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1st Light Energy, Inc. +Southern CA Area  +
21-Century Silicon, Inc. +Texas Area  +
3Degrees +Bay Area  +
3TIER +Pacific Northwest Area  +
4th Day Energy +Southern CA Area  +
5 boro biofuel +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
@Ventures (California) +Bay Area  +
@Ventures (Massachusetts) +Greater Boston Area  +
A1 Sun, Inc. +Bay Area  +
A123 Systems +Greater Boston Area  +
A2BE Carbon Capture LLC +Rockies Area  +
ABC Solar, Inc. +Southern CA Area  +
ABS Alaskan Inc +United States: Energy Resources  +
AC Solar Inc +Rockies Area  +
AEE Solar +Bay Area  +
AER NY Kinetics LLC +United States: Energy Resources  +
ALD Nanosolutions +Rockies Area  +
ARCH Venture Partners (Texas) +Texas Area  +
ARCH Venture Partners (Washington) +Pacific Northwest Area  +
ATS Lighting Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
AW Energy +Finland: Energy Resources  +
AWS Ocean Energy formerly Oceanergia +United Kingdom: Energy Resources  +
AWS Truewind +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
AXI LLC +Greater Boston Area  +
Abengoa Solar +Rockies Area  +
Able Technologies +United States: Energy Resources  +
Abound Solar +Rockies Area  +
Access Venture Partners +Rockies Area  +
Acela Energy Group Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Achates Power +Southern CA Area  +
Aclara Software +Greater Boston Area  +
Acro Energy +Bay Area  +
Acumentrics Corporation +Greater Boston Area  +
AdaptiveARC +Southern CA Area  +
Adirondack North Country Association +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Adobe Solar +Rockies Area  +
Advance Power Inc. +Bay Area  +
Advanced AMR Technologies Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Advanced Conservation Systems +Southern CA Area  +
Advanced Energy +Rockies Area  +
Advanced Materials Partners Inc +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Advanced Solar Power Inc. +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Advent International +Greater Boston Area  +
AeroElektra +Rockies Area  +
Agrivida +Greater Boston Area  +
Aircuity Inc +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Aircuity Inc (Massachusetts) +Greater Boston Area  +
Airius LLC +Rockies Area  +
Alabama Oil and Gas Board +Alabama: Energy Resources  +
Albeo Technologies +Rockies Area  +
All Valley Solar +Southern CA Area  +
Allegheny Power +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Alliance for Clean Energy New York +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Alliance for Sustainable Colorado +Rockies Area  +
Allied Sun Technologies +Southern CA Area  +
Allylix +Southern CA Area  +
Alpine Energy Group LLC +Rockies Area  +
Alpine Geothermal Drilling +Rockies Area  +
Also Energy +Rockies Area  +
AltE +Greater Boston Area  +
Alta Wind Energy Center +Southern CA Area  +
AltaRock Energy Inc +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Alten +Bay Area  +
Alten Products Company +Bay Area  +
Alteris Renewables +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Alternative Energy Engineering Associates LLP +United States: Energy Resources  +
Alternative Energy Institute +Texas Area  +
Alternative Power Enterprises +Rockies Area  +
Altira Group +Rockies Area  +
Altira Group LLC +Rockies Area  +
Ambient Control Systems +Southern CA Area  +
Ameresco, Inc. +Greater Boston Area  +
American Biodiesel and Community Fuels +Southern CA Area  +
American Capital Energy +Greater Boston Area  +
American Clean Coal Fuels +Pacific Northwest Area  +
American Clean Skies Foundation +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
American Electric Vehicles, Inc +Rockies Area  +
American Environmental Products +Rockies Area  +
American Photovoltaics +Texas Area  +
American Solar Energy Society +Rockies Area  +
American Solar Technology +Rockies Area  +
American Superconductor Corporation +Greater Boston Area  +
Ampulse Corporation +Rockies Area  +
Amulaire Thermal Technology +Southern CA Area  +
Amyris Biotechnologies +Bay Area  +
