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2008 Solar Technologies Market Report +Free  +
2011 APTA Public Transportation Fact Book +Free  +
2050 Calculator +Free  +
A Case for Climate Neutrality: Case Studies on Moving Towards a Low Carbon Economy +Free  +
A New Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries: The Renewable Energy Regulated Purchase Tariff +Free  +
ADB-Methods and Tools for Energy Demand Projection +Free  +
AGI-32 +Paid  +
APEC-Alternative Transport Fuels: Implementation Guidelines +Free  +
APFED-Good Practice Database +Free  +
Accuracy Assessment for Forest and Land Use Maps (English version) +Free  +
ActiveGreenScore +Free  +
Africa Adaptation Programme: Capacity Building Experiences-Improving Access, Understanding and Application of Climate Data and Information +Free  +
Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation Systems: What can we learn for the MRV of agricultural NAMAs? +Free  +
Agriculture and Land Use National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Software +Free  +
AgrometShell +Free  +
Alleviating energy poverty for the world's poor +Free  +
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program Emissions Benefit Tool +Free  +
Alternative Fueling Station Locator +Free  +
Alternative Fueling Station Locator - Mobile +Free  +
Alternative Fuels Data Center +Free  +
An Enabling Framework for Wind Power in Colombia: What are the Lessons from Latin America? +Free  +
An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village +Free  +
Analysis of the raw data of sample plots in NFIMAP Cycle IV (English version) +Free  +
Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +Paid  +
Appropriate Technology Library +Paid  +
Appropriate Technology Sourcebook +Free  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Free  +
Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries: A Practitioner's Guide +Free  +
BEopt +Free  +
BITES +Free  +
Badema +Free  +
Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool +Free  +
Best Practices in Non-Motorized Transport Planning, Implementation and Maintenance +Free  +
Best Practices of the Alliance for Rural Electrification: what renewable energy can achieve in developing countries +Free  +
Bike-Sharing:History, Impacts, Models of Provision, and Future +Free  +
BioPower Atlas and BioFuels Atlas +Free  +
Bioenergy KDF +Free  +
Bioenergy in India: Barriers and Policy Options +Free  +
Biomass Boiler and Furnace Emissions and Safety Regulations in the Northeast States +Free  +
Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) +Free  +
Biomass Power Association (BPA) +Free  +
Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) +Free  +
Bottom Up and Country Led: A New Framework for Climate Action +Free  +
Bridging the Divide Between Poverty Reduction and Climate Change Through Sustainable and Innovative Energy Technologies +Free  +
Building Component Library +Free  +
Building Dashboard Kiosk +Paid  +
Building Dashboard Network +Paid  +
Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC) Program +Free  +
BuildingOS by Lucid +Paid  +
Business Models for Energy Access +Free  +
CCAP-Data and Capacity Needs for Transportation NAMAs +Free  +
CDKN-Green Growth: Implications for Development Planning +Free  +
CDM Emission Reductions Calculation Sheet Series +Free  +
CDM Sustainable Development Tool +Free  +
CESC-Webinar: Building an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Driven Economy: How Policies Can Foster Risk Capital Investment in Renewable Energy +Free  +
CESC-Webinar: Financial and Policy Innovations to Support Energy Efficiency: Energy Performance Contracting and On-Bill Financing +Free  +
CIA-The World Factbook +Free  +
CLEAN-Capacity Building and Training for Low Emissions Development Planning +Free  +
CLEAN-Linked Open Data (LOD) Webinar +Free  +
COMMUTER Model +Free  +
COMcheck +Free  +
CREST Geothermal +Free  +
CREST Solar +Free  +
CREST Wind +Free  +
CRiSTAL Forests +Free  +
CRiSTAL Project Management Tool +Free  +
CRiSTAL VS +Free  +
CUFR Tree Carbon Calculator +Free  +
Calculating CO2 Emissions from Mobile Sources +Free  +
California Biomass Collaborative Energy Cost Calculators +Free  +
Capacity Needs Diagnostics for Renewable Energies (CaDRE) +Free  +
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Associated with Bioenergy and Other Biogenic Sources +Free  +
