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4-County Electric Power Assn +@4CountyElectric  +
AEP Generating Company +@AEPnews  +
AEP Ohio +@AEPOhio  +
AEP Texas Central Company +@aeptexas  +
AEP Texas North Company +@AEPTexas  +
AES Eastern Energy LP +@TheAESCorp  +
AMECO Solar +@AmecoSolar  +
APNA Energy +@apnaenergy  +
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC +@igsenergy  +
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC (New York) +https://twitter.com/igsenergy  +
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC (Texas) +@igsenergy  +
Adams Electric Cooperative Inc +@aec_coop  +
Adams-Columbia Electric Coop +@ACECWI  +
Adrian Public Utilities Comm +@mresnews  +
Agralite Electric Coop +@Agralite  +
Aiken Electric Coop Inc +@AikenElectric  +
Alabama Power Co +@AlabamaPower  +
Alaska Electric & Energy Coop +@HomerElectric  +
Alaska Electric Light&Power Co +@aelpjuneau  +
Albany Water Gas & Light Comm +@ALBYWGL  +
Allamakee-Clayton El Coop, Inc +@AllClayElectric  +
Altamaha Electric Member Corp +@AltamahaEMC  +
Ambit Energy, L.P. +@AmbitEnergy  +
Ambit Energy, L.P. (Maryland) +@AmbitEnergy  +
Ambit Energy, L.P. (New York) +@AmbitEnergy  +
Ameco Solar +@AmecoSolar  +
Ameren Energy Marketing +@AmerenMissouri  +
Ameren Illinois Company +@AmerenIllinois  +
American Transmission Systems Inc +@amertransco  +
Ames Laboratory +@Ames_Laboratory  +
Anchorage Municipal Light and Power +@MLandP  +
Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co, Ltd +https://www.linkedin.com/company/gemco-pellet-mills  +
Appalachian Power Co +@appalachianpowe  +
Appalachian Power Co (Virginia) +@AppalachianPowe  +
Appalachian Power Co (West Virginia) +@AppalachianPowe  +
Aquila Inc (Missouri) +@bhenergy  +
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Inc +@AZGandTCoops  +
Arizona Public Service Co +@apsfyi  +
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality +@ArkansasDEQ  +
Arkansas Electric Coop Corp +@ecarkliving  +
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission +@ARGameandFish  +
Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp +@MyEnergyAVECC  +
Array Technologies, Inc. +@Arraytechinc  +
Ashley Chicot Elec Coop, Inc +@ECArkLiving  +
Atlantic City Electric Co +@ACElecConnect  +
Atlantic Municipal Utilities +@AMUAtlantic  +
Avista Corp (Idaho) +@avistautilities  +
Avista Corp (Montana) +@AvistaUtilities  +
Avista Turbine Power, Inc +@AvistaUtilities  +
BARC Electric Coop Inc +@BARCElectric  +
BP Energy Company +@BP_plc  +
BP Energy Company (Washington) +@BP_America  +
Bagley Public Utilities Comm +@bagleyminnesota  +
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co +@Bangor  +
Basin Electric Power Coop +@Basin_Electric  +
Basin Electric Power Coop (South Dakota) +@Basin_Electric  +
Beaches Energy Services +@BeachesEnergy  +
Beltrami Electric Coop, Inc +@BeltramiECoop  +
Benton Rural Electric Assn +@BentonREA  +
Berkeley Electric Coop Inc +@ConnectionsCard  +
Big Sandy Rural Elec Coop Corp +@bigsandycoop  +
Biofuel Evolution +@biofuelevol  +
Blachly-Lane Cnty Coop El Assn +@Blachlylane  +
Black Hills Power Inc (Montana) +@blackhillspower  +
Black Hills Power Inc (Wyoming) +@blackhillspower  +
Block Island Power Co +@RhodeIslandEMA  +
Bloom Energy 2009 PPA +@Bloom_Energy  +
Blue Grass Energy Coop Corp +@BlueGrassEnergy  +
Blue Ridge Elec Member Corp +@blueridgeemc  +
Blue Ridge Electric Coop Inc +@blueridgecoop  +
Blue Ridge Mountain E M C (North Carolina) +@brmemc  +
Blue Star Energy Services +@aepenergy  +
Blue Star Energy Services (Pennsylvania) +@keealliance  +
Bluerock Energy, Inc. +@BlueRockEnergy  +