Analytic Power LLC +Greater Boston Area  +
Angeleno Group +Southern CA Area  +
Apollo Alliance +Bay Area  +
Applied Process Engineering Laboratory +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Applied Technologies Company Ltd +Russian Federation  +
Applied Ventures LLC +Southern CA Area  +
Apricus Solar +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Aptera Motors +Southern CA Area  +
AquaEnergy +United States: Energy Resources  +
Aquantis Inc +United States: Energy Resources  +
Aquaphile sarl Hydro Gen +France: Energy Resources  +
ArKion Systems +Greater Boston Area  +
Arch Venture Partners +Bay Area  +
Arch Venture Partners (Texas) +Texas Area  +
Arch Venture Partners (Washington) +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Architectural Energy Corporation +Rockies Area  +
Ardent Energy Group Inc +Bay Area  +
Ardour Capital +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Arlas Invest +Spain: Energy Resources  +
Arnold Energy Systems +United States: Energy Resources  +
Arzeda Corporation +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Ascent Solar +Rockies Area  +
Asia West LLC +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Aspen Aerogels +Greater Boston Area  +
Aspen Solar +Rockies Area  +
Atlantis Resources Corporation +Singapore: Energy Resources  +
Atlantisstrom +Germany: Energy Resources  +
Atrium Capital +Bay Area  +
Ausra Inc +Bay Area  +
Austin Clean Energy Incubator +Texas Area  +
Austin Solar Energy Entrepreneurs Network +Texas Area  +
Austin Technology Incubator +Texas Area  +
Autodesk +Bay Area  +
Avalence LLC +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Aviation Enterprises Ltd see Marine Current Turbines Ltd +United Kingdom: Energy Resources  +
BEV Capital +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Balboa Pacific Corporation +Southern CA Area  +
Ballard Power Systems +Greater Boston Area  +
Bandera Electric Coop, Inc +Texas Area  +
Bandgap Engineering Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Battery Ventures +Greater Boston Area  +
Battic Door +Greater Boston Area  +
Baylor University - Renewable Aviation Fuels Development Center +Texas Area  +
BekkTech LLC +Rockies Area  +
Better Place +Bay Area  +
Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Bio Algene +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Bio Architecture Lab +Pacific Northwest Area  +
BioEnergy International LLC +Greater Boston Area  +
BioEnergy of America Inc +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
BioEnergy of Colorado LLC +Rockies Area  +
BioFuelBox Corporation +Bay Area  +
BioGas Energy Inc +Pacific Northwest Area  +
BioPower Systems Pty Ltd +Australia: Energy Resources  +
Biodiesel Coalition of Texas +Texas Area  +
Biofuel Energy Corporation +Rockies Area  +
Biomass Combustion Systems Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Bioroot Energy +Rockies Area  +
Black Coral Capital +Greater Boston Area  +
Bloo Solar, Inc +Bay Area  +
Bloom Energy +Bay Area  +
Blue Energy +Canada: Energy Resources  +
Blue Hill Partners LLC +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Blue Marble Energy +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Blue Motion Energy +Netherlands: Energy Resources  +
Blue Oak Energy +Bay Area  +
Blue Valley Energy +Rockies Area  +
Bluestone Energy Services Ltd +Greater Boston Area  +
Bluewater +Netherlands: Energy Resources  +
Bonneville Environmental Foundation +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Boreal Renewable Energy Development +Greater Boston Area  +
Borrego Solar +Bay Area  +
Borrego Solar (Massachusetts) +Greater Boston Area  +
Boston Area Solar Energy Association +Greater Boston Area  +
Boston Green Building +Greater Boston Area  +
Boundless Corporation +Rockies Area  +
Bourne Energy +Southern CA Area  +
Brad Thompson Company +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Brammo, Inc. +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Brandl Motor +Germany: Energy Resources  +
Breakthrough Institute +Bay Area  +