Carbon Value Analysis Tool (CVAT) +Free  +
Carbon and Energy Reporter +Paid  +
CarbonSolve +Paid  +
Chalmers Climate Calculator +Free  +
Charting a New Carbon Route to Development +Free  +
Chasing the Sun: Solar Adventures Around the World +Paid  +
Clean Air-Cool Planet Community Toolkit +Free  +
Clean Air-Cool Planet Small Town Carbon Calculator +Free  +
Clean Home Massachusetts +Free  +
ClearPath +Free  +
Climate Action Planning Tool +Free  +
Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector Online Course +Free  +
Climate Compatible Development Tools: A guide for national planning +Free  +
Climate Consultant +Free  +
Climate Investment Funds Webinar Series +Free  +
Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support (C-ROADS) Simulator +Free  +
Climate Registry Information System +Free  +
Climate-Smart Agriculture Country Profiles +Free  +
ClimateTechWiki +Free  +
Co-benefits Evaluation Tools +Free  +
Co-benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) Screening Model +Free  +
Community Economic Analysis: A How To Guide +Free  +
Community Wind Development Handbook +Free  +
Comparepower +Free  +
ConsumerAffairs Solar Energy Guide +Free  +
Continuous Diagnostics Advisor +Paid  +
Contribution of energy services to the Millennium Development Goals and to poverty alleviation in Latin America and the Caribbean +Free  +
Cool Farm Tool +Free  +
Cool Roof Calculator +Free  +
Cycling on the Rise: Public Bicycles and other European Experiences +Free  +
DASH +Free  +
DOE Energy Technology Prices and Trends +Free  +
DOE-2 Building Energy Use and Cost Analysis Software +Free  +
DOE-Biomass Cookstoves Technical Meeting:Summary Report +Free  +
DOE-Evaluating A Potential Microhydro Site +Free  +
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) +Free  +
Decentralized Rural Electrification: the Critical Success Factors +Free  +
Decision Support Tool: Integrated REDD+ accounting frameworks: Nested national approaches +Free  +
Development based climate change adaptation and mitigation—conceptual issues and lessons learned in studies in developing countries +Free  +
Distributed Renewable Energy Finance and Policy Toolkit +Free  +
Dollars from Sense +Free  +
Drive5 +Free  +
Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings:Policies and Actions +Free  +
E3MG +Paid  +
EBRD-Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities +Free  +
EBRD-Sustainable Energy Initiative: Scaling Up Finance for Climate Change Mitigation +Free  +
ECN-Paving the way for low-carbon development strategies +Free  +
EFFECT e-learning courses +Free  +
EGallon +Free  +
ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide and R-2000 Website +Free  +
EPA Climate Leaders Mobile Source Guidance +Free  +
EPA Climate Leaders Simplified GHG Emissions Calculator (SGEC) +Free  +
EPA NONROAD Model +Free  +
EPA State and Local Transportation Resources +Free  +
EPA-GHG Inventory Targeted Data Collection Strategies and Software Tools +Free  +
ESMAP-Energy Efficiency Case Studies +Free  +
EcoTRX +Free  +
Ecotect +Paid  +
Efficiency² +Free  +
Electricity Market Complex Adaptive System +Paid  +
Elite Software +Paid  +
Emission Factors (EMFAC) +Free  +
EnCenter - Analytics for Submetering +Paid  +
Enabling Environment and Policy Principles for Replicable Technology Transfer: Lessons from Wind Energy in India +Free  +
End-User Finance: A Guide for Sustainable Energy Enterprises and NGOs +Free  +
Energize Mobile +Free  +
Energy Choice Simulator +Free  +
Energy Development Index (EDI) +Free  +
Energy Efficiency Learning Activity +Free  +
Energy Efficiency Programs Platform +Paid  +
Energy Efficiency Tracker +Paid  +
Energy Forecasting Framework and Emissions Consensus Tool (EFFECT) +Free  +
Energy Map: Clean Energy for the Underserved +Free  +
Energy Monte Carlo (EMCEE) +Free  +
Energy Performance Monitor +Paid  +
Energy Recovery Council (ERC) Wast to Energy (WTE) +Free  +
Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) Webinar +Free  +
Energy Star Rebate Finder +Free  +
Energy Storage Computational Tool +Free  +
Energy Transition Model +Free  +
Energy and Cost Savings Calculators for Energy-Efficient Products +Free  +
Energy and Power Evaluation Program (ENPEP) +Free  +
Energy by State +Free  +