Board of Water Electric & Communications +@CityofMuscatine  +
Bonneville Power Admin +@bpanews  +
Bonneville Power Admin (Idaho) +@bpanews  +
Bonneville Power Admin (Montana) +@bpanews  +
Bonneville Power Admin (Washington) +@bpanews  +
Boone County Rural EMC +@BooneREMC  +
Boone Electric Coop +@BooneElectric  +
Borough of Lansdale, Pennsylvania (Utility Company) +@lansdalepa  +
Borough of Park Ridge, New Jersey (Utility Company) +@ParkRidgeboro  +
Bowie-Cass Electric Coop, Inc +@bowiecasscoop  +
Brigham City Corporation (Utility Company) +@brighamcitycorp  +
Bristol Virginia Utilities +@BVUOptiNet  +
Broad River Electric Coop, Inc +@BroadRiverCoop  +
Broad River Electric Coop, Inc (North Carolina) +@BroadRiverCoop  +
Brookhaven National Laboratory +@BrookhavenLab  +
Brownsville Public Utilities Board +@BPUB_Tweets  +
Buckeye Power, Inc +@buckeyepowersls  +
Burke-Divide Electric Coop Inc +@bdec_58727  +
Butler County Rural Elec Coop +@ButlerCountyREC  +
C & L Electric Coop Corp +@ECArkLiving  +
CECG Maine, LLC (Maine) +@ConstellationEG  +
CL Power Sales Eight LLC +@peabodyenergy  +
CPL Retail Energy, LP +@cplenergy  +
Caddo Electric Coop, Inc +@CaddoElectric  +
California Department of Transportation +@CaltransHQ  +
California Department of Water Resources +@CA_DWR  +
California Division of Water Rights +@CaWaterBoards  +
California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control +@CaliforniaDTSC  +
California State Water Resources Control Board +@CaWaterBoards  +
Callaway Electric Cooperative +@CallawayElec  +
Calpine Corp-Agnews +@Calpine  +
Canton Municipal Utilities +@CMU_Canton  +
Carroll Electric Coop, Inc +@CarrollElectric  +
Carroll Electric Member Corp +@CarrollEMC  +
Carteret-Craven El Member Corp +@CarteretCraven  +
Cass County Electric Coop Inc +@CassCountyElec  +
CenterPoint Energy +@CNPalerts  +
Central Alabama Electric Coop +@CAEC_COOP  +
Central Electric Coop Inc +@CentralElectric  +
Central Electric Coop, Inc +@CentralElecSD  +
Central Georgia El Member Corp +@CentralGAEMC  +
Central Hudson Gas & Elec Corp +@centralhudson  +
Central Nebraska Pub P&I Dist +@nppdnews  +
Central Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc +@centralrural  +
Central Vermont Pub Serv Corp +@GreenMtnPower  +
Central Wisconsin Elec Coop +@cwecoop  +
Champion Energy Services +@ChampionEnergy  +
Champion Energy Services (Illinois) +@championenergy  +
Champion Energy Services (Ohio) +@ChampionEnergy  +
Charles Mix Electric Assn, Inc +@CMixElectric  +
Cherryland Electric Coop Inc +@cecelec  +
Chickasaw Electric Coop, Inc +@ChicksawECoop  +
Choctawhatche Elec Coop, Inc +@mychelco  +
Choptank Electric Coop, Inc +https://twitter.com/choptankcoop  +
Cimarron Electric Coop +@CimarronElec  +
Cirro Corporation +@CirroEnergyTX  +
Citizens Electric Co +@CitElectric  +
City & County of San Francisco (Utility Company) +@sfgov  +
City Utilities of Springfield +@cityutilities  +
City Water and Light Plant +@CWLJonesboro  +
City of Alameda, California (Utility Company) +@AlamedaMuniPwr  +
City of Alexandria, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@alputilities  +
City of Ames, Iowa (Utility Company) +@cityofames  +
City of Amory, Mississippi (Utility Company) +@cityofamoryMS  +
City of Anderson, Indiana (Utility Company) +@cityofanderson  +
City of Ashland, Oregon (Utility Company) +@cityofashland  +
City of Athens, Alabama (Utility Company) +@athensutilities  +
City of Banning, California (Utility Company) +@CityofBanning  +
City of Bastrop, Texas (Utility Company) +@CityofBastropTX  +
City of Bay City, Michigan (Utility Company) +@CityclerkBay  +
City of Bellevue, Iowa (Utility Company) +@bellevueia  +
