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Description: Nerc Wecc

Entity conducts business operations within the WECC region (Y or N) [1]


  1. EIA Form EIA-861 Final Data File for 2008 - F861 File Layout-2008.doc

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3 Phases Energy Services +true  +
Aguila Irrigation District +true  +
Ajo Improvement Co +true  +
Ak-Chin Electric Utility Authority +true  +
Alamo Power District No 3 +true  +
Alder Mutual Light Co, Inc +true  +
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Inc +true  +
Arizona Power Authority +true  +
Arizona Public Service Co +true  +
Arkansas River Power Authority +true  +
Avista Corp +true  +
Avista Turbine Power, Inc +true  +
Basin Electric Power Coop +true  +
Bear Valley Electric Service +true  +
Beartooth Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Beaver City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Benton Rural Electric Assn +true  +
Big Bend Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Big Horn County Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Big Horn Rural Electric Co +true  +
Blachly-Lane Cnty Coop El Assn +true  +
Black Hills Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Black Hills Power Inc +true  +
Black Hills/Colorado Elec.Utility Co. LP +true  +
Bonneville Power Admin +true  +
Bridger Valley Elec Assn, Inc +true  +
Brigham City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Buckeye Water C&D District +true  +
California Department of Water Resources +true  +
Canby Utility Board +true  +
Carbon Power & Light, Inc +true  +
Central Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Central Lincoln People's Utility District +true  +
Central Montana E Pwr Coop Inc +true  +
Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power Co +true  +
City & County of San Francisco (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Akutan, Alaska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Albion, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Anaheim, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ashland, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Aspen, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Aztec, New Mexico (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Azusa, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bandon, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Banning, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Biggs, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Blaine, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Blanding, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bonners Ferry, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Boulder, Nevada (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bountiful, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burbank Water and Power, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burley, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burlington, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Caliente, Nevada (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Cascade Locks, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Center, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Centralia, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Chefornak, Alaska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Cheney, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Chewelah, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Cody, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Colton, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Corona, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Delta, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Drain, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ellensburg, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Enterprise, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ephraim, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Escondido, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Eugene, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fallon, Nevada (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Farmington, New Mexico (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Forest Grove, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fort Collins, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fort Morgan, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fountain, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fredonia, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Gallup, New Mexico (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Gillette, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Glendale, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Glenwood Springs, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Gridley, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Gunnison, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Healdsburg, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Idaho Falls, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Julesburg, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of La Junta, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lamar, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Las Animas, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lodi, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Logan, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lompoc, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Longmont, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Loveland, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Manti, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of McMinnville, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Mesa, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Milton, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Milton-Freewater, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Monmouth, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Moreno Valley,, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Morgan City, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Mt Pleasant, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Needles, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Palo Alto, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Pasadena, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Plummer, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Port