Energy for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development: UNDP Energy Documents and Publications Catalogue +Free  +
Energy poverty: how to make modern energy access universal? +Free  +
EnergyAi +Paid  +
EnergyAi Load Analysis Report Trial +Free  +
EnergyPLAN +Free  +
EnergyPlus 7.0 +Free  +
EnergyWise Management by Cisco +Free  +
Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS): Distributed Generation +Free  +
Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP) +Free  +
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Portfolio Manager +Free  +
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Target Finder +Free  +
Establishing a Reference Level for REDD+ (English version) +Free  +
Establishment of Forest Status Maps (English version) +Free  +
Estimating Carbon Emissions Factors from Selective Logging +Free  +
Estimating Mitigation Potential of Agricultural Projects: an Application of the EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) +Free  +
Evaluating Public Transit Benefits and Costs: Best Practices Guidebook +Free  +
Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty: A Handbook for Practitioners +Free  +
Ex Ante Appraisal Carbon-Balance Tool (EX-ACT) +Free  +
Exploration Cost and Time Metric +Free  +
FAO-Capacity Development on Climate Change +Free  +
FEMP Solar Hot Water Calculator +Free  +
FIT for Use Everywhere? Assessing Experiences With Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariffs +Free  +
FRee Energy Data (FRED) +Free  +
FTA-Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making +Free  +
Facility Energy Decision System +Paid  +
Farming First-Agriculture and the Green Economy +Free  +
Federal Transit Administration-National Transit Database (NTD) +Free  +
Financial and Cost Assessment Model (FICAM) +Free  +
FleetAtlas +Free  +
Footprinter™ +Free  +
Forest Carbon Index +Free  +
Forest Monitoring for Action (FORMA) +Free  +
FracPack +Free  +
Free SEARCH Tool +Free  +
Fuel Cell Power (FCPower) Model +Free  +
Fuel Economy Coach +Free  +
Fuel Economy.gov - Mobile +Free  +
Fuel-Efficient Stove Programs in Humanitarian Settings +Free  +
GHG Management Institute curriculum +Paid  +
GHGMI-Training Courses +Paid  +
GIZ-Best Practices in Capacity Building Approaches +Free  +
GIZ-Preserving and Expanding the Role of Non-Motorized Transport +Free  +
Galvin Electricity Initiative Policy Toolkit +Free  +
Genability Explorer +Paid  +
General Equilibrium Modeling Package (GEMPACK) +Paid  +
Generation and Transmission Maximization Model +Paid  +
Geospatial Toolkit +Free  +
Geothermal Developers' Checklist +Free  +
Geothermal Prospector +Free  +
Geothermal Site Assessment Using the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS), with Examples from the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot Area +Free  +
Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum Air Pollutant Emission Inventory +Free  +
Global Climate Change Alliance Training Workshops on Mainstreaming Climate Change +Free  +
Global Solar Atlas +Free  +
Global Trade and Analysis Project (GTAP) Model +Free  +
Global Trade and Environmental Model (GTEM) +Free  +
Global Wind Atlas +Free  +
Gold Standard Program Model +Paid  +
Green Button Gamer: Driver Challenge +Free  +
Green Economy Toolbox +Free  +
Green Growth e-Learning +Free  +
Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea's Experience +Free  +
Green Kiosk Viewer +Paid  +
Green Light for Renewables in Developing Countries +Free  +
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation and Marine Transportation: Mitigation Potentials and Policies +Free  +
Greenhouse Gas Initiative Scenario Database +Free  +
Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (GAINS) +Free  +
GridLab Power Distribution System Simulation +Free  +
Guidebook to Geothermal Power Finance +Free  +
Guidelines for Low Emission Land use Planning +Free  +
HARP Opt +Free  +
Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool (HEAT) +Paid  +
Hazardous Waste: Resource Pack for Trainers and Communicators +Paid  +
Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator +Free  +
Honest Buildings +Free  +
Hydrogen Demand and Resource Assessment Tool +Free  +
ICCT Roadmap Model +Free  +
ICLEI and REN21 Local Renewables Web Portal +Free  +
IDRISI Land Change Modeler +Paid  +
IEA Wind Task 26 - Multi-national Case Study of the Financial Cost of Wind Energy, Work Package 1, Final Report +Free  +
