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2050 Calculator +Not Available  +
A Roadmap to Funding Infrastructure Development +Not Available  +
Accessing Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport: A practical overview +Not Available  +
Accuracy Assessment for Forest and Land Use Maps (English version) +Not Available  +
Adapting Urban Transport to Climate Change- Module 5f - Sustainable transport: a sourcebook for policy-makers in developing cities +Not Available  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: ARCGIS Shape File, all Countries +Not Available  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: Interactive MAP in PDF, all Countries +Not Available  +
Africa's Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation +Not Available  +
Africa’s Transport Infrastructure Mainstreaming Maintenance and Management +Not Available  +
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program Emissions Benefit Tool +Simple  +
Alternative Fuels Data Center +Not Available  +
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center - Fleet Experiences +Not Available  +
Alternative Ways of Financing Infrastructure Investment: Potential for ‘Novel’ Financing Models +Not Available  +
Analysis of the raw data of sample plots in NFIMAP Cycle IV (English version) +Not Available  +
Annual Monitoring Report Interactive Map +Not Available  +
Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +Advanced  +
Are We Heading Towards a Reversal of the Trend for Ever-Greater Mobility? +Not Available  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Advanced  +
Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries: A Practitioner's Guide +Advanced  +
Assessment of the type of cycling infrastructure required to attract new cyclists +Not Available  +
Asset Management for Sustainable Road Funding +Not Available  +
Automatic Deployment Options Projection Tool (ADOPT) +Advanced  +
BITES +Moderate  +
BRT Centre January Webinar Nigel Wilson +Not Available  +
Before and after: video highlights advances in Rio de Janeiro’s TransCarioca bus rapid transit system +Not Available  +
Bogotá Building A Sustainable City (Part 1 of 3) +Not Available  +
Bogotá Building A Sustainable City (Part 2 of 3) +Not Available  +
Bogotá Building A Sustainable City (Part 3 of 3) +Not Available  +
Bottom Up and Country Led: A New Framework for Climate Action +Not Available  +
Building Dashboard Kiosk +Not Available  +
Building Dashboard Network +Not Available  +
BuildingOS by Lucid +Moderate  +
CACTUS +Moderate  +
CDM Sustainable Development Tool +Simple  +
COMMUTER Model +Moderate  +
CRED: A New Model of Climate and Development +Moderate  +
CRiSTAL Forests +Simple  +
CRiSTAL VS +Simple  +
Calculating CO2 Emissions from Mobile Sources +Not Available  +
Capacity Building on Sustainable Urban Transport (CAPSUT) +Not Available  +
Car-free Development +Not Available  +
Carbon and Energy Reporter +Not Available  +
Cart or Horse: Transport and Economic Growth +Not Available  +
Clean Development Mechanism +Not Available  +
ClearPath +Advanced  +
Climate Adaptation for Transportation +Not Available  +
Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support (C-ROADS) Simulator +Advanced  +
Climate policies for road transport revisited (I): Evaluation of the current framework +Not Available  +
Climate-Smart Agriculture Country Profiles +Simple  +
Co-benefits Evaluation Tools +Simple  +
Co-benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) Screening Model +Simple  +
Comparepower +Simple  +
ConsumerAffairs Solar Energy Guide +Simple  +
Continuous Diagnostics Advisor +Not Available  +
DNE21+ +Moderate  +
Decision Support Tool: Integrated REDD+ accounting frameworks: Nested national approaches +Simple  +
E3MG +Advanced  +
ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide and R-2000 Website +Advanced  +
ENV-Linkages-KEI Model +Moderate  +
Effective Regulatory Institutions: The Regulator's Role in the Policy Process, Including Issues of Regulatory Independence +Not Available  +
Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model +Advanced  +
EnCenter - Analytics for Submetering +Not Available  +
Energy Development Index (EDI) +Simple  +
Energy Efficiency Tracker +Not Available  +
