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Property Name Incentive/OwnRenewEnrgyCrdts
Property Type Text
Description Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits.

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AEP Ohio - Renewable Energy Technology Program (Ohio) +Customers must commit RECs to AEP Ohio for 15 years.  +
AEP SWEPCO - SMART Source Solar PV Program (Texas) +Customer-generator  +
AEP Texas Central Company - SMART Source Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +Customer-generator  +
AEP Texas North Company - SMART Source Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +Customer-generator  +
APS - Renewable Energy Incentive Program (Arizona) +APS  +
Alameda Municipal Power - Solar Photovoltaics Rebate Program (California) +Alameda Power and Telecom  +
Ameren Missouri - Photovoltaic Rebate Program (Missouri) +Customer-generator  +
Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Rebate and Performance Incentive (New York) +NYSERDA  +
Anaheim Public Utilities - PV Buydown Program (California) +Anaheim Public Utilities  +
Austin Energy - Residential Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +Austin Energy  +
Austin Energy - Solar Water Heating Rebate (Texas) +Austin Energy  +
Azusa Light & Water - Solar Partnership Program (California) +Utility  +
Black Hills Energy - Solar Power Program (Colorado) +Black Hills Energy (in exchange for PBI payment)  +
Blue Ridge EMC - Residential Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (North Carolina) +Blue Ridge EMC  +
Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +Bryan Texas Utility  +
Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +Bryan Texas Utilities  +
Burbank Water and Power - Residential and Commercial Solar Support Program (California) +Utility  +
CCEF - Affordable Housing Initiative Solar PV Rebate Program (Connecticut) +CCEF retains RECs on projects over 50kW AC  +
CEC - New Solar Homes Partnership (California) +Remains with system owner  +
CEFIA - Residential Solar PV Rebate Program (Connecticut) +Remains with customer/producer  +
CL&P - Residential Heating and Cooling Rebates (Connecticut) +Utility  +
CPS Energy - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +CPS Energy, unless required for LEED certification  +
CPS Energy - Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +CPS Energy, unless RECs required for LEED certification  +
CPS Energy - Solartricity Producer Program (Texas) +CPS Energy  +
California Solar Initiative - PV Incentives (California) +Remains with customer-generator  +
California Solar Initiative - Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) Program (California) +Remains with project owner  +
California Solar Initiative - Solar Thermal Program (California) +Remain with customer  +
City of Boston - Renew Boston Solar Program (Massachusetts) +System owner  +
City of Cambridge - Cambridge Energy Alliance Solar Hot Water Grant (Massachusetts) +Not addressed  +
City of Palo Alto Utilities - PV Partners (California) +Remains with system owner.  +
City of Palo Alto Utilities - Palo Alto CLEAN (Clean Local Energy Accessible Now) (California) +Utility  +
City of San Francisco - Solar Energy Incentive Program (California) +City of San Francisco  +
City of St. George - Solar and Wind Rebate Program (Utah) +City of St. George  +
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Florida) +City of Tallahassee Utilities  +
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Solar Water Heating Rebate (Florida) +Not addressed  +
CoServ - Solar Energy Rebate (Texas) +Not addressed  +
Colorado Springs Utilities - Renewable Energy Rebate Program (Colorado) +Colorado Springs Utilities  +
Colton Public Utilities - PV Rebate Program (California) +Colton Electric Utility  +
Columbia Water & Light - Solar Rebates (Missouri) +Customers using the photovoltaic incentive must sign agreement not to sell or transfer any renewable energy attributes generated by the system.  +
Commercial & Industrial Solar Rebate Program (New Hampshire) +Customer  +
Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program (Maryland) +Remains with project owner  +
Commercial Scale Wind Incentive Program (Oregon) +Varies; negotiated share of RECs goes to Energy Trust  +
Commercial Small Wind Rebate Program (Minnesota) +Not specified  +
Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Commercial Program (Massachusetts) +Not addressed  +
Commonwealth Solar II Rebates (Massachusetts) +Remains with project owner  +
Commonwealth Wind Incentive Program – Micro Wind Initiative (Massachusetts) +Remains with project owner  +
Community Based Renewable Energy Production Incentive (Pilot Program) (Maine) +Community-based generator  +
Concord Municipal Light Plant - Solar Rebate Program (Massachusetts) +Concord Municipal Light Plant  +
Connecticut Light & Power - Small ZREC Tariff (Connecticut) +Utility  +