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Agassiz Beach Wind Farm +Agassiz Beach  +
Agrilectric Power Partners Ltd Biomass Facility +Agrilectric Power Partners Ltd  +
Agriwind Wind Farm +Agriwind  +
Agua Caliente Solar Power Plant +Agua Caliente Solar  +
Agua Caliente Solar Project +290-megawatt photovoltaic solar generating facility  +
Agua Calientes Trailer Park Space Heating Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Agua Calientes Trailer Park  +
Ahuachapan Geothermal Power Plant +Geothermal Power Plant  +
Ahuachapan No. 2 +Geothermal Power Plant  +
Ahuachapan No. 3 +Geothermal Power Plant  +
Aidlin Geothermal Facility +Aidlin  +
Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility +Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility  +
Airforce Wind Farm +Airforce  +
Akron-Westfield School District Wind Farm +Akron-Westfield School District  +
Al Turi Biomass Facility +Al Turi  +
Alabama Pine Pulp Biomass Facility +Alabama Pine Pulp  +
Alaska Village Cooperative Wind Farm +Alaska Village Cooperative  +
Albany Landfill Gas Utilization Project Biomass Facility +Albany Landfill Gas Utilization Project  +
Alexandria Biomass Facility +Alexandria  +
Alite Wind Farm +Alite Wind Farm  +
Alive Polarity's Murrietta Hot Spring Pool & Spa Low Temperature Geothermal Facility +Alive Polarity's Murrietta Hot Spring  +
Alleghany High School Wind Project +Alleghany High School  +
Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm +Allegheny Ridge wind farm  +
Alpine SunTower Solar Power Plant +Alpine SunTower  +
Alta I +Alta I  +
Alta II (Vestas) +Alta II (Vestas)  +