LEAD) Program +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-NAMA Programme for the Construction Sector in Asia +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-NIES Low-Carbon Society Scenarios 2050 +Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-Strengthening Planning Capacity for Low Carbon Growth in Developing Asia +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia-The Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Malaysia: Energy Resources +South-Eastern Asia  +
Maldives-NREL Cooperation +Southern Asia  +
Maldives-Program for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP) +Southern Asia  +
Maldives-Supporting the Zero Emissions Strategy +Southern Asia  +
Maldives: Energy Resources +Southern Asia  +
Mali-National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) +Western Africa  +
Mali-Program for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP) +Southern Asia  +
Mali-Reducing the GHG Impacts of Sustainable Intensification +Western Africa  +
Mali-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Western Africa  +
Mali-UNEP Risoe Technology Needs Assessment Program +Western Africa  +
Mali-USAID Climate Activities +Western Africa  +
Mali: Energy Resources +Western Africa  +
Malta: Energy Resources +Southern Europe  +
Marketing Materials and Posters for Energy Entrepreneurs +Eastern Africa  +
Marshall Islands: Energy Resources +Micronesia  +
Martinique: Energy Resources +Caribbean  +
Mauritania-IAEA Cooperation +Western Africa  +
Mauritania-National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) +Western Africa  +
Mauritania: Energy Resources +Western Africa  +
Mauritius-Development Policy Operation (DPO) Financing +Eastern Africa  +
Mauritius-NREL Cooperation +Eastern Africa  +
Mauritius-Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) +Eastern Africa  +
Mauritius: Energy Resources +Eastern Africa  +
Mekong Brahmaputra Clean Development Fund L.P. +Central Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
Mexican-German Climate Alliance +Central America  +
Mexico - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Baselines and Reduction Potentials from Buildings +Central America  +
Mexico City Climate Action Program +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
Mexico Sectoral Study on Climate and Refrigeration Technology in Developing Countries and the Development of Methods and Instruments for Identifying Reduction Potential and Implementing NAMAs +Central America  +
Mexico's Special Program on Climate Change +Central America  +
Mexico-CCAP Developing Country Project +Central America  +
Mexico-Capital Markets Climate Initiative +Central America  +
Mexico-Clean Technology Fund (CTF) +Central America  +
Mexico-Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) +Central America  +
Mexico-ClimateWorks Low Carbon Growth Planning Support +Central America  +
Mexico-Country Note on Climate Change Aspects in Agriculture +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
Mexico-Danish Government Baseline Workstream +Central America  +
Mexico-Development Policy Operation (DPO) Financing +Central America  +
Mexico-EC-LEDS in the Agriculture Sector +Central America  +
Mexico-EU-UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme (LECBP) +Central America  +
Mexico-Ecofys NAMA Activities +Central America  +
Mexico-Energy and Climate Change Research Program +Central America  +
Mexico-Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) +Central America  +
Mexico-Facilitating Implementation and Readiness for Mitigation (FIRM) +Central America  +
Mexico-Forest Investment Program (FIP) +Central America  +
Mexico-GTZ 25,000 Solar Roofs Project +Central America  +
Mexico-GTZ Support for the Programme to Promote Solar Water Heating +Central America  +
Mexico-GTZ Sustainable Energy Programme +Central America  +
Mexico-IAEA Energy Planning +Central America  +
Mexico-IEA Network of Expertise in Energy Technology +Central America  +
Mexico-Joint Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Developing and Transition Countries +Central America  +
Mexico-Low-Carbon Development +Central America  +
Mexico-Making Energy Efficiency Real (MEER) +Central America  +
Mexico-NAMA Programme +Central America  +
Mexico-NAMA on Reducing GHG Emissions in the Cement Sector +Central America  +
Mexico-NREL Wind Resource Assessments +Central America  +
Mexico-National Program for Sustainable Use of Energy +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
Mexico-Quantifying Emission Reduction Opportunities in Emerging Economies +Central America  +
Mexico-REEEP EERE Activities +Central America  +
Mexico-Standard Assessment of Mitigation Potential and Livelihoods in Smallholder Systems (SAMPLES) +Central America  +
Mexico-The Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) +Central America  +
Mexico-The World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) +Central America  +
Mexico-UNDP Climate Activities +Central America  +
Mexico-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Central America  +
Mexico-US Forest Service Climate Change Technical Cooperation +Central America  +
Mexico-USAID Climate Activities +Central America  +
Mexico-World Bank Climate Projects +Central America  +
Mexico: Energy Resources +Central America  +
Mini Grid Renewable Energy-Best Practices and Lessons Learnt +Eastern Asia  +, Central America  +
Mini Grid Renewable Energy-Economic and Financial Analysis +South America  +, Southern Asia  +
Mini Grid Renewable Energy-Policy and Regulatory Studies +South America  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
Mini-Grid Renewable Energy Systems Case Studies +Southern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +, South America  +,
Modified Microgrid Concept for Rural Electrification in Africa +Eastern Africa  +, Middle Africa  +, Northern Africa  +,
Moldova National Inventory Report - Lessons Learned +Eastern Europe  +
Moldova-EU-UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme (LECBP) +Eastern Europe  +
Moldova-Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) +Eastern Europe  +
Moldova-Supporting RBEC Transition to Low-Emission Development +Eastern Europe  +
Moldova-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Eastern Europe  +
Moldova: Energy Resources +Eastern Europe  +
Monaco: Energy Resources +Western Europe  +
Mongolia-Economics of Climate Change and Low Carbon Growth Strategies in Northeast Asia +Eastern Asia  +
Mongolia-GTZ Development of RE Resources +Eastern Asia  +
Mongolia-GTZ Energy Efficiency within the Grid-Connected Energy Supply +Eastern Asia  +
Mongolia-Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) +Eastern Asia  +
Mongolia-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Eastern Asia  +
Mongolia: Energy Resources +Eastern Asia  +
Montenegro-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Southern Europe  +
Montenegro: Energy Resources +Southern Europe  +
Montserrat-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy +Caribbean  +
Montserrat-Regional Implementation Plan for CARICOM’s Climate Change Resilience Framework +Caribbean  +
Montserrat: Energy Resources +Caribbean  +
Morocco-Clean Technology Fund (CTF) +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-EU-UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme (LECBP) +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-Enhancing Low-carbon Development by Greening the Economy: Policy Dialogue, Advisory Services, Benchmarking +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-Facilitating Implementation and Readiness for Mitigation (FIRM) +Central America  +
Morocco-GTZ Promotion of EERE +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-Joint Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Developing and Transition Countries +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-Low Carbon Development Planning in the Power Sector +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-NREL Energy Activities +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-The World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services +Northern Africa  +
