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1 Solar Inc +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
1 Soltech +Solar  +
1.5-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
10-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
11-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
12 Voltz Limited +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
1366 Technologies +Solar  +
1st Light Energy, Inc. +Solar  +
2-ft Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
2008 Solar Technologies Market Report +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +, - Concentrating Solar Power  +,
2010 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada: Third Edition +Clean Fossil Energy  +
2010 Solar Market Transformation Analysis and Tools +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
2010 Vehicle Technologies Market Report +Idle Reduction  +
2011 APTA Public Transportation Fact Book +Transportation  +
2050 Calculator +Renewable Energy  +, Non-renewable Energy  +, Biomass  +,
21 Century Solar Inc +Solar  +
21-Century Silicon, Inc. +Solar  +
21st century Green Solutions LLC +Wind energy  +
251 Wind +Wind energy  +
2DHeat Ltd +Efficiency  +
2e Carbon Access +Carbon  +
3-D Metals +Wind energy  +
3-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
30 MW Iowa DG Portfolio +Wind energy  +
3C Holding AG +Services  +
3Degrees +Bioenergy  +, Biofuels  +, Biomass  +,
3E +Buildings  +, Hydropower  +, Services  +,
3TIER +Services  +
3TIER Environmental Forecast Group Inc 3TIER +Renewable Energy  +
3rd Rock Systems and Technologies +Renewable Energy  +, Services  +
4 UR Guest Ranch Pool & Spa Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Geothermal energy  +
48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation +Solar  +
4Energia +Renewable Energy  +
4Home +Services  +
4th Day Energy +Solar  +
5 boro biofuel +Biofuels  +
5-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
5N Plus Inc +Solar  +
6-ft Wave Flume Facility +Hydropower  +
6N Silicon Inc +Solar  +
6th Space Warning Squadron +Wind energy  +
808 Investments LLC +Solar  +
8KU Renewables GmbH +Renewable Energy  +
8minutenergy Renewables, LLC +Solar  +
9REN Group formerly Gamesa Solar +Solar  +
A A Energy Ltd +Biomass  +
A Compendium of Utility-Sponsored Energy-Efficient Rebate Programs +Energy Efficiency  +
A Conceptual Framework for Progressing Towards Sustainability in the Agriculture and Food Sector +Agriculture  +
A European Supergrid for Renewable Energy: Local Impacts and Far-Reaching Challenges +Renewable Energy  +
A Global Technology Roadmap on Carbon Capture and Storage in Industry +Industry  +
A Guide to Community Solar: Utility, Private, and Non-profit Project Development +People and Policy  +, Solar  +
A Guide to Millennium Challenge Corporation Indicators and the Selection Process +Industry  +
A Municipal Official's Guide to Diesel Idling Reduction +Transportation  +
A Nested Approach to REDD+: Structuring Effective and Transparent Incentive Mechanisms for REDD+ Implementation at Multiple Scales +Forestry  +
A New Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries: The Renewable Energy Regulated Purchase Tariff +Renewable Energy  +
A O Smith +Efficiency  +, Hydropower  +, Solar  +
A P van den Berg +Geothermal energy  +, Solar  +
A Report on Worldwide Hydrogen Bus Demonstrations, 2002-2007 +Vehicles  +
A Review of HOV Lane Performance and Policy Options in the United States - Final Report +Public Transit & Infrastructure  +
A Review of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Performance and Policy Options in the United States: Final Report +Vehicle Distance Traveled Reduction  +
A Review of the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Readiness Preparation Proposals +Forestry  +
A S NaturEnergie GmbH +Biomass  +
A Strategy for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the United Kingdom and Beyond +Clean Fossil Energy  +