City of Beloit, Kansas (Utility Company) +@beloitkansas  +
City of Bowling Green, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@bgmu  +
City of Bowling Green, Ohio (Utility Company) +@cityofbg  +
City of Breckenridge, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@CityofBreckenri  +
City of Bridgeport Utilities, Nebraska +@cityofbport  +
City of Bristol, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@CityofBristolTn  +
City of Bryan, Ohio (Utility Company) +@BryanUtilities  +
City of Bryan, Texas (Utility Company) +@CityofBryan  +
City of Buffalo, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@BuffaloMN  +
City of Burlington, Colorado (Utility Company) +@burlingtoncolo  +
City of Burlington-Electric, Vermont (Utility Company) +@BurlingtonElec  +
City of Cabool, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CaboolMissouri  +
City of California, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CityofCalmo  +
City of Carlisle, Iowa (Utility Company) +@carlisleiowa  +
City of Cartersville, Georgia (Utility Company) +@cvillebartow  +
City of Cavalier, North Dakota (Utility Company) +@_BESnews  +
City of Chaska, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@cityofchaskamn  +
City of Chattanooga, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@EPB_Chattanooga  +
City of Claremore, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@claremoreok  +
City of Clarksville, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@CDELightband  +
City of Coffeyville, Kansas (Utility Company) +@CvilleCity  +
City of College Park, Georgia (Utility Company) +@CollegePark_Ga  +
City of College Station, Texas (Utility Company) +@CityofCS  +
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado (Utility Company) +@CSUtilities  +
City of Colton, California (Utility Company) +@ColtonNews  +
City of Columbia City, Indiana (Utility Company) +@ColumbiaCity_IN  +
City of Columbia, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CoMoWaterLight  +
City of Columbus, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@wicolumbus  +
City of Concord, North Carolina (Utility Company) +@concordncgov  +
City of Denton, Texas (Utility Company) +@cityofdentontx  +
City of Dickson, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@DicksonElectric  +
City of Dover, Delaware (Utility Company) +@CityOfDoverDE  +
City of East Point, Georgia (Utility Company) +@cityofeastpoint  +
City of Edmond, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@cityofedmond  +
City of El Dorado Springs, Missouri (Utility Company) +@ElDoradoSun  +
City of Estherville, Iowa (Utility Company) +@EsthervilleIowa  +
City of Eudora, Kansas (Utility Company) +@CityofEudora  +
City of Eugene, Oregon (Utility Company) +@EWEButility  +
City of Fairhope, Alabama (Utility Company) +@cityoffairhope  +
City of Farmer City, Illinois (Utility Company) +@CityFarmerCity  +
City of Fayette, Missouri (Utility Company) +@FayetteMO  +
City of Floresville, Texas (Utility Company) +@FELPS_Electric  +
City of Frankfort, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@fewpb  +
City of Fredericksburg, Texas (Utility Company) +@Fredericksburg2  +
City of Gallup, New Mexico (Utility Company) +@CityOfGallup  +
City of Garden City, Kansas (Utility Company) +@cityofgcks  +
City of Garnett, Kansas (Utility Company) +@GetGarnett  +
City of Gastonia, North Carolina (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/CityofGastonia  +
City of Geary, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@CityofGeary  +
City of Geneva, Illinois (Utility Company) +@CityofGeneva  +