Energy Forecasting Framework and Emissions Consensus Tool (EFFECT) +Moderate  +
Energy Performance Monitor +Not Available  +
Energy Storage Computational Tool +Simple  +
Energy and Power Evaluation Program (ENPEP) +Advanced  +
EnergyAi +Simple  +
EnergyAi Load Analysis Report Trial +Not Available  +
EnergyWise Management by Cisco +Not Available  +
Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP) +Moderate  +
Environmental Impact and Sustainability Applied General Equilibrium Model (ENVISAGE) +Advanced  +
Equitable Access: Remote and Rural Communities ‘Transport Needs’ +Not Available  +
Establishing a Reference Level for REDD+ (English version) +Not Available  +
Establishment of Forest Status Maps (English version) +Not Available  +
Estimating Carbon Emissions Factors from Selective Logging +Moderate  +
Evaluating Public Transit Benefits and Costs: Best Practices Guidebook +Advanced  +
Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty: A Handbook for Practitioners +Simple  +
Ex Ante Appraisal Carbon-Balance Tool (EX-ACT) +Moderate  +
Fast Out of the Gate: How Developing Asian Countries can Prepare to Access International Green Growth Financing - Volume I +Not Available  +
Fast Out of the Gate: How Developing Asian Countries can Prepare to Access International Green Growth Financing - Volume II +Not Available  +
Feebate and Scrappage Policy Instruments +Not Available  +
Financing Sustainable Urban Transport +Not Available  +
Free SEARCH Tool +Simple  +
Funding Urban Public Transport: Case Study Compendium +Not Available  +
Future Perfect Partnering with California Air Resources Board (CARB) +Advanced  +
GEMS +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 2a: Land Use Planning and Urban Transport (Español) +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 4b: Inspection and Maintenance and Roadworthiness +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 4c: Two and Three Wheelers +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 4d: Natural Gas Vehicles +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 4e: Intelligent Transport Systems +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 4f: Eco Driving +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5a: Air Quality +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5b: Urban Road Safety +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5c: Noise and its Abatement +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5d: The CDM in the Transport Sector +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5e: Transport and Climate Change +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5f: Adapting Urban Transport to Climate Change +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5g: Urban Transport and Health +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 5h: Urban Transport and Energy Efficiency +Not Available  +
GIZ Sourcebook Module 7a: Gender and Urban Transport: Smart and Affordable +Not Available  +
Gender and Transport +Not Available  +
General Equilibrium Model for Economy - Energy - Environment (GEM-E3) +Advanced  +
General Equilibrium Modeling Package (GEMPACK) +Advanced  +
Geothermal Electricity Technology Evaluation Model (GETEM) +Moderate  +
Geothermal Prospector +Simple  +
Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum Air Pollutant Emission Inventory +Advanced  +
Global Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Database +Not Available  +
Global EV Outlook +Not Available  +
Global Relationship Assessment to Protect the Environment (GRAPE) +Moderate  +
Global Solar Atlas +Moderate  +
Global Trade and Analysis Project (GTAP) Model +Advanced  +
Global Trade and Environmental Model (GTEM) +Advanced  +
Global Transportation Roadmap Model +Not Available  +
Global Wind Atlas +Moderate  +
Gold Standard Program Model +Advanced  +
Green Button Gamer +Simple  +
Green Button Grapher +Not Available  +
Green Growth and Transport +Not Available  +
Green Kiosk Viewer +Not Available  +
GreenSuite +Not Available  +
Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (GAINS) +Advanced  +
Guidelines and Toolkits for Urban Transport Development in Medium Sized Cities in India +Not Available  +
Guidelines for Low Emission Land use Planning +Simple  +
HARP Opt +Moderate  +
HOMER +Advanced  +
Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool (HEAT) +Simple  +
Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator +Simple  +
ICCT Roadmap Model +Moderate  +
IGES GHG Calculator For Solid Waste +Simple  +
Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies in China +Not Available  +
Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies in Mexico +Not Available  +
Improving the Practice of Cost Benefit Analysis in Transport +Not Available  +
In My Backyard +Moderate  +
Incentive Intake +Simple  +
Integrated Global System Modeling Framework +Advanced  +
Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System (TIMES) +Advanced  +
Integrated Model to Access the Global Environment +Advanced  +
Integration for Seamless Transport +Not Available  +
International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds +Simple  +
Intertemporal Computable Equilibrium System (ICES) +Advanced  +
Investing in Sustainable Transport and Urban Systems: The GEF Experience +Not Available  +
Job and Economic Development Impact Models (JEDI) +Not Available  +
Key Mobility Challenges in Indian Cities +Not Available  +
Kill-Ur-Watts +Not Available  +
LEAF Gender Mainstreaming Strategy & Checklist +Simple  +
LEDS Tool: Step-By-Step Guidance to a Long-Term Framework for Continuous Sustainable Development Cooperation +Simple  +
Land use, Forest cover change and historical GHG Emissions (English version) +Not Available  +
Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) +Moderate  +
Long-term energy consumptions of urban transportation: A prospective simulation of ‘‘transport–landuses’’ policies in Bangalore +Not Available  +
Low-Carbon Land Transport Policy Handbook +Not Available  +
MAP +Advanced  +
MARKet ALlocation (MARKAL) +Moderate  +
MCA4Climate - Guidance for scientifically sound climate change planning +Advanced  +
MHK Atlas +Advanced  +
MIT Emissions Prediction and Policy Analysis (EPPA) Model +Advanced  +
MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) +Moderate  +
Manual Carbon Stock Calculation Tool +Simple  +
Manual for Quantitative Evaluation of the Co-Benefits Approach to Climate Change +Simple  +
Manual for Social Impact Assessment of Land-Based Carbon Projects +Simple  +
Marginal Abatement Cost Tool (MACTool) +Simple  +
Meeting Society’s Transport Needs Under Tight Budgets +Not Available  +
Melon: ENERGY STAR Green Button Benchmark +Not Available  +
Michael Tyson's Punch House +Not Available  +
Miljoforden Website +Not Available  +
Mobilising private finance for low-carbon development +Not Available  +
Modeling International Relationships in Applied General Equilibrium (MIRAGE) +Moderate  +
Modernizing Public Transport Webinar +Not Available  +
Modular Applied General Equilibrium Tool (MAGNET) +Advanced  +
Module: Activity Data for Deforestation +Simple  +
Module: Calculations for Estimating Carbon Stocks +Not Available  +
Module: Emission Factors for Deforestation +Simple  +
Module: Estimating Historical Emissions from Deforestation +Simple  +
Nama Database Wiki +Simple  +
National Mitigation Planning in Agriculture: Review and Guidelines +Simple  +
National Planning for GHG Mitigation in Agriculture: A Guidance Document +Simple  +
National integrated mitigation planning in agriculture: A review paper +Simple  +
New Videos: Stories of Auto-Rickshaws in India +Not Available  +
New video explaining Bus Rapid Transit +Not Available  +
OTilt +Simple  +
Object-Oriented Energy, Climate, and Technology Systems (ObjECTS) Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) +Moderate  +
Open Platform of Climate-Smart Planning Instruments +Simple  +
Opower Social +Simple  +
PVWatts +Moderate  +
Participatory Carbon Monitoring: Operational Guidance for National REDD+ Carbon Accounting +Simple  +
Partnership for Economic Policy Modeling and Policy Impact Analysis (MPIA) +Advanced  +
Peak Travel, Peak Car and the Future of Mobility: Evidence, Unresolved Issues, Policy Implications, and a Research Agenda +Not Available  +
People Power 1.0 +Not Available  +
Performance Measurement in the Road Sector: A Cross-Country Review of Experience +Not Available  +
Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool +Not Available  +
PlotWatt +Not Available  +
Policy Pathways: A Tale of Renewed Cities +Not Available  +