A Successful Case Study of Small Business Energy Efficiency and Demand Response with Communicating Thermostats +Energy Efficiency  +
A Synthesis of Agricultural Policies in Bangladesh +Agriculture  +
A-Power Energy +Wind energy  +
A.J. Rose Manufacturing Company +Renewable Energy  +
A.O. Smith +Efficiency  +
A1 Sun, Inc. +Solar  +
A123 Systems +Efficiency  +
A2BE Carbon Capture LLC +Biofuels  +
A2Sea A S +Wind energy  +
A2Wind Limited +Carbon  +, Wind energy  +
AAB Asia Alliance Base International +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
AB Tehachapi Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
ABC Solar, Inc. +Solar  +
ABEEolica +Wind energy  +
ABEnergy Ltd +Wind energy  +
ABI Energy Consultancy Services +Biomass  +
ABO Wind AG +Bioenergy  +, Wind energy  +
ABO Wind Espana SA +Wind energy  +
ABS Alaskan Inc +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
AC Solar Inc +Solar  +
ACEEE Energy Efficiency Scorecard +Energy Efficiency  +
ACME solar works +Solar  +
ACS +Solar  +
ACSolar XXI SLL +Solar  +
AD Hydro Power Ltd ADHPL +Hydropower  +
ADAPT Elektronik GmbH +Solar  +
ADI Wind, llc. +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
ADL Ventures +Solar  +, Renewable Energy  +, Services  +
ADMMicro Inc +Efficiency  +
ADT +Services  +
ADVISOR (ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR) +Fuel Economy  +
AE Biofuels Inc formerly Marwich II Ltd +Biofuels  +
AE E Lentjes GmbH +Biomass  +
AE Polysilicon Corporation AE +Solar  +
AEE AG +Hydropower  +
AEE Solar +Solar  +
AEE Solar Inc formerly Alternative Energy Engineering +Hydropower  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
AEP Wind Energy LLC +Wind energy  +
AER NY Kinetics LLC +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
AEROGIE Verwaltungs GmbH +Wind energy  +
AES Corporation +Biomass  +, Carbon  +, Solar  +,
AES Mendota Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
AET Alternative Energie Technik GmbH +Solar  +
AET Italy +Solar  +
AFCEE MMR Turbines +Wind energy  +
AFS Trinity Power Corp +Vehicles  +
AG Land 1 +Wind energy  +
AG Land 2 +Wind energy  +
AG Land 3 +Wind energy  +
AG Land 4 +Wind energy  +
AG Land 5 +Wind energy  +
AG Land 6 +Wind energy  +
AG Wind Power Ltd +Wind energy  +
AGE UFMG Incubator +Services  +
AGI-32 +Buildings  +
AGNI Motors +Vehicles  +
AGO AG Energie Anlagen +Biomass  +
AH Bolte A S +Wind energy  +
AHEAD Energy Corporation +Renewable Energy  +, Services  +, Solar  +
AHERC +Hydropower  +, Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
AHL Carbono +Carbon  +
AHL-TECH +Biofuels  +
AIG Global Alternative Energy Practice +Renewable Energy  +
AIRMaster+ Software +Energy Efficiency  +
AIXTRON AG +Solar  +
AL PRO +Wind energy  +
ALDACOR INC +Geothermal energy  +, Hydropower  +, Renewable Energy  +,
AMB Apparate Maschinenbau GmbH +Solar  +
AMEC Plc +Services  +
AMEC Wind Energy +Wind energy  +
AMECO Solar +Solar  +
AMEE +Carbon  +
AMG Energy +Renewable Energy  +
AMR Power Private Ltd APPL +Hydropower  +
AMSC Suzhou +Wind energy  +
AMSOLAR +Solar  +
AN Windenergie GmbH +Wind energy  +
ANGLE Plc +Services  +
ANL Wind Power Forecasting and Electricity Markets +Wind  +
ANV Partners +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +, Services  +,
APEC-Alternative Transport Fuels: Implementation Guidelines +Transportation  +
APFED-Good Practice Database +Renewable Energy  +, Agriculture  +, Economic Development  +,
APH Engenharia Ltda +Wind energy  +
APOLO Solar +Solar  +
APS Biomass I Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
APUI Incubateur de l Ecole des Mines de Douai +Services  +
AQWON Motors +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +
AREA USA LLC +Services  +
ARPA (Prower and Baca County) (Lamar) +Wind energy  +
ARRC H2 Alliance +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +
AS Solar +Solar  +
AS Solar GmbH +Solar  +
ASEAN-GIZ Regional Environmentally Sustainable Cities Programme - RESCP +Energy Efficiency  +, Greenhouse Gas  +, Transportation  +