Morocco-UNEP Risoe Technology Needs Assessment Program +Northern Africa  +
Morocco: Energy Resources +Northern Africa  +
Motor Systems Efficiency Supply Curves +South-Eastern Asia  +, Northern America  +
Mozambique-Accrediation of NIE +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-African Climate Change Resilience Alliance +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-Biofuels, Land Access and Rural Livelihoods +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-Joint Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Developing and Transition Countries +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-NREL Cooperation +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) +Eastern Africa  +
Mozambique-Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) +Southern Asia  +
Mozambique: Energy Resources +Eastern Africa  +
My Planet A +Northern America  +
Myanmar-Low Carbon Asia Research Network (LoCARNet) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Myanmar-Status and Potential for the Development of Biofuels and Rural Renewable Energy +South-Eastern Asia  +
Myanmar-Sub National Planning for Climate Change (cities, states, districts) +South-Eastern Asia  +
Myanmar: Energy Resources +South-Eastern Asia  +
NAMA-Programme for the construction sector in Asia +South-Eastern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, Southern Asia  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-016-Image-0005.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-017-Image-0006.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-019-Image-0003.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-024-Image-0007.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-026-Image-0003.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-027-Image-0003.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-028-Image-0006.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-029-Image-0003.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-030-Image-0005.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-031-Image-0007.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-032-Image-0004.jpg +Northern America  +
NETL-2010atlasIII-Page-032-Image-0008.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL Minnesota PV 10km.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL State Clean Energy Policies Analysis Project (SCEPA) +Northern America  +
NREL's Renewable Energy Project Finance Website +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-DNI-1-Percent-Filtered-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-DNI-2-Percent-Filtered-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-DNI-3-Percent-Filtered-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-DNI-4-Percent-Filtered-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-DNI-5-Percent-Filtered-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-Direct-Normal-Solar-Radiation-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-GHI-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-10km-Tilt-Data.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-2050RegGenCap-5192010.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-30m-US-Wind.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-40km-Caribbean-Solar-CSR-Tilt-Equals-Latitude.kmz +Latin America and the Caribbean  +
NREL-5-3-13-Map-of-Heat-Delivery-from-SVP-system-for-US.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-50m-Alaska-Wind-Map.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-50m-Alaska-Wind-Map.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Afghanistan-and-Pakistan-10km-Solar-Tilt-Equals-Latitude-Data.kmz +Southern Asia  +
NREL-Alaska-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Arizona-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Arkansas-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Atlantic-Coast-90m-Offshore-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-BioMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Brazil Bilateral Technical Coordination +South America  +
NREL-CA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-HI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-HI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-KAUAI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-KAUAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-MAUI-img-0.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-MAUI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-MOLOKAI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-MOLOKAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-NIIHAU.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-NIIHAU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-OAHU.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-CSP-OAHU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CSPMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-CT-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-California-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-China-Solar-CSP-01.jpg +Eastern Asia  +
NREL-China-Solar-GHI-01.jpg +Eastern Asia  +
NREL-China-Solar-PV-01.jpg +Eastern Asia  +
NREL-Colorado-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Commercial-CenDiv.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Commercial-EP-PerCapita.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Commercial-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Commercial-NG-EP-PerCapita.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Commercial-NG-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Connecticut-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Costa Rica-Energy Efficiency Workshop +Central America  +
NREL-DE-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-DNI-Annual.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Apr.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Aug.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Dec.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Feb.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Jan.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-July.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-June.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Mar.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-May.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Nov.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Oct.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-DNI-Sept.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-Developing-Capacity-Hydrothermal-2012-09-10-Stand-Alone-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Electric-Energy-Efficiency-Poster.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-EnergyPlus Train-the-Trainer Program +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-GHI-Annual.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Apr.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Aug.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Dec.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Feb.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Jan.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-July.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-June.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Mar.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-May.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Nov.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Oct.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GHI-Sept.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-GeoMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Great-Lakes-90m-Offshore-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Gulf-of-Mexico-90m-Offshore-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-HI-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Hawaii-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Hawaii-90m-Offshore-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Hydrogen.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-IA-50m-Wind.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-IA-50m-Wind.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-IL-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-IN-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Illinois-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Indiana-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Industrial-CenDiv.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Industrial-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Industrial-NG-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Kansas-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Kentucky-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-LA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-LCI Database Project +Northern America  +
