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Description Applicable Utilities.

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APS - Net Metering (Arizona) +APS  +
American Samoa - Net Metering (American Samoa) +ASPA  +
Ames Electric Department - Net Metering (Iowa) +10 kW  +
Ashland Electric - Net Metering (Oregon) +Ashland Electric  +
Austin Energy - Net Metering (Texas) +Austin Energy  +
Avista Utilities - Interconnection Guidelines (Idaho) +Yes  +
Avista Utilities - Net Metering (Idaho) +Avista Utilities  +
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities - Net Metering (Ohio) +25 kW  +
CHELCO - Net Metering (Florida) +10 kW  +
City of Brenham - Net Metering (Texas) +City of Brenham  +
City of Danville - Net Metering (Virginia) +Danville Utilities  +
City of St. George - Net Metering (Utah) +City of St. George  +
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Net Metering (Florida) +100 kW  +
Colorado Electric Cooperatives - Interconnection Standards (Colorado) +Varies by utility  +
Colorado Springs Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Residential systems up to 10 kW Businesses up to 25 kW  +
ComEd - Interconnection Guidelines (Illinois) +Yes  +
ComEd - Wind & Photovoltaic Generation Program (Illinois) +40 kW  +
Delta-Montrose Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +The lesser of: the nameplate rating of the transformer serving the member’s meter, or the maximum measured demand of the customer in the previous 12 months, or 25 kW.  +
Duke Energy - Net Metering (South Carolina) +Duke Energy  +
EPUD - Net Metering (Oregon) +25 kW  +
EWEB - PV Partners (Oregon) +25 kW  +
Empire Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +10 kW  +
Farmington Electric Utility System - Net Metering (New Mexico) +Farmington Electric  +
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative - Net Metering (Florida) +10 kW  +
Fort Collins Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +10 kW (manufacturer peak output rating); larger customer-owned parallel generation systems may also be considered, but other provisions apply  +
Grand Valley Rural Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +10 kW  +
Grays Harbor PUD - Net Metering (Washington) +Grays Harbor  +
Green Mountain Energy Renewable Rewards Program (Texas) +Program is offered by a retail electric provider (REP); available to customers throughout the state where Green Mountain Energy offers retail electric service.  +
Guam - Net Metering (Guam) +Guam Power Authority  +
Gunnison County Electric - Net Metering (Colorado) +10 kW  +
Holy Cross Energy - Net Metering (Colorado) +25 kW  +
Idaho Power - Interconnection Guidelines (Idaho) +Yes  +
Idaho Power - Net Metering (Idaho) +Idaho Power  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Alaska) +Utilities with annual retail sales of 5,000,000 kWh or more  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Arizona) +Investor-owned utilities, SRP  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Arkansas) +All utilities (municipal utilities not subject to PSC rules)  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Delaware) +All utilities (only Delmarva is subject to PSC rules)  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Georgia) +All utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Kansas) +Investor-owned utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Louisiana) +All utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Missouri) +All utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Nebraska) +All utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Rhode Island) +Investor-owned utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (South Carolina) +Investor-owned utilities  +
Interconnection Guidelines (Wyoming) +Investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, irrigation districts  +
Interconnection Standards (Alabama) +No  +
Interconnection Standards (California) +Investor-owned utilities  +
Interconnection Standards (Colorado) +All utilities (except certain small municipal utilities)  +
Interconnection Standards (Connecticut) +Investor-owned utilities  +