City of Georgetown, Texas (Utility Company) +@georgetowntx  +
City of Gillette, Wyoming (Utility Company) +@CityofGillette  +
City of Grand Haven, Michigan (Utility Company) +@ghblp  +
City of Greensburg, Kansas (Utility Company) +@greensburgks  +
City of Greenville,, Texas (Utility Company) +@GEUSsocialmedia  +
City of Gunnison, Colorado (Utility Company) +@CityofGunnison  +
City of Hannibal, Missouri (Utility Company) +@hbpw  +
City of Harlan, Iowa (Utility Company) +@HarlanUtilities  +
City of Harrisonville, Missouri (Utility Company) +@HvilleCityGov  +
City of Herington, Kansas (Utility Company) +@cityofherington  +
City of Hermann, Missouri (Utility Company) +@VisitHermann  +
City of Holland, Michigan (Utility Company) +@HBPW_News  +
City of Holton, Kansas (Utility Company) +@holtonkansas  +
City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@HopElectric  +
City of Huntsville, Alabama (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/HSVUtilities  +
City of Idaho Falls, Idaho (Utility Company) +@IdahoFallsPower  +
City of Independence, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CityOfIndepMO  +
City of Johnson City, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@JCPowerBoard  +
City of Julesburg, Colorado (Utility Company) +@heacoop  +
City of Key West, Florida (Utility Company) +@City_of_KeyWest  +
City of Kinston, North Carolina (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/KinstonPublServ  +
City of Kirkwood, Missouri (Utility Company) +@KirkwoodCity  +
City of Lake View, Iowa (Utility Company) +@LakeViewIA  +
City of Lakin, Kansas (Utility Company) +@CityofLakin  +
City of Lakota, North Dakota (Utility Company) +@CityofLakota  +
City of Lamoni, Iowa (Utility Company) +@LamoniIA  +
City of Lansing, Michigan (Utility Company) +@BWLcomm  +
City of Laurens, South Carolina (Utility Company) +@LaurensElectric  +
City of Le Sueur, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@lesueurmn  +
City of Lebanon, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CityofLebanon  +
City of Lewisburg, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@lewisburgtn  +
City of Lewisville, Indiana (Utility Company) +@LewisvilleIN  +
City of Lexington, North Carolina (Utility Company) +@CityofLexington  +
City of Lindsay, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@cityoflindsay  +
City of Lompoc, California (Utility Company) +@LompocCANews  +
City of Lubbock, Texas (Utility Company) +@lpandl  +
City of Madison, South Dakota (Utility Company) +@MadisonSDElec  +
City of Manassas, Virginia (Utility Company) +@CityofManassas  +
City of Marceline, Missouri (Utility Company) +@MarcelineCity  +
City of Marietta, Georgia (Utility Company) +@cityofmarietta  +
City of Marshfield, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@marshfieldwi  +
City of Mayfield Plant Board, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@mewspublic  +
City of Menasha, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@wimenasha  +
City of Mesa, Arizona (Utility Company) +@MesaAzgov  +
City of Miami, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@miamiokla  +
City of Monett, Missouri (Utility Company) +@MonettMissouri  +
City of Monroe, Georgia (Utility Company) +@MONROEGA  +
City of Montezuma, Iowa (Utility Company) +@MontezumaIowa  +
City of Moorhead, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@cityofmoorhead  +
City of Morganton, North Carolina (Utility Company) +@cityofmorganton  +
City of Mount Dora, Florida (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/CityOfMountDora  +
City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@cityofmtniron  +