NREL-Lower-48-and-Hawaii-updated-10km-Concentrating-Solar-Radiation-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Lower-48-and-Hawaii-updated-10km-Global-Horizontal-Solar-Radiation-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Lower-48-and-Hawaii-updated-10km-Photovoltaic-Solar-Radiation-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-MA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-MD-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ME-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-MI-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-MN-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Maine-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Massachusetts-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Michigan-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Mid-Atlantic-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Missouri-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-NC-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-NH-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-NJ-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-NY-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-NY-Wind.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-NY-Wind.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-National-Biomass-Poster.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-National-CSP-Poster.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-National-Geothermal-EGS-Hydrothermal--2009.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-National-PV-Letter-Grayscale.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-National-PV-Poster.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-National-Wind-Poster2.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Nebraska-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Nevada-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-New-England-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-New-Hampshire-50m-Wind.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-New-Mexico-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-North-and-South-Dakota-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-OH-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-OR-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Ohio-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Oklahoma-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-PA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-HI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-HI2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-KAUAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-KAUAI2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-LANAI-ONLY-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-MAUI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-MAUI2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-MOLOKAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-MOLOKAI2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-NIIHAU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-NIIHAU2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-OAHU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-PV-OAHU2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PVCapFactor-AC.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PVCapFactor-DC.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-PVMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Pacific-Coast-90m-OffShore-Wind.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Pacific-Northwest-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Philippine Wind Farm Analysis and Site Selection Analysis +South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-PrimeREMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-RE-resource-map.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-RI-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Residential-CenDiv.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Residential-EP-PerCapita.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Residential-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Residential-NG-EP-PerCapita.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Residential-NG-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Rhode-Island-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-SC-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-SWG-CRP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-South-Carolina-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-State of the States 2009: Renewable Energy Development and the Role of Policy +Northern America  +
NREL-TMY3-Energy-Demand.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-TMY3-Energy-Savings.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-TMY3-Solar-Factor.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-TX-50m-wind.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-TX-50m-wind.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-TX-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Tennessee-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-Texas-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-TotMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Total-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Total-NG-EP.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Tribal-RE-MW-as-percent-of-US-capacity-8.12.11.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Tribal-RE-as-percent-of-US-generation-8.12.11.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-US-offshore-windmap-90-dpi600.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-USWind4-11.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-USwind300dpe4-11.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-United States/Brazil Bioenergy Technical Workshop +South America  +
NREL-Utah-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-VA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-Vermont-50m-Wind-Resource.kmz +Northern America  +
NREL-WA-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WI-90mwindspeed-off.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-HI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-KAUAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-MAUI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-MAUI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-MOLOKAI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-MOLOKAI.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-NIIHAU.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-NIIHAU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-OAHU.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WIND-OAHU.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-Wind-Kauai-V2-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-WindMap.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-ae-50mwind.jpg +Western Asia  +