Poverty Social Impact Analysis +Moderate  +
Powering Health +Moderate  +
Predictive Energy Optimization by BuildingIQ +Not Available  +
ProForm +Simple  +
Production Costs of Alternative Transportation Fuels +Not Available  +
Prospective Outlook on Long-Term Energy Systems (POLES) +Advanced  +
Public Acceptability of Sustainable Transport Measures: A Review of the Literature +Not Available  +
Public Private Partnership in National Highways: Indian Perspective +Not Available  +
PyTurbSim +Advanced  +
RE Atlas +Simple  +
RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software +Simple  +
Rebate Bus +Simple  +
Recent Trends in Car Usage in Advanced Economies – Slower Growth Ahead? +Not Available  +
Reference Level Framework Document +Simple  +
Reference Level Training Videos +Not Available  +
Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) Model +Advanced  +
Remote Building Analytics +Not Available  +
Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC) +Simple  +
Roof Savings Calculator +Simple  +
SEAGA Intermediate Level Handbook +Simple  +
Seamless Transport Policy: Institutional and Regulatory Aspects of Inter-Modal Coordination +Not Available  +
SimCLIM +Advanced  +
Simple Energy +Not Available  +
Simple Interactive Models for better air quality (SIM-air) +Moderate  +
Simplified Approach for Estimating Impacts of Electricity Generation (SIMPACTS) +Advanced  +
SolarDS +Not Available  +
South and South East REDD+ Atlas, Version 1 +Simple  +
State Roles in Providing Affordable Mass Transport Services for Low-Income Residents +Not Available  +
State and Local Energy Data +Simple  +
Stimulating Low-Carbon Vehicle Technologies +Not Available  +
Stochastic Energy Deployment System (SEDS) +Moderate  +
Sustainable Transport Framework: Avoid-Shift-Improve (A-S-I) +Not Available  +
Sustainable Transport and Climate Change +Not Available  +
Sustainable Transport and Climate Process +Not Available  +
Sustainable Transport: A Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities +Not Available  +
System Advisor Model (SAM) +Moderate  +
TEEMP +Moderate  +
TNAssess +Simple  +
Technology Roadmap: Biofuels for Transport +Not Available  +
Tenant Bill Generator +Not Available  +
Terrestrial Carbon Standard Operating Procedures +Not Available  +
The Fantasy World of Private Finance for Transport via Public Private Partnerships +Not Available  +
The Integrated Environmental Strategies Handbook: A Resource Guide for Air Quality Planning +Simple  +
The Potential of Private Institutional Investors for the Financing of Transport Infrastructure +Not Available  +
The Practice of Cost Benefit Analysis in the Transport Sector a Mexican Perspective +Not Available  +
The Sourcebook on Sustainable Urban Transport +Not Available  +
The ‘Grand Paris’ Project: Tools and Challenges +Not Available  +
Threshold 21 Model +Moderate  +
Tool for Selecting CDM Methods & Technologies +Not Available  +
Total Energy ERP +Not Available  +
Towards a Framework for National Climate Finance Governance in Africa +Not Available  +
Transparent Cost Database +Simple  +
Transport Co-benefits Calculator +Simple  +
Transport NAMA submissions to the UNFCCC: Domestic frameworks +Not Available  +
Transport Regulation from Theory to Practice: General Observations and a Case Study +Not Available  +
Transport-related impacts and instruments for sensitive areas +Not Available  +
TransportToolkit Prototype +Not Available  +
Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must Be Avoided +Not Available  +
UNEP-Bioenergy Decision Support Tool +Moderate  +
USAID Carbon Calculator +Not Available  +
United States Department of Energy Technical Assistance Project (TAP) Webinar Archive +Simple  +
Urban Transport Energy Consumption: Determinants and Strategies for its Reduction. An analysis of the literature. +Not Available  +
Vehicle and Infrastructure Cash-Flow Evaluation (VICE) +Moderate  +
Ventana's Energy, Environment, Economy-Society (E3S) Model +Not Available  +
WEC-Sim +Moderate  +
WattzOn.com +Not Available  +
What Sustainable Road Transport Future? Trends and Policy Options +Not Available  +
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer +Simple  +
World Bank Renewable Energy Toolkit +Simple  +
World Induced Technical Change Hybrid (WITCH) +Moderate  +