City of Mt Pleasant, Iowa (Utility Company) +@MtPleasantIOWA  +
City of Mulvane, Kansas (Utility Company) +@MulvaneKs  +
City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@cityofmborotn  +
City of Murray, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@murrayelectric  +
City of Natchitoches, Louisiana (Utility Company) +@natchitoches  +
City of New Albany, Mississippi (Utility Company) +@cityofnewalbany  +
City of New Richmond, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@newrichmondwi  +
City of Newark, Delaware (Utility Company) +@cityofnewarkde  +
City of Newfolden, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@newfoldenmn  +
City of Newton, North Carolina (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/cityofnewtonnc  +
City of Niles, Ohio (Utility Company) +@#nilescity  +
City of Nixa, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CityofNixa  +
City of Norcross, Georgia (Utility Company) +@CityofNorcross  +
City of North Little Rock, Arkansas (Utility Company) +@NLRElectric  +
City of Norwich, Connecticut (Utility Company) +@energizenorwich.com  +
City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/cityofoakridge  +
City of Ocala, Florida (Utility Company) +@ousinfo  +
City of Odessa, Missouri (Utility Company) +@Odessan  +
City of Orange City, Iowa (Utility Company) +@OrangeCityIA  +
City of Orangeburg, South Carolina (Utility Company) +@dpuorangeburg  +
City of Orrville, Ohio (Utility Company) +@OrrvilleSSD  +
City of Osage City, Kansas (Utility Company) +@cityofosagecity  +
City of Osage, Iowa (Utility Company) +@CityOfOsage  +
City of Osawatomie, Kansas (Utility Company) +@OsawatomieKS  +
City of Ottawa, Kansas (Utility Company) +@OttawaKSGov  +
City of Oxford, Mississippi (Utility Company) +@Oxford_MS  +
City of Paducah, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@PaducahPower  +
City of Painesville, Ohio (Utility Company) +@PainesvilleOhio  +
City of Palo Alto, California (Utility Company) +@PAUtilities  +
City of Pella, Iowa (Utility Company) +@CityofPella  +
City of Petoskey, Michigan (Utility Company) +@yoloneci73904  +
City of Pierre, South Dakota (Utility Company) +@PierreUtilitie1  +
City of Pioche, Nevada (Utility Company) +@NVEnergy  +
City of Plummer, Idaho (Utility Company) +@KootenaiEC  +
City of Plymouth, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@plymouth_wi  +
City of Princeton, Illinois (Utility Company) +@cityofprinceton  +
City of Princeton, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@PrincetonEPB  +
City of Public Works Comm- Fayetteville, North Carolina (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/FAYPWC  +
City of Purcell, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@CityOfPurcellOK  +
City of Radford, Virginia (Utility Company) +@TheNewRiverCity  +
City of Richmond, Indiana (Utility Company) +@richmondpower  +
City of River Falls, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@RFUtilities  +
City of Riverside, California (Utility Company) +@RPUnews  +
City of Rock Hill, South Carolina (Utility Company) +@RockHillSCCity  +
City of Roseville, California (Utility Company) +@RsvlElectricPIO  +
City of Russellville, Kentucky (Utility Company) +@epbnet  +
City of Sallisaw, Oklahoma (Utility Company) +@CityofSallisaw  +
City of San Antonio, Texas (Utility Company) +@cpsenergy  +
City of San Marcos, Texas (Utility Company) +@cityofsanmarcos  +
City of Sanger, Texas (Utility Company) +@cityofsanger  +
City of Santa Clara, California (Utility Company) +@SantaClaraPower  +
City of Scottsboro, Alabama (Utility Company) +@ScottsboroEPB  +