Angeles, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Powell, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Redding, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Richland, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Riverside, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Roseville, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Rupert, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Safford, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Santa Clara, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Santa Clara, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Seattle, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Shasta Lake, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Sidney, Nebraska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Soda Springs, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Springfield, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Springfield, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Springville, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of St George, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Sumas, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Tacoma, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Torrington, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Trinidad, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ukiah, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Vernon, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Washington, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Weiser, Idaho (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Williams - AZ, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Yuma, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Clatskanie Peoples Util Dist +true  +
Clearwater Power Company +true  +
Colorado River Comm of Nevada +true  +
Colorado River Indian Irr Proj +true  +
Columbia Basin Elec Cooperative, Inc +true  +
Columbia River Peoples Ut Dist +true  +
Columbia Rural Elec Assn, Inc +true  +
Continental Divide El Coop Inc +true  +
Coos-Curry Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
DTE Electric +false  +
Delta Montrose Electric Assn +true  +
Deseret Generation & Tran Coop +true  +
Dixie Escalante R E A, Inc +true  +
Douglas Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Duncan Valley Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
East Bay Municipal Util Dist +true  +
El Paso Electric Co +true  +
Elec District No. 5 Maricopa C +true  +
Electric Fund (CDWR) +true  +
Electrical Dist No2 Pinal Cnty +true  +
Electrical Dist No3 Pinal Cnty +true  +
Electrical Dist No4 Pinal Cnty +true  +
Electrical Dist No5 Pinal Cnty +true  +
Electrical Dist No6 Pinal Cnty +true  +
Electrical Dist No7 Maricopa +true  +
Electrical Dist No8 Maricopa +true  +
Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light Co +true  +
Emerald People's Utility Dist +true  +
Empire Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
Energy Northwest +true  +
Fairview City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Fale-Safe, Inc +true  +
Fall River Rural Elec Coop Inc +true  +
Farmers Electric Company, Ltd +true  +
Fergus Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Fillmore City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Flathead Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Flowell Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
Garkane Energy Coop, Inc +true  +
Garland Light & Power Company +true  +
Glacier Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Gold Country Energy +true  +
Graham County Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Grand Valley Rrl Pwr Line, Inc +true  +
Gunnison County Elec Assn. +true  +
Gustavus Electric Inc +true  +
Harney Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Harquahala Valley Pwr District +true  +
Hawaii Electric Light Co Inc +true  +
Heber Light & Power Company +true  +
High Plains Power Inc +true  +
High West Energy, Inc (Wyoming) +true  +
Highline Electric Assn +true  +
Hill County Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Hinson Power Company LLC +true  +
Hohokam Irr & Drain Dist +true  +
Holy Cross Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
Hood River Electric Coop +true  +
Hyrum City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Idaho Cnty L&P Coop Assn, Inc +true  +
Idaho Power Co +true  +
Imperial Irrigation District +true  +
Inland Power & Light Company +true  +
Ipnatchiaq Electric Company +true  +
JP Morgan +true  +
K C Electric Association +true  +
Kaysville City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Kings River Conservation Dist +true  +
Kit Carson Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Kokhanok Village Council (Utility Company) +true  +
La Plata Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
Lakeview Light & Power +true  +
Lane Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Lassen Municipal Utility District +true  +
Levan Town Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Lincoln County Power Dist No 1 +true  +
Lincoln Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Los Alamos County +true  +
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power +true  +
Lost River Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Lower Valley Energy Inc (Wyoming) +true  +
MSR Public Power Agency +true  +
Marias River Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Maricopa County M W C Dist +true  +
Marin Energy Authority +true  +
McCone Electric Coop Inc +true  +
McMullen Valley Water C&D Dist +true  +
Meadow Town Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Merced Irrigation District +true  +
Metropolitan Water District of S CA +true  +
Mid-Yellowstone Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Midstate Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Missoula Electric Coop, Inc (Montana) +true  +
Modern Electric Water Company +true  +
Modesto Irrigation District +true  +
Montana-Dakota Utilities Co (North Dakota) +true  +
Moon Lake Electric Assn Inc (Utah) +true  +
Mora-San Miguel Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Morenci Water and Electric Co +true  +
Morgan County Rural Elec Assn +true  +
Mountain Parks Electric, Inc +true  +
Mt Wheeler Power, Inc +true  +
Municipal Energy Agency of NE +true  +
Napakiak Ircinraq Power Co +true  +
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority +true  +
Navopache Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Nephi City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Nespelem Valley Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Nevada Irrigation District +true  +
Nevada Power Co +true  +
Nick's Utility +true  +