NREL-afg-10km-dir.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-afg-10km-glo.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-afg-10km-tilt.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-afg-wind.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-afg-wind.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-ak-50m-800.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ak-50m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-ak-80m.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ak2-50m-800.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ak2-50m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-al-80m.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-al-80m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-am-50mwind.jpg +Western Asia  +
NREL-ar-80m.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ar-80m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-asia-dir.jpg +Southern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-asia-dir.pdf +Southern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-asia-glo.pdf +Southern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-asia-tilt.jpg +Southern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-asia-tilt.pdf +Southern Asia  +, Eastern Asia  +, South-Eastern Asia  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600AL.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600AR.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600AZ.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600CA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600CO.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600CT.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600DE.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600FL.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600GA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600IA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600ID.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600IL.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600IN.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600KS.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600KY.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600LA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MD.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600ME.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MN.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MO.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MS.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600MT.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NC.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600ND.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NE.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NH.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NJ.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NM.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NV.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600NY.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600OH.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600OK.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600OR.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600PA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600RI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600SC.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600SD.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600TN.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600TX.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600UT.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600VA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600VT.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600WA.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600WI.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600WV.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstpspd80on1-1dpi600WY.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-awstwspd80onoffbigC3-3dpi600.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-az-80m.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-az-80m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-bangl-dir-ann.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-apr.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-aug.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-dec.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-feb.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-jan.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-july.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-june.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-mar.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-may.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-nov.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-oct.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-dir-sep.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-ann.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-apr.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-aug.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-dec.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-feb.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-jan.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-july.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-june.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-mar.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-may.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-nov.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-oct.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-glo-sep.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-ann.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-apr.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-aug.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-dec.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-feb.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-jan.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-july.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-jun.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-mar.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-may.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-nov.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-oct.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bangl-tilt-sep.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-banglmetst-221.jpg +Southern Asia  +
NREL-banglmetst-221.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bhutan-10kmsolar-dni.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bhutan-10kmsolar-ghi.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bhutan-10kmsolar-tilt.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bhutan-wind.pdf +Southern Asia  +
NREL-bio-mwgas.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-bio-mwsol.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-bio-potgas.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-bio-potsol.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-biomass-secondary-mill-2012-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-biomass-urban-wood-2012-01.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-brazil-dir.pdf +South America  +
NREL-brazil-glo.pdf +South America  +
NREL-ca-80m.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ca-80m.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-ca-90m-offshore.jpg +Northern America  +
NREL-ca-90m-offshore.pdf +Northern America  +
NREL-camdirann.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirapr.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdiraug.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirdec.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirfeb.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirjan.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirjuly.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirjune.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirmar.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirmay.pdf +Central America  +
NREL-camdirnov.pdf +Central America  +