BridgeLux +Bay Area  +
BrightPhase Energy +Rockies Area  +
BrightSource +Bay Area  +
Brookhaven National Laboratory +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Building Performance Equipment, Inc. +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Bull Moose Energy +Southern CA Area  +
Business Council of Westchester County (NY) +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Bye Energy +Rockies Area  +
C-Voltaics +Texas Area  +
CCBI, Inc. +Rockies Area  +
CLEANtricity Power, Inc. +Rockies Area  +
CMEA Capital +Bay Area  +
CMNA Power +Texas Area  +
CPower +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
CPower (Texas) +Texas Area  +
CSU - Institute for the Built Environment +Rockies Area  +
CalCEF Angel Network +Bay Area  +
CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund +Bay Area  +
Calera Corporation +Bay Area  +
California Center for Sustainable Energy +Southern CA Area  +
California Coast Venture Forum +Southern CA Area  +
California Fuel Cell Partnership +Bay Area  +
California Wave Energy Partners LLC +United States: Energy Resources  +
California Wind Systems +Southern CA Area  +
Caltech Center for Sustainable Energy Research +Southern CA Area  +
Calverton Business Incubator +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Cambridge Energy Alliance +Greater Boston Area  +
Cape Peninsula University of Technology - Centre for Distributed Power and Electronic Systems +Western cape  +
Cape Wind +Greater Boston Area  +
Capital Equity Partners LLC +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Capitol Solar Energy LLC +Rockies Area  +
Carbon Capture Corporation +Southern CA Area  +
Carmelo Vell n +Spain: Energy Resources  +
Carnegie Wave Energy Limited +Australia: Energy Resources  +
Cascadia Capital +Pacific Northwest Area  +
CeeLite +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Celestial Power +Texas Area  +
CellTech Power Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Chai Energy +Southern CA Area  +
Checkmate SeaEnergy +United Kingdom: Energy Resources  +
Chevron Energy Solutions +Bay Area  +
Chevron Technology Ventures LLC +United States: Energy Resources  +
Cielo Wind Power +Texas Area  +
Cimetrics Inc +Greater Boston Area  +
Cinco Renewable Energy Services +Texas Area  +
City of La Junta, Colorado (Utility Company) +Rockies Area  +
City of Tacoma +United States: Energy Resources  +
Civitas Energy +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Clean Air Power +Southern CA Area  +
Clean Diesel Technologies +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Clean Economy Network-Rockies +Rockies Area  +
Clean Edge +Bay Area  +
Clean Edge Inc +Pacific Northwest Area  +
Clean Pacific Ventures +Bay Area  +
Clean Start/McClellan Technology Incubator +Bay Area  +
Clean Tech Institute +Bay Area  +
Clean Tech Los Angeles +Southern CA Area  +
Clean Tech San Diego +Southern CA Area  +
Clean Tech Trade Alliance +Pacific Northwest Area  +
CleanLaunch +Rockies Area  +
CleanTX Foundation +Texas Area  +
CleanTech Boston +Greater Boston Area  +
CleanTech Boulder +Rockies Area  +
Cleantech Open +Bay Area  +
Cleantech Solutions +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Cleantech Solutions (Colorado) +Rockies Area  +
Cleantech Solutions (Massachusetts) +Greater Boston Area  +
Cleeves Engines, Inc. +Bay Area  +
ClimateWorks +Bay Area  +
Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +
Cobalt Biofuels +Bay Area  +
College of the North Atlantic +Canada: Energy Resources  +
Colorado Cleantech Industry Association +Rockies Area  +
Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory +Rockies Area  +
Colorado Renewable Energy Society +Rockies Area  +
Colorado School of Mines - Colorado Energy Research Institute +Rockies Area  +
Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association +Rockies Area  +
Colorado Solar Inc +Rockies Area  +
Columbia Power Technologies Inc +United States: Energy Resources  +
Commons Capital +Greater Boston Area  +
Community Energy Inc. +Northeast - NY NJ CT PA Area  +