IEA-Risk Quantification and Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects +Free  +
IEA-Technology Roadmap: Concentrating Solar Power +Free  +
IEA-Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids +Free  +
IGES GHG Calculator For Solid Waste +Free  +
IGES-Market Mechanism Group +Free  +
IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP) +Free  +
IRF-World Road Statistics +Paid  +
ISC-Reducing Congestion through Smart Parking Management +Free  +
Improved Biomass Cooking Stoves +Free  +
In My Backyard +Free  +
InThrMa +Paid  +
Incentive Intake +Free  +
Index of Energy Security Risk +Free  +
Initiatives Related to Climate Change in Ghana +Free  +
Innovative Feed-In Tariff Designs that Limit Policy Costs +Free  +
Instamap +Free  +
Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System (TIMES) +Free  +
Integrated Model to Access the Global Environment +Paid  +
Interactions Between Energy Security and Climate Change: A Focus on Developing Countries +Free  +
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Clean Air and Climate Protection Software Tools +Paid  +
International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds +Free  +
Interruption Cost Estimate Calculator +Free  +
Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials +Free  +
Introduction to off grid energy options for RE systems +Free  +
Investment: A Guide for Sustainable Energy Enterprises and NGOs +Free  +
Job and Economic Development Impact Models (JEDI) +Free  +
Keeping Climate Change Solutions on Track: The Role of Rail +Free  +
LCA Harmonization +Free  +
LEAF Gender Mainstreaming Strategy & Checklist +Free  +
LEDS Toolkit and Framework +Free  +
LEDSGP/analysis/impacts/DIAWebinar on Development Impact Assessment for Low Emissions Development +Free  +
Land use, Forest cover change and historical GHG Emissions (English version) +Free  +
Landfill Methane Project Development Handbook +Free  +
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Project Profiles +Free  +
Long range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) System +Free, Paid  +
Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) +Free  +
Low Carbon Development: Planning & Modelling Course +Paid  +
Low Carbon Society Scenarios Towards 2050 +Free  +
Low Carbon Society Toward 2050: Indonesia Energy Sector +Free  +
Low Carbon Society Vision 2050: India +Free  +
Low-Carbon Energy: A Roadmap +Free, Paid  +
Low-Carbon Society Development: Towards 2025 in Bangladesh +Free  +
MAP +Free  +
MARKet ALlocation (MARKAL) +Paid  +
MCA4Climate - Guidance for scientifically sound climate change planning +Free  +
MFIX +Free  +
MHK Atlas +Free  +
MIT Emissions Prediction and Policy Analysis (EPPA) Model +Free  +
MOBILE6 Vehicle Emission Modeling Software +Free  +
MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) +Free  +
Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning: A Guide for Practitioners +Free  +
Making Development Climate Resilient: A World Bank Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa +Free  +
Manual Carbon Stock Calculation Tool +Free  +
Manual for Quantitative Evaluation of the Co-Benefits Approach to Climate Change +Free  +
Manual for Social Impact Assessment of Land-Based Carbon Projects +Free  +
Marginal Abatement Cost Tool (MACTool) +Free  +
Marketing Materials and Posters for Energy Entrepreneurs +Free  +
Maximizing the Productive Uses of Electricity to Increase the Impact of Rural Electrification Programs +Free  +
Measuring Energy Access: Supporting a Global Target +Free  +
Meter Reader +Paid  +
Meter Readings +Paid  +
Michael Tyson's Punch House +Free  +
Module: Activity Data for Deforestation +Free  +
Module: Calculations for Estimating Carbon Stocks +Free  +
Module: Emission Factors for Deforestation +Free  +
Module: Estimating Historical Emissions from Deforestation +Free  +
Monitoring and Tracking Long-Term Finance to Support Climate Action +Free  +
Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) +Free  +
My Planet A +Free  +
MyCarma +Free  +
NAMA Tool: Steps for Moving a NAMA from Idea Towards Implementation +Free  +
NAMAs: Definitions, categories, status of negotiations, perspectives and benefits webinar +Free  +
NETL - CARBEN Model +Free  +
NREL's Renewable Energy Project Finance Website +Free  +