ASEAN-IEA Activities +Conventional Energy  +, Energy Efficiency  +, Renewable Energy  +
ASEM Green Independent Power Producers Network +Renewable Energy  +
ASM Asset Management DTVM SA +Carbon  +, Services  +
ASN Power Projects Ltd +Biomass  +
ASPER S.A +Renewable Energy  +
ASSET LOGISTIC AG +Wind energy  +
ASSYCE Ingenieros +Renewable Energy  +
ASYS EKRA Automatisierungstechnik GmbH +Solar  +
AT T Inc +Services  +
ATG GmbH +Vehicles  +
ATS Lighting Inc +Efficiency  +
ATS Solar System +Solar  +
AUO Energy Taiwan Corp AET +Renewable Energy  +
AV Solar Ranch I Solar Power Plant +Solar  +
AVANTI +Wind energy  +
AVL Powertrain Engineering +Vehicles  +
AVTEC +Wind energy  +
AW Energy +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
AWS Ocean Energy formerly Oceanergia +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
AWS Truewind +Wind energy  +
AWS Truewind LLC +Services  +, Wind energy  +
AWSL The Remington Group JV +Solar  +
AXI LLC +Biofuels  +
AYT Group +Solar  +
Aachen University of Applied Sciences +Services  +
Aalborg Energie Technik a s +Biomass  +
Aanderaa +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +, Ocean  +
Abasol SA +Solar  +
Abastecimientos Energeticos SL Abaste +Solar  +
Abdiesel +Services  +
Abellon Bioenergy +Renewable Energy  +
Abencs Engineering Pvt Ltd +Solar  +
Abener Ghenova +Renewable Energy  +
Abengoa SA +Bioenergy  +, Solar  +
Abengoa Solar +Solar  +
Aberdeen Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group AREG +Renewable Energy  +
Abhinav Futuristics Ltd +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Ablamp Limited +Solar  +
Able Energy Co. +Renewable Energy  +, Services  +, Solar  +,
Able Technologies +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
Abound Solar +Solar  +
Abraxa IFS +Renewable Energy  +
Absolut Energy Capital +Renewable Energy  +
Abundant Biofuels +Biofuels  +
Abundant Energy +Solar  +
Abundant Power +Renewable Energy  +
Abundant Renewable Energy ARE +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Accelerating Climate Technologies: Innovative Market Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Scale-up +Energy Efficiency  +, Renewable Energy  +, Agriculture  +
Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots +Renewable Energy  +
Acceleratore d Impresa AI +Services  +
Accelergy Corporation +Services  +
Access Solar Energy LLC +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
Access to Climate Change Technology by Developing Countries +Renewable Energy  +
Acceval Incubateur Regional de Haute Normandie +Services  +
Accio Energy Inc +Wind energy  +
Acciona Energia +Biomass  +, Hydropower  +, Solar  +,
Acciona Renault Nissan Alliance JV +Vehicles  +
Acciona SA +Biofuels  +, Biomass  +, Hydropower  +,
Acciona Wind Energy Pvt Ltd AWEPL +Wind energy  +
Acciona Wind Energy USA LLC +Wind energy  +
Acciona Windpower +Wind energy  +
Acclaim Technology Services ATS +Biomass  +
Accord Global Environment Technology Co Ltd +Services  +
Accounting for Co-benefits in Asia's Transportation Sector: Methods and Applications +Transportation  +
Ace Development Aquaculture Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Geothermal energy  +
Acela Energy Group Inc +Efficiency  +
Achates Power +Vehicles  +
Aclara +Efficiency  +, Services  +
Aclara Software +Efficiency  +
Acme Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd +Solar  +
Acme Landfill Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Acorn Technology Corporation +Biofuels  +, Services  +, Solar  +,
Acquasol Infrastructure Limited +Solar  +
Acro Energy +Solar  +
Acro Energy Technologies formerly Lonestar Capital +Solar  +
Acro Solar Lasers +Solar  +
Acrux Bt +Solar  +
Act Solar Inc +Solar  +
Acterra Group +Services  +
ActewAGL +Services  +
Action Plan for Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) +Forestry  +
Action South Facing +Buildings  +
Activ Solar +Solar  +
ActiveGreenScore +Transportation  +
