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40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2021) +https://event.asme.org/OMAE  +
49th Power Sources Conference +http://powersourcesconference.com/index.html  +
49th Power Sources Conference and Exhibition +http://powersourcesconference.com/  +
7th Annual Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS) +https://www.waterpowerweek.com/conference/mets-cfa.html  +
7th Asia Clean Energy Forum +http://www.adb.org/news/events/7th-asia-clean-energy-forum-2012  +
8th Annual North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy Symposium +https://www.coastalstudiesinstitute.org/research/coastal-engineering/renewable-ocean-energy-project-overview/2019-north-carolina-renewable-ocean-energy-symposium/  +
8th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy (ICCE 2019) +http://icce2019.iaemm.com/Home.php  +
8th PRIMaRE Conference +https://primare.events/pc/pc8  +
ACP Project Siting and Environmental Compliance Virtual Summit 2021 +https://cleanpower.org/events/siting-and-environmental-compliance-virtual-summit-2021/  +
AGU +https://www.agu.org/  +
ANTX +https://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NUWC-Newport/What-We-Do/ANTX-2019/  +
ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2019 +http://www.asew-expo.com/Home.aspx  +
AWEA Wind Project Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference 2019 +https://www.awea.org/conferences/awea-wind-resource-project-energy-assessment-confe  +
AWTEC 2020 +http://awtec2020.com/  +
Advances in Offshore Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy +http://2019.otcnet.org/why-attend/offshore-renewable-program  +
Advancing the Marine Transportation System: In support of Emerging Trends and Technologies in Automation and Autonomy +https://trb.secure-platform.com/a/page/MTS2020  +
All Energy Exhibition and Conference 2019 +http://www.all-energy.co.uk/  +
All-Energy Exhibition and Conference 2021 +https://www.all-energy.co.uk/  +
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2019 Meeting +https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2017/future-meetings/  +
Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS DFD) +https://www.aps.org/units/dfd/meetings/meeting.cfm?name=DFD19  +
Aquaculture 2019 (Aqua19) +https://www.was.org/meetings/default.aspx?code=AQ2019  +
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) +https://aslo.org/page/aslo-2019-aquatic-sciences-meeting  +
Blane Harvey co-facilitating a session on use of climate decision making tools with CARE and Tearfund +http://adaptationhub.cloudaccess.net/  +
Blane Harvey facilitating a lunchtime session on Indigenous Knowledge and Adaptation +http://www.adaptationhub.net  +
Blane Harvey facilitating a lunchtime session on knowledge platforms and online communities of practice +http://adaptationhub.cloudaccess.net/  +