NREL-MapSearch +Free  +
NREL-Philippine Wind Farm Analysis and Site Selection Analysis +Free  +
NREL-State of the States 2009: Renewable Energy Development and the Role of Policy +Free  +
NREL-Using RETScreen To Identify the Most Promising Clean Energy Projects Webinar +Free  +
NYSERDA-Wind Energy Toolkit +Free  +
National Energy Audit (NEAT) +Free  +
National integrated mitigation planning in agriculture: A review paper +Free  +
Nature Conservancy-Climate Wizard +Free  +
New Zealand Interactive Electricity Generation Cost Model 2010 +Free  +
OECD-A Green Growth Strategy for Energy +Free  +
OECD-Fostering Innovation for Green Growth +Free  +
OECD-International Platform on Policy Coherence for Development +Free  +
OECD-Private Sector Engagement in Adaptation to Climate Change +Free  +
OLADE-Geo-Information System Referenced Renewable Energy +Free  +
OLADE-Solar Thermal World Portal +Free  +
OSIRIS and the Collaborative Modeling Initiative on REDD Economics +Free  +
OSIRIS-Country-by-Country Opportunity Cost Curves +Free  +
OTilt +Free  +
Object-Oriented Energy, Climate, and Technology Systems (ObjECTS) Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) +Free  +
Open Source Impacts of REDD Incentives Spreadsheet (OSIRIS) +Free  +
OpenBarter +Free  +
OpenStudio +Free  +
Opower Social +Paid  +
Opower Thermostat App +Free  +
Overcoming Barriers to the Transfer and Diffusion of Climate Technologies +Free  +
PVDAQ +Free  +
PVWatts +Free  +
Participatory Carbon Monitoring: Operational Guidance for National REDD+ Carbon Accounting +Free  +
Partnership for Economic Policy Modeling and Policy Impact Analysis (MPIA) +Free  +
Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: The Business Response to Climate Change +Free  +
People Power 1.0 +Free  +
Photovoltaics Design and Installation Manual +Paid  +
PlotWatt +Free  +
Policies to Reduce Emissions from the Transportation Sector +Free  +
Policy Makers' Guidebook for Geothermal Electricity Generation +Free  +
Policy Makers' Guidebook for Geothermal Heating and Cooling +Free  +
Policymakers' Guidebook for Geothermal Electricity Generation +Free  +
Poor People's Energy Outlook 2010 +Free  +
Poverty Reduction in Africa +Free  +
Poverty Social Impact Analysis +Free  +
Poverty and Energy in Africa - A Brief Review +Free  +
Power Ally +Free  +
Powering Health +Free  +
Predictive Energy Optimization by BuildingIQ +Paid  +
Preliminary Study on Sustainable Low-Carbon Development Towards 2030 in Vietnam +Free  +
Preparing Low-emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (LECRDS) - Executive Summary +Free  +
Prices for Natural Gas +Free  +
ProForm +Free  +
Procurement Options for New Renewable Electricity Supply +Free  +
Project Opportunities Tracker +Free  +
Protected Planet +Free  +
RAPID/Wizard +Free  +
RE Atlas +Free  +
RE Finance Tracking Initiative +Free  +
REDD Country Activity Database +Free  +
REEGLE - Clean Energy Information Gateway +Free  +
RETFinance +Free  +
RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software +Free  +
Radiance: Synthetic Imaging System +Free  +
ReEDS +Free  +
Rebate Bus +Free  +
Reducing rural poverty through increased access to energy services: a review of the multifunctional platform project in Mali +Free  +
Reference Level Framework Document +Free  +
Reference Level Training Videos +Free  +
Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) Model +Paid  +
Remote Building Analytics +Paid  +
Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC) +Free  +
Renewable Energy Technologies and Poverty Alleviation: Overcoming Barriers and Unlocking Potentials +Free  +
Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Electrification - The Role of the Private Sector +Free  +
Retrofit Energy Savings Estimation Model +Free  +
Ride with Me +Free  +
River Hydrokinetic Resource Atlas +Free  +
Roof Savings Calculator +Free  +
Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy: Technologies, quality standards and business models +Free  +
Rural Energy: A Practical Primer for Productive Applications +Free  +
SEAD Street Lighting Evaluation Tool +Free  +
SEAGA Intermediate Level Handbook +Free  +
SEEAction +Free  +
Scaling up Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: finance and investment perspectives +Free  +
Secondary Energy InfoBook +Free  +
Sensor Placement + Optimization Software (SPOT) +Free  +
