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Property Name RightofWayAgency
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/BulkTransmission/Alabama/Land Access +[[Alabama Department of Conservation]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Alaska/Land Access +[[Alaska Division of Mining Land and Water]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Arizona/Land Access +[[Arizona State Land Department]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Arkansas/Land Access +Arkansas Public Service Commission  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/California/Land Access +[[California State Lands Commission]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Colorado/Land Access +[[Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Connecticut/Land Access +[[Connecticut Siting Council]]  +, state agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Delaware/Land Access +[[Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control]]  +, State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Florida/Land Access +[[Florida Board of Trustees Internal Improvement Trust Fund]], the state agency with jurisdiction over the land, and the [[Florida Department of Environmental Protection]]’s Division of State Lands  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Georgia/Land Access +[[Georgia State Properties Commission]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Hawaii/Land Access +[[Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Idaho/Land Access +[[Idaho Department of Lands]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Illinois/Land Access +[[Illinois Department of Central Management Services]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Indiana/Land Access +[[Indiana Department of Administration]]  +, [[Indiana Department of Natural Resources]].  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Iowa/Land Access +[[Iowa Department of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Kansas/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction.  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Kentucky/Land Access +agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Louisiana/Land Access +state agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Louisiana State Land Office]]  +, [[Louisiana Division of Administration]]  +,
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Maine/Land Access +[[Maine Public Utilities Commission]]  +, State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Maryland/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Massachusetts/Land Access +[[Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Michigan/Land Access +[[Michigan Department of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Minnesota/Land Access +[[Minnesota Department of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Mississippi/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Missouri/Land Access +[[Missouri Board of Public Buildings]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Montana/Land Access +[[Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Nebraska/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction over the land  +, [[Nebraska Vacant Building and Excess Land Committee]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Nevada/Land Access +[[Nevada Division of State Lands]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/New Hampshire/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction over the land  +, [[New Hampshire Council on Resources and Development]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/New Jersey/Land Access +[[New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/New Mexico/Land Access +[[New Mexico State Land Office]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/New York/Land Access +[[New York State Office of General Services]]  +, state agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/North Carolina/Land Access +[[North Carolina Department of Administration]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/North Dakota/Land Access +[[North Dakota Department of Trust Lands]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Ohio/Land Access +state agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Ohio Department of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Oklahoma/Land Access +[[Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Oregon/Land Access +[[Oregon Department of State Lands]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Pennsylvania/Land Access +state agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Rhode Island/Land Access +[[Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board]]  +, State agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/South Carolina/Land Access +[[South Carolina Department of Administration]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/South Dakota/Land Access +[[South Dakota Department of School and Public Lands]]  +, [[South Dakota Public Utilities Commission]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Tennessee/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Texas/Land Access +[[Texas General Land Office]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Utah/Land Access +[[Utah Department of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Vermont/Land Access +[[Vermont Agency of Natural Resources]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Virginia/Land Access +State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Washington/Land Access +[[Washington State Department of Natural Resources]]  +, State agency with jurisdiction  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/West Virginia/Land Access +state agency with jurisdiction  +, [[West Virginia Public Land Corporation]]  +
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Wisconsin/Land Access +[[Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources]]  +, state agency with jurisdiction  +, [[Wisconsin Public Lands Commission]]  +