Acucar e Alcool Oswaldo Ribeiro de Mendonca Ltda +Biomass  +
Acumentrics Corporation +Hydrogen  +
Ad-Venta +Hydrogen  +
Adage +Biomass  +
Adair Wind Farm I +Wind energy  +
Adair Wind Farm II +Wind energy  +
Adalenta +Renewable Energy  +
Adams +Wind energy  +
Adams Wind Project +Wind energy  +
Adani Enterprises Ltd +Efficiency  +, Solar  +
Adapting Urban Transport to Climate Change- Module 5f - Sustainable transport: a sourcebook for policy-makers in developing cities +Governance - Planning - Decision-Making Structure  +
AdaptiveARC +Biomass  +
Adelaide Solar Citizens Consortium +Solar  +
Adena Energy and Environmental Consulting, LLC +Services  +
Adirondack Wind Partners +Wind energy  +
Aditya Solar Power Industries +Solar  +
Adobe Solar +Solar  +
Adrian Energy Associates LLC Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Ads-tec GmbH +Services  +
Advance Power Co +Hydropower  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Advanced AMR Technologies Inc +Efficiency  +
Advanced Capacitor Technologies Inc +Carbon  +
Advanced Distributed Generation LLC +Solar  +
Advanced Energy +Solar  +
Advanced Energy Industries Inc +Solar  +
Advanced Energy Solutions +Solar  +
Advanced Energy Systems Inc AESI also Advanced Energy Inc +Renewable Energy  +
Advanced Energy Systems Ltd +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Advanced Hydro Solutions +Hydropower  +
Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium +Vehicles  +
Advanced Offshore Solutions ApS AOS +Wind energy  +
Advanced Power Projects +Efficiency  +
Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator (APECS) +Industry  +
Advanced Renewable Energy +Biomass  +, Renewable Energy  +, Wind energy  +
Advanced Renewables LLC +Renewable Energy  +
Advanced Solar LLC. +Geothermal energy  +, Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +,
Advanced Solar Power ASP +Solar  +
Advanced Solar Power Inc. +Solar  +
Advanced Solar Technologies Inc +Solar  +
Advanced Technology Development Center ATDC +Services  +
Advanced Technology and Materials Co Ltd AT M +Solar  +
Advanced Telemetry +Buildings  +
Advanced Wind Energy Systems AWES +Wind energy  +
Advantage Solar Inc +Solar  +
Aecom Government Services AGS +Renewable Energy  +, Services  +
Aegir II +Wind energy  +
Aeolian Stallingborough Ltd +Wind energy  +
Aeolus Wind Ltd +Wind energy  +
Aerisyn Inc +Wind energy  +
Aero Turbine +Wind energy  +
AeroCity LLC +Wind energy  +
AeroElektra +Vehicles  +
AeroFabrika +Vehicles  +
AeroWind Inc +Wind energy  +
Aeroblade +Wind energy  +
Aerogeneradores Canarios SA ACSA +Wind energy  +
Aerogeneradores Iberoamericanos +Wind energy  +
Aerojet +Solar  +
Aeroman Repower Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Aeronautica Windpower LLC +Services  +, Wind energy  +
Aeropower Services Inc +Services  +, Wind energy  +
Aerotecture International Inc +Wind energy  +
Aerowatt +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Aerowatt Energies +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Affinity Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Affinity Wind LLC +Wind energy  +
Affirma Energia Solar +Solar  +
Affordable Solar Group +Solar  +
Affordable Solar Hot Water and Power LLC +Solar  +
Afghan Solar +Solar  +
Afghanistan-NREL Mission +Energy Efficiency  +, Buildings  +, Solar  +,
Afghanistan-NREL Resource Maps and Toolkits +Solar  +, Wind  +
Africa - CCS capacity building +Conventional Energy  +
Africa - Technical Potential of Solar Energy to Address Energy Poverty and Avoid GHG Emissions +Solar  +
Africa Biomass Company +Biofuels  +, Biomass  +, Services  +
Africa-Economic Development Report 2010 +Industry  +, Forestry  +, Agriculture  +
African Biofuel & Renewable Energy Fund (ABREF) +Renewable Energy  +, Biomass  +, - Biofuels  +
African Energy +Solar  +
AgRefresh +Carbon  +, Renewable Energy  +
Agassiz Beach Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Agency of Renewable Resources +Renewable Energy  +
Agenera, LLC +Solar  +