City of Seattle, Washington (Utility Company) +@SEACityLight  +
City of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa (Utility Company) +@sgtbluff  +
City of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +@sheboyganwisc  +
City of Shelby, Ohio (Utility Company) +@growshelby  +
City of Shelbyville, Tennessee (Utility Company) +@Shelbyville_Pwr  +
City of Shiner, Texas (Utility Company) +@Shiner_TX  +
City of Siloam Springs, Arkansas (Utility Company) +@SiloamSprings  +
City of Sioux Center, Iowa (Utility Company) +@SiouxCenterIA  +
City of Spencer, Iowa (Utility Company) +@smuspencer  +
City of Springfield, Illinois (Utility Company) +@CWLP_  +
City of Springville, Utah (Utility Company) +@SpringvilleCity  +
City of St Charles, Illinois (Utility Company) +@cityofstcharles  +
City of St Charles, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@stcharlesmayor  +
City of St George, Utah (Utility Company) +@Cityofstgeorge  +
City of St James, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@cityofstjames  +
City of St Martinville, Louisiana (Utility Company) +@StMartinville  +
City of St Robert, Missouri (Utility Company) +@SaintRobertMO%20  +
City of Stanton, North Dakota (Utility Company) +@Basin_Electric  +
City of Starkville, Mississippi (Utility Company) +@SED_Utilities  +
City of Sumas, Washington (Utility Company) +@PSETalk  +
City of Tacoma, Washington (Utility Company) +@mytpu  +
City of Tipp City, Ohio (Utility Company) +@CityofTippCity  +
City of Traer, Iowa (Utility Company) +@TraerTMU  +
City of Tulia, Texas (Utility Company) +@TuliaTX  +
City of Tupelo, Mississippi (Utility Company) +@TWLDEPT  +
City of Tuskegee, Alabama (Utility Company) +https://twitter.com/#!/ubtworks  +
City of Ukiah, California (Utility Company) +@CityofUkiah  +
City of Vinton, Iowa (Utility Company) +@VintonIowa  +
City of Wapakoneta, Ohio (Utility Company) +@City_Wapakoneta  +
City of Waseca, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@CITYOFWASECA  +
City of Washington, Indiana (Utility Company) +@washington47501  +
City of Washington, Utah (Utility Company) +@washingtonutah  +
City of Wayne, Nebraska (Utility Company) +@CityofWayne  +
City of Webster City, Iowa (Utility Company) +@WebsterCityIA  +
City of Wellington, Kansas (Utility Company) +@Wellington_KS  +
City of Wells, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@CityofWellsMN  +
City of West Plains, Missouri (Utility Company) +@CityWestPlains  +
City of Wilber, Nebraska (Utility Company) +@NorrisPPD  +
City of Wilton, Iowa (Utility Company) +@wiltoniowa  +
City of Windom, Minnesota (Utility Company) +@CityofWindomMN  +
City of Winterville, North Carolina (Utility Company) +@wintervillenc  +
Claiborne Electric Coop, Inc +@ClaiborneElec  +
Clark Energy Coop Inc +@clarkenergy  +
Clearwater Power Company +@ClearwaterPower  +
Cleco Power LLC +@ClecoCorp  +
Cleveland Electric Illum Co +@IlluminatingCo  +
Clinton Combined Utility Sys +https://twitter.com/CityofClinton  +
Co-Mo Electric Coop Inc +@CoMoElectric  +
Coast Electric Power Assn +@coastelectric  +
Coldwater Board of Public Util +@CityColdwaterMi  +
Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs +@CCIA_76  +
Colorado Maker Hub +@CoMakerHub  +
Columbia Utilities Electricity +@ColumbiaUtiliti  +
Columbus Southern Power Co +@user?screen_name=AEPOhio  +
Commerce Energy, Inc. +@Commerce_Energy  +
Commerce Energy, Inc. (Maryland) +https://twitter.com/Commerce_Energy  +
Commerce Energy, Inc. (Pennsylvania) +@Commerce_Energy  +
Commonwealth Edison Co +https://twitter.com/ComEd  +
Competitive Energy Services, LLC +@CES_Energy  +
Concho Valley Elec Coop Inc +@cvecelec  +