Niobrara Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
NorVal Electric Cooperative, Inc +true  +
NorthWestern Corporation +true  +
Northern California Power Agny +true  +
Northern Lights, Inc +true  +
Northern Rio Arriba E Coop Inc +true  +
Northern Wasco County PUD +true  +
Oakdale&South San Joaquin Irrigation D. +true  +
Ocotillo Water Conserv. Dist. +true  +
Ohop Mutual Light Company, Inc +true  +
Orcas Power & Light Coop +true  +
Oregon Trail El Cons Coop, Inc +true  +
Otero County Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Overton Power District No 5 +true  +
PPM Energy Inc +true  +
PUD No 1 of Asotin County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Benton County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Chelan County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Clallam County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Cowlitz County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Douglas County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Ferry County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Grays Harbor Cnty +true  +
PUD No 1 of Kittitas County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Klickitat County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Lewis County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Okanogan County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Pend Oreille Cnty +true  +
PUD No 1 of Skamania Co +true  +
PUD No 1 of Whatcom County +true  +
PUD No 2 of Grant County +true  +
PUD No 3 of Mason County +true  +
PacifiCorp (Oregon) +true  +
Pacific Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Pacific Northwest Generating Coop +true  +
Page Electric Utility +true  +
Park Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Parkland Light & Water Company +true  +
Payson City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Peninsula Light Company +true  +
Penoyer Valley Electric Coop +true  +
Placer County Water Agency +true  +
Platte River Power Authority +true  +
Plumas-Sierra Rural Elec Coop +true  +
Portland General Electric Co +true  +
Poudre Valley R E A, Inc +true  +
Power Resources Cooperative +true  +
Price Municipal Corporation +true  +
Public Service Co of Colorado +true  +
Public Service Co of NM +true  +
Public Utility District No 1 +true  +
Public Utility District No 2 +true  +
Puget Sound Energy Inc +true  +
Raft River Rural Elec Coop Inc +true  +
Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility +true  +
Ravalli County Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Redlands Water & Power Company +true  +
Rio Grande Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Riverside Electric Cooperative +true  +
Roosevelt Irrigation District +true  +
Roosevelt Public Power Dist +true  +
Sacramento Municipal Utility District +true  +
Salem City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Salem Electric +true  +
Salmon River Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Salt River Project +true  +
San Diego Gas & Electric Co +true  +
San Isabel Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
San Luis Valley R E C, Inc +true  +
San Miguel Power Assn, Inc +true  +
Sangre De Cristo Elec Assn Inc +true  +
Sempra Generation +true  +
Sierra Pacific Power Co (Nevada) +true  +
Snohomish County PUD No 1 +true  +
South Feather Water and Power Agency +true  +
South Side Electric, Inc +true  +
South Utah Valley Electric Service District +true  +
Southeast Colorado Power Assn +true  +
Southern California Edison Co +true  +
Southern California P P A +true  +
Southwestern Electric Coop Inc (New Mexico) +true  +
Spring City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Springer Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Strategic Energy LLC +true  +
Sulphur Springs Valley E C Inc +true  +
Sun River Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Surprise Valley Electrification Corp. +true  +
TDM US +true  +
Tanner Electric Coop +true  +
Tatitlek Electric Utility +true  +
Tillamook Peoples Utility Dist +true  +
Tohono O'Odham Utility Auth +true  +
Tongue River Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Tonopah Irrigation District +true  +
Town of Basin, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Eatonville, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Estes Park, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Fleming, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Frederick, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Granada, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Guernsey, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Haxtun, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Lingle, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Lusk, Wyoming (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Lyons, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Oak Creek, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Paragonah, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Ruston, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Steilacoom, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Thatcher, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
Town of Wickenburg, Arizona (Utility Company) +true  +
Tractebel Energy Marketing Inc +true  +
TransCanada Energy Marketing ULC +true  +
Tri-State G & T Assn, Inc +true  +
Trico Electric Cooperative Inc +true  +
Truckee Donner P U D +true  +
Tucson Electric Power Co +true  +
Tuolumne County Pub Power Agny +true  +
Turlock Irrigation District +true  +
UNS Electric, Inc +true  +
USBIA-Mission Valley Power +true  +
USBIA-San Carlos Project +true  +
Umatilla Electric Coop Assn +true  +
Unalakleet Valley Elec Coop +true  +
United Electric Co-op, Inc +true  +
Upper Missouri G&T El Coop Inc +true  +
Utah Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Valley Electric Assn, Inc (Nevada) +true  +
Vera Irrigation District +true  +
Vigilante Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Village of Lyman, Nebraska (Utility Company) +true  +
Wasco Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Wells Rural Electric Co +true  +
Wellton-Mohawk Irr & Drain Dist +true  +
West Oregon Electric Coop Inc +true  +
Western Area Power Administration +true  +
Wheat Belt Public Power Dist +true  +
Wheatland Rural Elec Assn, Inc +true  +
White River Electric Assn, Inc +true  +
Willwood Light & Power Company +true  +
Wyoming Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Wyrulec Company +true  +
Y-W Electric Assn Inc +true  +
Yampa Valley Electric Assn Inc +true  +
Yellowstone Valley Elec Co-op Inc. +true  +