Agenzia per lo Sviluppo +Services  +
Agile Energy LLC +Renewable Energy  +
Agni Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. +Renewable Energy  +, Services  +, Solar  +
Agni UK Inc +Biofuels  +
Agnipa Energo Pvt Ltd +Hydropower  +
Agoranov +Services  +
Agri Energy Funding Solutions +Biomass  +, Wind energy  +
AgriFuel Company +Biofuels  +
Agribiofuels LLC +Biofuels  +
Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation Systems: What can we learn for the MRV of agricultural NAMAs? +Agriculture  +, Land Use  +
Agricultural Progress in Cameroon, Mali and Ghana: Why it Happened and How to Sustain It +Agriculture  +
Agricultural Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing Countries: Policy Options for Innovations and Technology Diffusion +Agriculture  +, Biomass  +
Agriculture Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED) +Agriculture  +, Biomass  +, Economic Development  +,
Agriculture and Land Use National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Software +Forestry  +, Agriculture  +
Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Mitigation Project Database +Forestry  +, Agriculture  +
Agrilectric Power Partners Ltd Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Agrinergy Ltd +Carbon  +, Services  +
Agrivida +Biofuels  +
Agriwind Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Agro Business Park +Services  +
Agroindustrial Campo Lindo +Biomass  +
Agroindustrial Vale do Paraiba +Biomass  +
AgrometShell +Agriculture  +
Agrowind +Wind energy  +
Agrufoto +Solar  +
Agrupacio Energias Renovables SA AERSA +Hydropower  +, Wind energy  +
Agrupacion Eolica +Wind energy  +
Agua Caliente Solar Power Plant +Solar  +
Agua Caliente Solar Project +Solar  +
Agua Calientes Trailer Park Space Heating Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Geothermal energy  +
Agua Doce Energia Ltda +Wind energy  +
Agua Paulista de Geracao de Energia +Hydropower  +
Aha Macav Power Service Inc AMPS +Solar  +
Ahmed Salem Bugshan Group ASB +Solar  +
Ahuachapan Geothermal Power Plant +Geothermal energy  +
Ahuachapan No. 2 +Geothermal energy  +
Ahuachapan No. 3 +Geothermal energy  +
Ahura Energy Concentrating Systems Inc. +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
Ahura Energy Inc +Efficiency  +, Solar  +
Aidlin Geothermal Facility +Geothermal energy  +
Aiken County Center for Hydrogen Research +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +
Aiken Electric Cooperative Inc +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +, Renewable Energy  +
Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility +Wind energy  +
Air Force (Laramie) +Wind energy  +
Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency +Renewable Energy  +
Air Liquide Group +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +
Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy +Hydrogen  +
Air Products Chemicals Inc +Hydropower  +, Hydrogen  +, Services  +
Air and Liquid Advisors ALA +Services  +
Aircuity Inc +Efficiency  +
Aircuity Inc (Massachusetts) +Efficiency  +
Airdynamics +Wind energy  +
Airey +Wind energy  +
Airforce Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Airius LLC +Efficiency  +
Airon Group Spa +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Airtricity Developments NI Ltd +Wind energy  +
Airtricity Developments Scotland +Wind energy  +
Airvoice Group +Services  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Airvoice SJVNL JV +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Ajo Improvement Co +Solar  +
Akeena Solar +Solar  +
Akeena Solar Inc +Solar  +
Aker Wade Power Technologies LLC +Services  +, Vehicles  +
Akis Energy +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Akrion Inc +Solar  +
Akron-Westfield School District Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Akrong Machine Services +Carbon  +
Aksa Group +Wind energy  +
Akuacom +Services  +
Akuo Energy +Biomass  +, Hydropower  +, Renewable Energy  +,