Connecticut Light & Power Co +@EversourceCT  +
ConocoPhillips Company +@conocophillips  +
ConocoPhillips Company (Montana) +@conocophillips  +
Consejo Mundial de la Energía Colombia +@WEC_COLOMBIA  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc +https://twitter.com/ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Delaware) +https://twitter.com/ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Illinois) +@ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Maine) +@ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Maryland) +https://twitter.com/ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Massachusetts) +@ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (New Hampshire) +@ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Pennsylvania) +https://twitter.com/ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Edison Sol Inc (Texas) +@ConEdSolutions  +
Consolidated Electric Coop Inc +@12fv1H  +
Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd CECL +@CECLWindEnergy  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (California) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Connecticut) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Delaware) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Illinois) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Maine) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Massachusetts) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (New Hampshire) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (New Jersey) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (New York) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Ohio) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Oregon) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Pennsylvania) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Rhode Island) +@constellationeg  +
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc (Texas) +@ConstellationEG  +
Constllation Enrgy Commodities +https://twitter.com/constellationeg  +
Consumers Energy Co +@consumersenergy  +
Consumers Power, Inc +@consumerspower  +
Continental Divide El Coop Inc +@mac_cdec  +
Conway Corporation +@ConwayCorp  +
Coos-Curry Electric Coop, Inc +@CoosCurryElect  +
Corn Belt Energy Corporation +@cornbeltenergy  +
Corn Belt Power Coop +@CornBeltPower  +
Cornhusker Public Power Dist +@cppd  +
Cotton Electric Coop, Inc +@CottonElectric  +
Coweta-Fayette El Member Corp +@CoFayEMC  +
Craighead Electric Coop Corp +@CraigheadCoop  +
Crawford Electric Coop, Inc +@CrawfordElec  +
Cuivre River Electric Coop Inc +@CuivreRiver  +
Cullman Electric Coop, Inc +@cullmanec  +
Cullman Power Board +@TheCullmanTimes  +
Cumberland Valley Rural E C C +@CVECoop  +
Cumberland Valley Rural E C C (Tennessee) +@CVECoop  +
Custer Public Power District +@custerpower  +
D S & O Rural E C A, Inc +@DSOElectricCoop  +
DPL Energy Resources +@dpl_energy  +
DTE Electric +@dte_energy  +
Dairyland Power Coop +@DairylandPower  +
Dakota Electric Association +@DakotaElec  +
Dakota Energy Coop Inc +@DakotaEC  +
Dakota Valley Elec Coop Inc +@DakValElectric  +
Dalton Utilities +@DaltonUtilities  +
Dawson Power District +@DawsonPower  +
Dayton Power & Light Co +@dpltoday  +
Deaf Smith Electric Coop, Inc +@deafsmithec  +
Decatur Utilities +@decaturutility  +
Delmarva Power +@DelmarvaConnect  +
Direct Energy Services +@DirectEnergy  +
Direct Energy Services (Illinois) +@DirectEnergy  +
Direct Energy Services (Maine) +@cmpco  +
Direct Energy Services (Maryland) +https://twitter.com/directenergy  +
Direct Energy Services (Massachusetts) +@DirectEnergy  +
Direct Energy Services (New Jersey) +@directenergy  +