SimCLIM +Paid  +
Simple Energy +Free  +
Simple Interactive Models for better air quality (SIM-air) +Free  +
Smart Grid Computational Tool +Free  +
Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse (SGIC) +Free  +
Snugg Home's iAudit Pro +Paid  +
Solar Atlas (PACA Region - France) +Free  +
Solar Electric Light Fund +Free  +
Solar Power Prospector +Free  +
Solar Site Design +Free  +
Solar design T-square +Free  +
South Africa-National Development Plan: Vision for 2030 +Free  +
South and South East REDD+ Atlas, Version 1 +Free  +
State and Local Energy Data +Free  +
Status of Power Sector Reform in Africa: Impact on the Poor +Free  +
Stopwattch +Free  +
Strategies and Decision Support Systems for Integrating Variable Energy Resources in Control Centers for Reliable Grid Operations: Global Best Practices, Examples of Excellence and Lessons Learned +Free  +
Strategies to Finance Large-Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Projects: An Economic Development and Infrastructure Approach +Free  +
Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Global Electricity Technology Deployment +Free  +
Survey of Productive Uses of Electricity in Rural Areas +Free  +
System Advisor Model (SAM) +Free  +
TEEMP +Free  +
TNAssess +Free  +
TRB-Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP): Case Studies in Bus Rapid Transit +Free  +
Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation: Transport Sector +Free  +
Tenant Bill Generator +Paid  +
Terrestrial Carbon Standard Operating Procedures +Free  +
The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy +Free  +
The Climate Investment Funds-Business Guide +Free  +
The Energy Access Situation in Developing Countries +Free  +
The Geography of Transport Systems-Maritime Transportation +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: Allocation of Emissions from a Combined Heat and Power Plant +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: GHG Emissions from Purchased Electricity +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: GHG Emissions from Refrigeration and Air Conditioning +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: GHG Emissions from Stationary Combustion +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: GHG Emissions from Transport or Mobil Sources +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: Measurement and Estimation of Uncertainty of GHG Emissions +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative: Sector Specific Tools +Free  +
The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation Model (GREET) +Free  +
The Integrated Environmental Strategies Handbook: A Resource Guide for Air Quality Planning +Free  +
The Open PV Project +Free  +
The Quick Energy Simulation Tool (eQUEST) +Free  +
The Smart Grid: An Introduction +Free  +
The Southern California Conversion Technology Demonstration Project +Free  +
The Welfare Impact of Rural Electrification: A Reassessment of the Costs and Benefits +Free  +
The World Public Bike Collaborative: 2011 +Free  +
Threshold 21 Model +Free  +
Tidal Stream Power Web GIS Tool +Free  +
Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE) +Free  +
Toolkit for Public-Private Partnerships in Roads and Highways +Free  +
Tools for Forest Carbon Inventory, Management, and Reporting +Free  +
Total Energy ERP +Paid  +
Trade My Food +Free  +
Training Manual for Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Energy Business Financing +Free  +
Training Manual for Senior and Middle Level Managers in Energy Financing +Free  +
TransAtlas +Free  +
Transparent Cost Database +Free  +
Transport Activity Measurement Toolkit (TAMT) +Free  +
Transport Co-benefits Calculator +Free  +
TransportToolkit Prototype +Free  +
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Encyclopedia +Free  +
UN Sustainable Energy for All +Free  +
UN-Energy Statistics Database +Free  +
UN-Energy-Measuring Energy Access +Free  +
UN-Glossary for Transportation Statistics +Free  +
UNDP Readiness for Climate Finance +Free  +
UNDP-Catalysing Climate Finance: A Guidebook on Policy and Financing Options to Support Green, Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development +Free  +
UNDP-Climate Finance Options Platform +Free  +
UNDP-Energy Costing Tool +Free  +
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