Al Husseini Amelio JV +Solar  +
Al Tayyar Energy +Renewable Energy  +
Al Turi Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Alabama Pine Pulp Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Alaska Power Telephone Company +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
Alaska Renewable Energy Project +Renewable Energy  +
Alaska Village Cooperative Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Alaskan Wind Industries +Wind energy  +
AlbaTERN +Marine and Hydrokinetic  +
Albania-USAID Climate Activities +Energy Efficiency  +
Albany Landfill Gas Utilization Project Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Albeo Technologies +Efficiency  +
Albro Planning Environmental APE +Renewable Energy  +, Wind energy  +
Albuquerque Technology Incubator +Services  +
Alchemix Corporation +Hydropower  +
Alda Participacao e Agropecuaria +Biomass  +
Alden Large Flume +Hydropower  +
Alden Research Laboratory, Inc +Hydropower  +
Alden Small Flume +Hydropower  +
Alden Tow Tank +Hydropower  +
Alden Wave Basin +Hydropower  +
Aleo Manali Hydropower Pvt Ltd +Hydropower  +
Alerion Clean Power Spa previously known as Alerion Industries +Renewable Energy  +
Alex New Energy Ltd Shanghai Alex New Energy +Solar  +
Alexander +Wind energy  +
Alexandria Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
Alfasolar Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH +Solar  +
Algae-Based Biofuels: Applications and Co-Products +Renewable Energy  +, Biomass  +
Algasol Renewables SL +Renewable Energy  +
Algatec Solar AG +Solar  +
Algenol Biofuels +Biofuels  +, Carbon  +
Algeria-Clean Technology Fund (CTF) +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +, - Concentrating Solar Power  +
Algeria-DLR Resource Assessments +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +, Wind  +
Algeria-NREL Energy Activities +Solar  +
Algodyne Ethanol Energy Inc +Biofuels  +
Alice Solar City Consortium +Solar  +
Aligning Utility Incentives with Investment in Energy Efficiency: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (United States) +Energy Efficiency  +
Aligning Utility Interests with Energy Efficiency Objectives: A Review of Recent Efforts at Decoupling and Performance Incentives +Energy Efficiency  +, - Utility  +
Alite Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Alive Polarity's Murrietta Hot Spring Pool & Spa Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Geothermal energy  +
Aliwin Plus SL +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
Alkane Energy Plc +Services  +
All Solar PV +Solar  +
All Solar Power, Inc. +Solar  +
All Solar, Inc. +Solar  +
AllMerus Energy +Renewable Energy  +
AllSolar Service Company Inc. +Solar  +
AllWest Energy, Inc. +Solar  +
Allco Renewable Energy Group Limited LLC +Biomass  +, Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Alleghany High School Wind Project +Wind energy  +
Allegheny Power +Services  +
Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm +Wind energy  +
Alleviating energy poverty for the world's poor +Renewable Energy  +, Energy Efficiency  +, People and Policy  +
Allgreen Energy India +Biomass  +
Alliance for Chinese Electric Vehicle Development and Commercialization +Vehicles  +
Alliance for Rural Electrification +Renewable Energy  +
Alliance to Save Energy +Efficiency  +
Allied Carbon Credit GmbH +Carbon  +
Allied Sun Technologies +Solar  +
Allison Ranch +Wind energy  +
Allopartis Biotechnologies Inc +Biofuels  +
Alltronic Tech Investment Corporation +Wind energy  +
Allylix +Biofuels  +
Alpen Adria Energie AG AAE +Renewable Energy  +
Alpensolar Einkauf GmbH +Solar  +
Alpex Exports Pvt Ltd +Solar  +, Wind energy  +
Alpha Energy formerly Altair Energy +Services  +
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Altamont Gas Recovery Biomass Facility +Biomass  +
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Alteno AG +Solar  +
Altensol +Renewable Energy  +, Solar  +
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