Direct Energy Services (New York) +https://twitter.com/directenergy  +
Direct Energy Services (Pennsylvania) +@directenergy  +
Direct Energy Services (Rhode Island) +@nationalgridus  +
Direct Energy, LP +@directenergy  +
Discount Power +@DiscountPowerTX  +
Division of Safety of Dams +@CA_DWR  +
Dixie Electric Coop +@DixieCoop  +
Dixie Electric Power Assn +@DixieEPA  +
Dixie Escalante R E A, Inc (Arizona) +@DixieEscalante  +
Dominion Retail Inc (New Jersey) +@DomNews  +
Dow Chemical Company-Oyster Creek VIII +@DowChemical  +
Duck River Elec Member Corp +@duckriveremc  +
Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc. +@DukeEnergyNews  +
Dunn County Electric Coop +@DunnEnergy  +
Duquesne Light Co +@DuquesneLight  +
E I DuPont De Nemours & Co +@dupont_news  +
East Kentucky Power Coop, Inc +@EastKYPowerCoop  +
Eastern Illinois Elec Coop +@easternillini  +
Easton Utilities Comm +@EastonUtil  +
Eco Energy International, LLC +@ecoenergyintl  +
Edgar Electric Co-op, Assn +@enerstar  +
Egyptian Electric Coop Assn +@EgyptianCoop  +
El Paso Electric Co (New Mexico) +@ElPasoElectric  +
Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light Co +@elmhurstmutual  +
Emerald People's Utility Dist +@emeraldpud  +
Emergent Solar Energy +@emergentsolare  +
En-Touch Energy +@StarTexPower  +
Energy Northwest +@EnergyNorthwest  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC +https://twitter.com/#!/EnergyPlusCo  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC (Connecticut) +@EnergyPlusCo  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC (Maryland) +@EnergyPlusCo  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC (New Jersey) +@energyplusco  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC (New York) +https://twitter.com/#!/EnergyPlusCo  +
Energy Services Providers, Inc. +@ESCOenergy  +
Energy Services Providers, Inc. (New York) +@constellationeg  +
Entergy Arkansas Inc +@EntergyArk  +
Entergy Arkansas Inc (Arkansas) +@EntergyArk  +
Entergy Arkansas Inc (Tennessee) +@EntergyArk  +
Entergy Gulf States Louisiana LLC +@EntergyLA  +
Entergy Louisiana Inc +@EntergyLA  +
Entergy Mississippi Inc +@EntergyMS  +
Entergy New Orleans Inc +@EntergyNOLA  +
Entergy Power, Inc +@EntergyArk  +
Entergy Solutions, Ltd +@Vermont_Yankee  +
Entergy Solutions, Ltd (Massachusetts) +@Entergy  +
Entergy Texas Inc. +@EntergyTX  +
Exelon Energy Company +@exelon  +
Exelon Energy Company (Pennsylvania) +@exelon  +
FEM Electric Assn, Inc +@Femelectric  +
Fairmont Public Utilities Comm +@CityofFairmontM  +
Farmers Electric Coop +@FarmersEC  +
Farmers Electric Coop, Inc (Texas) +@FarmersEC  +
Farmers' Electric Coop, Inc (New Mexico) +@FarmersElectric  +
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory +@Fermilab  +
Firelands Electric Coop, Inc +@Firelands  +
First Choice Power +@firstchoicepwr  +
First Electric Coop Corp +https://twitter.com/FirstElecCoop  +
First Energy Solutions Corp. (Illinois) +@firstenergycorp  +
First Energy Solutions Corp. (New Jersey) +@FirstEnergyCorp  +
FirstEnergy Generation Corp +@FirstEnergyCorp  +
Fleming-Mason Energy Coop Inc +@fmecoop  +
Flint Electric Membership Corp +@flintenergies  +
Florida Keys El Coop Assn, Inc +@FLKeysElectric  +
Florida Public Utilities Co +https://twitter.com/#!/FPUCFL  +
Foley Board of Utilities +@rudispatch  +
Fort Valley Utility Comm +@fvutil  +
Freeborn-Mower Coop Services +@FMCSCooperative  +
Freeborn-Mower Coop Services (Iowa) +@FMCSCooperative  +
French Broad Elec Member Corp +@FrenchBroadEMC  +
French Broad Elec Member Corp (Tennessee) +@FrenchBroadEMC  +
Frontier Utilities, Inc. +@frontieru  +